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Walt Disney Cancels Inhumans Premiere


Walt Disney and Marvel have canceled the July 12, 2019 premiere of Inhumans, based on the popular comic book series. This is reported by ComicBook, citing Wall Street Journal correspondent Ben Fritz.

There was no official confirmation of this information at the time of writing this note. Note that earlier the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige claimed that the movie's rental schedule will likely be changed, since Walt Disney has several priority projects, one of which will be the fifth part of Indiana Jones.

Recall that in 2015, Marvel took radical steps to neutralize the X-Men universe competing with the "Inhumans", the rights to the movie adaptation of which belong to the Fox studio. The "Extraordinary X-Men" comic series was presented with a storyline that assumes the elimination of all X-Men. In it, the substance that empowers the alien mutants of Inhumans, not only turned out to be deadly for terrestrial mutants, but also deprived them of the ability to reproduce.

It is likely that in this way Marvel sought to hint to Fox management about the need to share property, as was the case with Spider-Man.

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Author: Jake Pinkman