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The showrunner has changed again in the Narca series


Behind the scenes of Netflix's new drama, Narc, has changed. According to Deadline, Adam Fierro, who was promoted to showrunner for the second season of the series in September this year, has left the project.

Fierro replaced Chris Brencheto, who dropped out of the project in April through a deal with ABC Studios. Brencheto once joined a TV project dedicated to the famous drug dealer Pablo Escobar during the production of the first season and is considered one of the creators of the show along with Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro, who wrote the original script. The first showrunner change occurred prior to the series' debut, which launched in August 2015. Then Netflix and the production company Gaumont International Television began looking for a new showrunner, which would change the creative concept and set a new direction in the second season. Fierro, with his background in The Shield and The Walking Dead, seemed like a worthy candidate.

Following the premiere, which generated some hype and critical acclaim, Jose Padilla, director and executive producer of the show , was re-hired, although it was previously planned that his participation would be less.

According to Netflix, Fierro completed his duties in the second season in accordance with the terms of the contract, that is, developed exciting plots for new episodes and participated in writing the script. Padilla and Eric Newman are currently working with the writing team.

Narc and Wagner Moura have received award nominations. "

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