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Top 40 best films of 2020: premieres that are very much anticipated. Part 1


Slowly but surely, 2019 is coming to an end, and we can begin to boldly look into the future. Let's take a walk through the most promising movie premieres and collect the top 40 films of 2020. We will not include cartoons and documentaries in our top, we will devote separate materials to them a little later. Let us dwell only on the feature films, the release of which is most anticipated by fans of spectacles.


USA, January 1

This movie comes first on our list of the best movies of 2020, not because it's the coolest. Rather, the opposite is true. He just comes first in the prime minister's schedule.

The film is a direct continuation of the year before last, also - "New Year", "Attraction", which means that it is not being done to please the viewer, but in order to, after filming another idiotic scenario, stuff it with special effects, and dump THIS on the mortal heads of compatriots, raising the New Year's money from them.

Our famous filmmaker Fyodor Bondarchuk has long outgrown the craving to give people a quality product. Now he is just a businessman who, having borrowed money here and there, invests it in filming the next mediocre sludge and, throwing it on the screens under the New Year's noise, simply shears money from the people.

The scenario, judging by the synopsis presented, is a complete fly-away. To put it briefly and in simple words: it turns out that Julia, as a result of intercourse with the alien Hacon, has got some super-duper abilities, and now not very good uncles are putting scientific experiments on her. From the depths of space, a loving alien Hekon hurries to her rescue, ready to snatch his beloved from the hands of the "torturers". But he stumbles upon an exalted idiotic dilemma: to free the girl and thereby destroy the world, or to screw her up, and everything will be in openwork in peace.

The film is remarkable, first of all, not for its script and not for those who are its director and screenwriter. Not even those who are in it. It is noteworthy, first of all, because it is because of him that we will not be able, like all normal people around the world, to enjoy such masterpieces as "Gentlemen" by Guy Ritchie and "The Amazing Journey of Doctor Dolittle" with Robert Downey on New Year's holidays. ml. starring. They were simply pushed back to a later date, so that the people would only go to the idiotic "Invasion".

That's right. They threw money into another sucks, and now they have to be returned somehow. So they drive us to the cinemas for another mediocre idiocy, like sheep in a corral. This is our domestic film industry today!

My spy

USA, January 9

Next on our list of the best films of 2020 is another masterpiece featuring Dave Batista, who became insanely popular on the wave of the success of Guardians of the Galaxy.

In this family comedy with elements of action, Batista plays the super-dupery and super-secret CIA special agent JJ, who, during the execution of the next assignment, managed to light up on the camera of Sophie, a random 9-year-old witness to his exploits.

Then came the real blackmail. Sophie promises not to publicize the footage if he teaches her all the spy stuff. And our special agent, supposedly pinned to the wall, simply has nowhere to go, how to start lessons in espionage with the girl.

As a result, as usual, the big uncle put the life of the 9-year-old girl in danger and, moreover, his life now directly depends on the actions of the child and on how well she learned the lessons taught to her.

Teenagers should probably be interested. And, judging by the expectation rating, even very much.

Yaga. Nightmare of the dark forest

USA, January 16

Next on the list is a domestic film, filmed in the genre of a horror film, which lifts the veil over who really is Baba-Yozhka from everyone's favorite USA fairy tales.

The scriptwriters of the film Natalia Dubovaya, Svyatoslav Podgaevsky and Ivan Kapitonov believe that Baba Yaga is not an old woman in the direct sense of the word, living in the depths of the forest as a hermit. In fact, this is a demon who kidnaps people for his own, known only to her and all the same dark needs scriptwriters.

Here she pretends to be a nurse, at first pretending to be a normal-looking woman. But as soon as the main character Yegorka turns his back, his sister is kidnapped and his parents were shocked like an electric shock. They, like the clonedwife of Keanu Reeves from Reproduction, completely forgot that they had a daughter - in principle. Yegorka will have to go in search of the poor sister himself.

Such is the great story. There are no swan geese here, as in the original fairy tale. But a vat of cannibal brew may well be present in this interpretation. So, we ask the faint of heart to leave.

Bad Boys Forever

USA, January 23

Next on schedule in our roundup of the best films of 2020 is the sequel to the adventures of bad guys Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry, portrayed superbly by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

Markus and Mike are once again forced to join forces when a cunning Albanian thug, who wants to avenge the death of his brother, who was once eliminated by his partners, begins to hunt for them.

And although our partners once parted on a bad note (Markus left the police altogether and opened his own private detective bureau), there is no time for strife. We'll have to forget about the grievances and again join forces. Otherwise, what they say is a cover for both.

In addition, a traitor has settled in the ranks of the law enforcement agencies, and who else can the former partners trust more than each other.


USA, January 30

It is noteworthy that the current list of the best films of the year consists of almost a third of USA films. And next in it is another fantastic masterpiece dedicated to reality in reality.

Yes, this is how you can characterize the world in which the main character Victor woke up after he had a terrible accident. It's not like that here. And space is not right, and the air, the laws of physics are bursting at the seams, and people, if they come across, behave strangely. And what kind of creatures inhabit it and what is happening here in general will not work. This is a must see.

