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Top 15 Best TV Shows March 2020: New Seasons


Time is not standing still, winter is drawing to a close, and we are pleased to present the 15 best TV series of March, which will have new seasons on the first days of spring. The main event of the first month of spring, of course, is the start of the new season of the Wild West World project. But apart from it, March has something to shine.

There will be a couple of sonorous premieres this month, which we will definitely talk about next week in a separate article, but for now, briefly about the new seasons.

1. Diggstown (CBC) IMDb 6.1

Season 2 March 4th

This March series is entirely devoted to the problems of legal proceedings in the most democratic, according to their assurances, country in the world - the United States. It will be about one of the law firms of the city of Diggystown and, in fact, about the lawyers and lawyers working both for it and for the local prosecutor's office.

In the center of the plot is a dark-skinned thirty-year-old Marcy Diggs, who adores her family, water surfing and work. As a corporate lawyer, she, meanwhile, does not hesitate to take on the civil cases of the "suffering", from whom everyone else has turned away. Among the corrupt and greedy colleagues, she is like a ray of light in the kingdom of liars.

Whoever likes to watch lawyers' investigations and how the defense lawyer "pulls out" the seemingly most hopeless case in court, then this detective series will be released. Of course, he is far from "Goliath" and "Murder on the Beach", but for a budget project he is very good.

3. Castlevania (Netflix) 7.38

Season 3 March 5

We rarely include animated series in our announcements, but some are looking forward to this project with the greatest impatience. Next in our top of the best TV series in March is a horror-mystical project from the streaming service Netflix, which decided to look at the nature of vampirism and the biography of Count Dracula from a non-standard perspective.

In this project, Dracula is not just a vampire, too strong and cunning, at times turning into a bat and sucking blood from innocent victims to fill his mutated vampire stomach (or what do they have there, vampires?). Here - everything, as in the eponymous and once popular computer game - hordes of creatures summoned by Dracula and mountains of corpses, which the local population turns into as the count carries out his revenge.

But why is Dracula taking revenge on the poor Romanians in such a bloody way, and is there anyone ready to fight this total evil? Simon Belmont thinks yes. It seems to him that he is that crazy person who is ready to do it.

And, in fact, it goes.

3. Better / Change (FX) 6.9

Season 4 March 5

The heroine of the next March TV series is over thirty. Although, it would be easier to say - under forty. Her name is Sam and she is a single mother raising three daughters of all ages. While the eldest is about to go to college, the youngest is only six years old, and all these three are pulling the nerves out of the poor mother to their taste and color, but equally successfully.

Considering that the mother, apart from “grimacing in front of the camera” (this is us about acting), can do nothing else, the family can barely make ends meet. What kind of director in the frame will need a woman in years, short-legged and little weed. Unless - for a cameo role, on which she is currently interrupted.

From time to time she voices cartoons. From time to time she manages to get child support. The rest of the time is spent fussing with teachers at school and other everyday problems and problems of children, which is why she is not so hot on the personal front.

And despite the fact that we drew the whole picture is not very pleasant and, rather, dramatic, this is exactly a comedy, because Sam is used to wading through all her problems without losing heart, with optimism and humor, which from her get infected - like two fingers on the asphalt!

4. On the Road with Norman Reedus (FOX) 7.6

Season 4 March 8

Norman Reedus is familiar to us not only from the TV seriesThe Walking Dead. In 2019, the computer gameDeath Strandingwas released, in which he also starred in the main role - the role of a kind of postman, designed to connect the two halves of the scattered post-apocalyptic world of North America.


In 2016, the first season of the documentary show "On the Road with Norman Reedus" was released, in which the veteran biker Norman Reedus travels around the United States on his bike in the company of famous actors and other public figures.

For three seasons, Norman smiled to "ride" through the most picturesque corners of the country for a couple with the main actors in "Walkers" and not only.

A kind of "Heads and Tails" from Norman Reedus. It will be interesting.

5. Space: Space and Time (FOX) 9.0

Season 2 March 9

Today it is the most interesting, informative and scientifically groundeddocumentary series about space, time, Earth, evolution of species and much more.

