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Vin Diesel featured Bloodshot


Popular Hollywood actor Vin Diesel appeared before his fans in the form of Bloodshot - the hero of the comic book series of the same name by Valiant Entertainment. The corresponding photo was posted on the actor's official page on the social network Instagram.

"Ray Garrison is a central character in the beautiful universe of Valiant Comic. And for me personally, he is one of the most difficult characters that I was lucky enough to play. Hopefully you will be proud, "reads the comment below the picture. Bloody Shot will also star Guy Pearce, Toby Kebbell and Outlander star Sam Ewen.

Recall that Bloodshot was invented by Kevin Van Hook, Don Perlin and Bob Leighton in the early 90s years of the last century.

The plot of the series was built around a mortally wounded soldier who was rescued using nanotechnology. He is tasked with assembling a team of the same outcasts, who are called "harbingers". Bloodshot owns almost all types of cold weapons and firearms, is an expert in martial arts and other martial arts, is able to control any technique, hack various devices.

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