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Carrie Fisher Died


In Los Angeles at the age of 60, Carrie Fisher, the performer of the role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie series, has died. About this with reference to the official representatives of the actress reports the publication TMZ. The cause of death was a heart attack that happened to Carrie Fisher on board a plane flying from London to Los Angeles. The medical workers among the passengers tried to provide the actress with first aid, and after landing she was urgently taken to one of the city's clinics and connected to life-supporting devices. But all the efforts of the doctors were in vain.

Recall that shortly before her death, Carrie Fisher wrote an autobiography entitled "The Princess Diaries", in which she talked about some previously unknown stories from her life, in particular, about an affair with Star Wars partner Harrison Ford. p>

She last appeared on the screen in Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens, in which she again played Leia Organa. Fischer was supposed to take part in the following episodes of the famous saga. What changes will be made to their stories in connection with the death of the actress was not known at the time of this writing.

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