13 episodes of last season literally shocked the world in 2014. And now, after 6 years, new discoveries have accumulated for one more season. What will they tell us this time? At first glance, all the most interesting and painful topics were discussed last season. We learned where matter came from, where did the "materials" that make up the surrounding world and you and I come from, how evolution was born and what awaits the universe in the future. It seems that all the questions have been settled. But ...

In our opinion, this time the creators will touch upon such superficially touched upon last season as Artificial Intelligence, global warming, and the disappearance of animals. In any case, we look forward to the premiere of the new season of our favorite series. It won't be boring - it's like giving it a drink.

6. PR (Pop TV) 7.0

Season 2 March 13

The next series of March 2020 is a worthy analogue of "Ray Donovan", in which a woman acts as a "problem solver". And although the film is called "PR", in most cases everything comes out, on the contrary, the "fixer" named Robin will have to excuse his "wards" and prevent the spread of all kinds of non-forest rumors about them in the press, on TV and on the network.

Yes, she promotes labels and trade marks "hung" on her wards. But in order for those to be "promoted", one must first make sure that their "promoters" do not have a stigma in the gun. After all, who will like it when a famous company is represented by a sports star who loves to beat his wife or go left.

Robin will not "knock down" anyone and dive corpses. She will just solve problems. Cunningly, cleverly, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, she will bring anyone into the open, and she will be able to siege anyone if he wants to cut in his excessive abitions.

Knowledgeable and professional person. It is a delight to watch him work.

7. Kingdom (Netflix) 7.6

Season 2 March 13

Few people know that until 1897 there was no country like Korea on the map. In the Middle Ages, Korea was Joseon, which, as we will see, was far from all right and not always in order.

In particular, during the Middle Ages, Joseon was among the very first of all states in the world to undergo a local zombie apocalypse, and none other than the Emperor himself became the carrier of the infection.

Sometimes doctors try to leave a sick person in the world of the living to such an extent and go to such tricks for this that a person still remains alive even after death. But if we consider that his soul, nevertheless, somehow managed to "fade back home", leaving behind in this world only a perishable, eternally hungry and infectious shell, then this is not good.

But this is exactly what happened during the reign of the next ruler. The zombie emperor bit the doctor's assistant. The doctor's assistant was mistakenly cooked and eaten by starving patients (Ha! Such naivety can only happen in Korean films!). Well, away we go ...

8. Westworld (HBO) 8.0

Season 2 March 15

The next picture of our top of the best TV series in March needs no introduction. Only a very lazy or very busy person has not watched the two previous seasons of this fantastic saga.

Let's just remind that the main character - a robot named Dolores Abernathy - finally managed to break free from the amusement park and get to civilization. What steps will she take now? There seem to be robots here too. But she alone is truly pure Artificial Intelligence. How will the robot Dolores, indistinguishable from the person outside, behave in the human world?

It will be very interesting to see this. And given the fact that she has many years of experience in communicating with people and she knows all their strengths and weaknesses perfectly, she can do a lot without ever getting hooked.

Beware of humanity. Reckoning is coming. Or, rebirth?

9. Black Monday (Showtime) 7.0

Season 2 March 15

This March series will continue to tell us about how cunning businessmen manage to make money on ordinary people and the state as a whole, even despite the general panic on the stock exchanges.

In 1987, the market collapsed, after which things did not go very well for everyone in the country. Although, what are we. Let's call a spade a spade - everyone's business is covered with a copper basin. But, as you know, there are always people who will find how to turn the general financial collapse to their advantage.

The series is just about such. It will be informative, and sometimes even smile.

10. Roswell, NM (The SW) 6.0

Season 2 March 16

In the next TV series in March 2020, we will see the continuation of the adventures of the local police officer, endowed with superhuman abilities, and his longtime girlfriend Liz, for whose sake he almost let all the conspiracy of the local "psychics club" in one place.

The fact is that in the past, due to an incident with an alien saucer, some residents of the local area "mutated" genes, as a result of which they got the opportunity to operate with powers that cannot be described in a fairy tale or described with a pen, but only inAvengers movieswatch.

So they are hiding, these very "unfinished superheroes", from normal people. Rather, they do not hide themselves, but rather hide their abilities from others. But, of course, the secret in the series always becomes apparent.

And it's very interesting where this "reality" will bring the plot of the film, which so far, judging by season 1, is more reminiscent of a fermented melodrama than a fantastic thriller.

