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Robin Williams case results announced


The results of the toxicological examination in the case of the suicide of Robin Williams have been published. According to The Hollywood Reporter, after a series of tests in the blood of the famous actor, no drugs were found, only caffeine and drugs prescribed by doctors for Parkinson's disease and depression.

The investigation report also notes that Williams recently suffered from bouts of paranoia. So, a day before his death, the actor collected his wristwatch, put it in a sock and gave it to one of his friends, whose name is not called, with a request to keep it. However, Williams' wife Susan did not notice any disturbing symptoms. According to her, on the day of his death, the actor retired to his room with a personal iPad in a "good mood." This was the last time Susan saw her husband alive.

Recall that later the actor's body was discovered by his assistant. According to the conclusion of the examination, death occurred as a result of asphyxiation. Robin Williams did not leave any notes that could shed light on the reason that prompted him to settle accounts with his life. Robin Williams' body was cremated and the ashes scattered over the San Francisco Bay in accordance with the actor's last will, as set out in the will.

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Author: Jake Pinkman