Will our hero be able to get out of this closed hypertrophied "virtualka"? And even if it succeeds, where is the guarantee that he will return to his usual world, and not to another reality turned to his full head?


USA, May 18 (World)

In continuation of our top 40 best films of 2020, there is another fantastic tape about a mysterious parallel (if it is parallel, not perpendicular!) world, in which everything around is like two peas in a pod. Strange pun, isn't it? But this is how things really are.


A young couple is looking for a home. They go out to a strange real estate dealer who lures them into a world of identical houses and streets, from which it is impossible to get out.

Most of all, the current situation resembles a metro station between two worlds, where Neo found himself from "The Matrix". Having run to one side of the station, he simply ran there, only from the other side. So it is here.

Only the "station" here is much larger and gloomier. And behind countless twists and turns there is something else.

Birds of Prey

USA, February 6

This time, the Joker's ex-girlfriend was given a separate "story". Although here, as in the previous case - in the "Suicide Squad", she will work not alone, but in the whole company. But the heroine of Margot Robbie will certainly lead the parade.

Black Canary, the Huntress, Rene Montoya and Cassandra Kane will be able to call on her to help her. And they will help her in a very serious matter - the destruction of the local Gotham mafiosi Roman Zionis.

And it will be very difficult to do this even for superheroines like them. After all, Zionis himself is a frostbitten person all over his head, moreover, with a lot of money, which means that all the powers of Gotham are available to him.

We'll have to get out. But Harley Quinn is no stranger to it.


USA, February 13

Mickey Pearson is one of the local mobsters (played by Matthew McConaughey). Having quickly organized a very profitable business (growing and selling weed) out of the blue, he decided to quit and sell it to someone at a higher price.

But who of the competitors will put up with the fact that someone will get such a jackpot as production together with a distribution network. And here began a real war for the business of our entrepreneur, in the turmoil of which they even, somehow, forgot that the place was not empty yet, but the business itself was still in Mika's hands.

But since the porridge is brewed, it seems like it’s not luck to stop. And if everything is clear with the rest of the mafiosi, then how Miki himself will get out of this situevina?

Moreover, didn't he personally set up this whole quarrel?

Sonic Movie

Canada, Japan, USA, February 20

Our review of the best films of 2020 continues with the story of Sonic, the ineradicable and ageless hero of the computer games of the same name. Moreover, both old and young know this character, and even those who have never played either the Sega Mega Drive, or the Sega Dreamcast, or the consoles of newer generations.

Several animated series were shot about the super-fast hedgehog, and now, finally, Paramount Pictures studio is ripe to "film" his adventures.

Sonic arrives on Mother Earth just in time. The evil genius Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey himself, as befits any evil genius, is plotting evil. And catching and conducting experiments on an extraterrestrial object - Sonic the Hedgehog - including. Indeed, with his super powers, the world will fall at Robotnik's feet much faster.

But an extraterrestrial and very intelligent beast decided to resist. Mimicking Flash from the DC Universe, the hedgehog bursts in so abruptly that the eye of an ordinary person can not catch. Well, is there anything you can oppose to such a breathtaking speed and an endless charge of energy of this very cunning and nimble alien?

Robotnik will try to come up with something about this. Don't hesitate.

The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle

USA, February 20

Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, everyone knows Dr. Dolittle. After all, it was he who became the prototype of our doctor Aibolit. We havea separate materialdevoted to him, so we will not dwell on this character.

Let's just say that the doctor, endowed with the ability to talk to animals, will travel across seas, countries and continents in search of a cure for the queen. In this case, local pirates will be very hindered, and local animals will be very helpful.

More details in the movie.


USA, February 20

Continuing the top of the best films of 2020, and next in line we have a fantastic action movie about a crazy super-soldier - a cyborg performed by Vin Diesel, who has declared war on its creators.

After his death on the next assignment, the body of Angelo Mortali got into the "Bloodshot" project (translated into USA - "Bloody shot"). Here it underwent resuscitation, memory erasure and some kind of "re-arrangement", as a result of which Angelo's brain (if IT is now Angelo) gained the ability to manipulate electronics at a distance. Plus, a host of nanites are now splashing in his blood, capable of repairing damaged human tissue in a matter of seconds.

Yes. Angelo Mortali is an excellent super soldier. Only some part of the brain, which had not lost its humanity, was very indignant at the cleaning that the military and scientists arranged for his memory. And now he will take revenge on the nasty warriors for his lost memory of a past life.

King's man: The Beginning

UK, USA, February 27

In fact, the current name of the super-secret royal service "Kingsman" is translated into USA as "The King's Man", although it is written in English as one. The title of the prequel says “King's man”, that is, the service itself has not yet existed, but there were already trusted people in the service of the king. It was from them that this "elite corps" was later formed.

And the very first "man of the king", judging by the future film, was a certain Conrad, the irrepressible son of the Duke of Orleans, who, unable to filter the market and keep himself in check, was plunged into the very abyss of a conspiracy on a global scale.