11. Brockmire (IFC) 6.2

Season 4 March 18

Continuation of the creative path and successes of the commentator Brockmire, who in the past was sent into exile for deciding to share with the honorable public during the match how he was unlucky with his wife, who turned out to be the real one ... >

... A woman of dissolute behavior, let's just say.

For a long time, nothing worked for him "in the provinces". But with each season, our commentator, like the teams he comments on, are increasingly "moving up the career ladder." I wonder if it’s not in order to crash on the butt as loudly as last time.

Brockmire's language, as before, is not always a friend.

12. Bulletproof (Sky 1) IMDb: 6.2

Season 2 March 20

This March series is somewhat remotely similar to the closed last year and more expensive project "Lethal Weapon", which, having existed for 3 seasons, was suddenly closed due to the fact that the performer of the role of Martin was fired from the project for inappropriate behavior Riggs - Klein Crawford.

But here the performers of the main roles are in place, they behave well, and therefore no one is going to abandon them in the near future. Bishop and Pike are two dark-skinned police officers who are in trouble with their heads, with their personal lives and official discipline. Solving everyday personal problems, they manage to work on solving crimes, getting involved in constant gunfights and each time getting out of them without a single wound, except for scratches and bruises.

Just like in Lethal Weapon. Only slightly younger and cheaper. Whoever is interested in fabulous detective action films in the style: "Chug-bang - ours won", so it will go.

13. Living for Today (Netflix) 7.1

Season 4 March 24

Next in our top of the best comedy sitcoms in their best style. Nothing special, the plot is hackneyed, but you can really laugh at some of the jokes.

In one not so voluminous house, grandmothers, mothers and grandchildren are forced to coexist. It is always funny to observe the "incompatibility" of generations in all sorts of things, trends, aspirations, which tend to change over time. And, of course, each hero from the bell tower of his age mentality interprets and interprets everything in his own way.

And if you consider that all the characters in the series have the humor of Sheldon's grandma, all incidents, graters, non-rubbish and life vicissitudes are overcome by them with such a ridiculous positive that you just wonder why they did not go to stand-ups with the whole crowd.

14. The Ozark (Netflix) 7.75

Season 3 March 27

The criminal adventures (or rather the misadventures) of a dysfunctional married couple Marty and Wendy Byrd smoothly flowed into season 3.

Without revealing the main plot, let's say that Marty is a successful financial fraudster who easily assimilates in any society and finds ways to launder millions of drug cartels out of the blue.

Only not so long ago, the boss of drug dealers learned that his "financial advisers" were gradually stealing his "hard-earned money", as a result of which he began to methodically shoot the whole company until he reaches the last and most nimble "freelance financier" Martin. Martin swears, swears that he did not take any money, but that he is ready to return what was stolen by his partners, after which he undertakes to go to a heavenly place - the coast of Lake Ozark, where he can launder even more money for his boss. The boss decides to heed Martin's promises, after which the laundering activity continues for the 3rd season.

The show is great. And if you consider that the mafia also ordered the mafia to continue to live with her husband's wife Wendy, it becomes even more interesting. To live with my husband on pain of being shot by the mafia. How do you like this alignment? And this, not to mention the mischievous kids who do not get into the situevina, with might and main resist the move and behave like the most real juvenile morons.

15. Weiss (HBO) 7.8

Season 7 March 29

The documentary is back in our top of the best TV series in March. But the documentary - with a capital letter. Each episode of this series, in fact, is a separate journalistic investigation on one of the hot topics at the present time.


In past seasons, we saw a lot of interesting things, from materials on global warming to internecine conflicts in the Middle East and the annexation of Crimea.

Let's not say that we agree with everything, but sometimes it can be interesting to see the point of view of the opposite side.

Especially when it is obvious that the material is far-fetched and is nothing more than another order of the State Department.


On this, the review of the top 15 best TV series of March, whose new episodes will delight us in early spring, has come to an end. Next week we will meet in a review of the best March premieres, among which there are also worthwhile projects. In the meantime, let's enjoy what's going on at the moment, which can be found in ourprevious issuesfor comprehensive information.

All the best to you! Happy views and more cool movies and TV shows!

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