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Antonio Banderas spoke about his heart attack


At the end of January 2016, the popular Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas suffered a heart attack and was forced to seek the help of doctors who performed a complex operation. According to The Wrap, Banderas himself spoke about this at a press conference.

"I had a heart attack, but I was very lucky, as it did not affect anything important. I had to end up on the surgical table, where I had three implants inserted into my coronary arteries. Also due to an arrhythmia that tormented me for many years, I had to undergo thermal ablation (surgery using a laser). But it was all not as dramatic as it sounds, "he said.

According to Banderas, he is undergoing rehabilitation and "is eager to return to work." The actor admitted that the heart attack forced him to reconsider some of his habits, regime and priorities. "One day I just want to lie in the shade of my boat and leave all the hustle and bustle behind," he added.

Note that, despite all the health problems, Antonio Banderas continued to work actively, so in the coming years viewers will be able to see him in several movies at once. In particular, a thriller entitled "Black Butterfly" will be released in June 2017.

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