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Benedict Cumberbatch replied to Martin Scorsese


The performer of the role of Doctor Strange in the movies based on Marvel comics Benedict Cumberbatch joined the dialogue with the famous Hollywood director Martin Scorsese, who previously stated that he considers the movie adaptations of comics "amusement parks." The actor's words are quoted by the Comic Book.

According to Cumberbatch, he fully supports the idea of genre diversity and is against "any monopoly at the box office", but he completely disagrees that movies based on comics "are not cinematography ". "It is an art form. And even though it is vilified by some, I am sure that making such movies requires a hell of a lot of skill and knowledge of a very high level, and their popularity with viewers is a clear confirmation of this and everything else." - he said.

Recall that Scorsese's opinion, but in a much more rough form, was supported by another well-known director - Francis Ford Coppola. He called comic-book movies "disgusting." In turn, director James Gunn reminded Hollywood masters that Sergio Leone's westerns, which are now part of the golden fund of world cinema, received approximately the same reviews.

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