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Charlie Sheen swears at his wife


Charlie Sheen attacked his ex-wife Denis Richards with abuse. A number of offensive messages have appeared on Shin's official Twitter page.

"Brooke Mueller is a sexy rock star that I adore. Denez Richards is a heretical fucking pig. Happy Fathers Day," he wrote. According to Sheen, Richards, who bore him two daughters, is "the worst mother in the world." "I paid over $ 30 million to this filthy, leaky diaper, and she calls me 'periodic daddy.' See you in court, you evil, terrorist garbage bag," Shin added.

A little later, the comments were removed, but The Hollywood Reporter managed to copy them. Charlie Sheen did not comment on what caused the new outburst of anger.

Recall that the actors divorced in 2005, and since then their conflicts have often ended with calls to the law enforcement officers. Sheen was married to Brooke Mueller from 2008 to 2010. In this marriage, he had two sons.

In the winter of 2014, the actor puzzled his family and friends with a message about his intention to marry the popular porn actress Brett Rossi. However, later the engagement was terminated by mutual consent of the parties.

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