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John McClain will bring order to USA


In the fifth part of Die Hard, which has been movieed for more than a year, the main action will take place in USA, and John McClane will be accompanied by his son in the next battle with the villains. This is reported by the resource Twitch, which became aware of the content of the picture.

But first, its producers will have to find a new director, since Noam Murro, who was previously listed in this post, left the project, preferring the prequel `` 300 Spartans ''. It is assumed that shooting Die Hard 5 will begin in 2011. Bruce Willis will continue to play the main role in the movie.

Earlier it was reported that one of McClane's opponents will be the sister of Hans Gruber, who died in the first episode.

Recall, that the fourth installment of the popular action movie was released in 2007. It grossed over $ 380 million at the box office.

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Author: Jake Pinkman