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Warner Bros. will deal with Brett Ratner


Warner Bros. closely follows the development of the scandal around the famous Hollywood director and producer Brett Ratner, convicted of sexual harassment. The studio's statement on this matter is quoted by The Hollywood Reporter.

Ratner has a long-term contract with the studio, in addition, the investment company RatPac, of which the director is one of the founders, is a key partner of Warner Bros. funding the studio's big-budget projects, including movie adaptations of comics like Wonder Woman. Under a 2013 contract, RatPac pledged to invest approximately $ 450 million in the studio's movie production. Brett Ratner himself occupies a luxurious office on the territory of the studio, which once belonged to Frank Sinatra himself.

Recall that the LA Times had previously published a journalistic investigation into Ratner's sexual harassment. Six women testified against him, including the famous actresses Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge. The latter said that in the 90s Ratner forced her to oral sex. Officials of the director and producer himself categorically denied these accusations.

The Topic of Article: Warner Bros. will deal with Brett Ratner.
Author: Jake Pinkman