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Robin Williams' wife explained his suicide


The reason for the suicide of the popular Hollywood actor Robin Williams was not depression at all, as many believe. Williams' wife Susan told about this in an interview with People. In the last year of his life, she said, he battled a serious illness known as Lewy body dementia, a progressive neurodegenerative brain disease.

This disease, often difficult to diagnose, ranks second in the list of age-related brain lesions after Alzheimer's disease. Its symptoms are an increased level of anxiety, sleep disturbances, motor functions and hallucinations. There is no cure for dementia, only a set of measures has been developed to relieve symptoms and care for patients.

"I'm sure the doctors and our entire team did everything they could. But the disease turned out to be faster and stronger than us. Robin knew perfectly well that he was losing his mind, but he could not do anything about it," said Susan Williams. According to her, a few months before his death, the actor's condition deteriorated significantly, which ultimately led to a dramatic denouement.

The famous Hollywood actor committed suicide on August 11, 2014. Robin Williams did not leave any notes that could shed light on the reason that prompted him to commit suicide.

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Author: Jake Pinkman