Porridge was brewed by the powers that be. And who will "cook it up"? Really, Konrad?

Godzilla vs. Kong

USA, March 12

The next picture on our list of the best films of 2020 continues the history of the Earth of a parallel universe, in which giant reptilian Titans coexist along with humans on the planet.

After the first two parts, Godzilla was recognized as his king by all monster-like creatures. But we all know that mammals eventually became the top of evolution on Earth. So Godzilla, even though he is "super-duper-radioactive", still has his final battle ahead. And this time - with the titanic Kong, a huge monkey, which can very much even nag him. After all, she is a mammal.

I wonder who this time will be helped by the daughter of the idiot traitor Emma Russell - Madison Russell, the role of which, by the way, was played by Millie Bobby Brown herself - the famous "Eleventh" from "Scary Things".

Quiet Place 2

USA, March 19

As we all remember, in the first film it was about the Abbott family, who, after the apocalypse, are trying to survive in a world captured by very "eared" monsters.


Now everyone here is walking barefoot, talking in sign language and trying to be as quiet as possible in order to blend in with the sounds of the surrounding world as much as possible. Even unbridled gas that burst out of the ass in time can become the cause of death in this world. After all, the creatures, among other things, somehow learned to distinguish between the sounds of nature and the sounds made by potential victims.

We also remember that at the end of the film, Emma's deaf daughter, Regan, found a way to “buy” the damn monsters in full. The ultrasound of her apparatus, amplified by an amplifier and powerful speakers, tears the membranes of the eared monsters. But the battle, as we understand it, is not over yet.

Although the creators of the sequel do not disclose the details of the picture, judging by the set of actors, we will talk about survivors in the first part, plus new ones will be added to them, for example, a man who will be played by the well-deserved sharp visor Cillian Murphy, who has already managed to survive once during zombie apocallipsis in 28 Days Later.

It will probably be interesting. Anyone who has entered the first part will most likely enter the second one.


USA, March 26

Although the Walt Disney company, systematically growing and devouring more and more competitors, and becomes stronger from this, but, nevertheless, prefers to focus so far not on creating something new, but on re-singing something old. A lot of ancient cartoons have already been filmed, such as "Beauty and the Beast", "Dumbo", "The Jungle Book", etc. And now it's Mulan's turn.

Judging by the same "Aladdin" and "The Lion King", people involved in reworking cartoons do not even try to deviate a little from the scenarios according to which the animated primary sources were supplied. Which gives us the right to judge that we will not see anything new in the film. In the same way, as in the cartoon, the daughter will go to serve in the army instead of daddy, where she will achieve every success and save the country from an insidious enemy.

So, it's up to you, dear filmmakers, to go to the picture or not.

New mutants

USA, April 2

The old X-Men line-up is leaving the scene. And, first of all, not because the films about their adventures became uninteresting. The actors just got old. Therefore, the franchise urgently needs a full upgrade.

In the continuation of our top best films of 2020, the tape is about a completely new composition of mutants, which will be designed to protect the earth from all sorts of evil spirits, to protect people from mutants, mutants from people and to ensure that they do not kill each other.

At the same time, they will have to repel attacks on themselves both from mutants who are dissatisfied with their actions, and from people who are aggressively disposed against them.


USA, Canada, April 2

No, this is not a remake of the well-known film masterpiece by Brian De Palma. This is a completely different story, filmed about completely different people and other events.


To be more precise, our top best films of 2020 continues the story of Al Capone himself, who, by the way, will be played by Tom Hardy. This is a story about a sick syphilitic who, having come out of the prison, realizes that everyone has turned away from him, and that now he is absolutely nothing of himself. Already at that time it was clear that neurosyphilis began to devour his brain.

So he can only remember the past. Which he does.

No time to die

United Kingdom, USA, April 9

Daniel Craig did not leave Bond after 4 films. They persuaded him to stay on the fifth picture, although he promised to shoot himself if this happened. The fact is that when they shove $ 25 million in your face, it's a sin to refuse. Thus, given that the previous 4 films brought him 40 million, in general, his fee for participation in the Bond film has already amounted to about 70 million. Why not live like that?

In the new story, the details of which have not been disclosed, a certain Safin will act as the main antagonist, most likely a USA villain performed by Rami Malek, whose service is, as indicated in the "factory" synopsis, "a dangerous technological weapon."

What kind of weapon it is - we will learn from the film itself, which is nothing left to wait for. Six months will fly by quickly!


USA, April 16

The USA picture is again on our list of the best films of 2020. Sci-fi again.

It turns out that not only foreign cosmonauts carried alien creatures from orbit to Earth. According to the filmmakers' assurances, in 1983, from the birth of Christ, an extraterrestrial entity was delivered to Earth by a Soviet cosmonaut, Vladimir Veshnyakov.

Veshnyakov, who returned from orbit, was urgently taken to an experimental laboratory supervised by the Soviet special services, where the beautiful doctor Tanya Klimova fell in love with him. But their love happiness is greatly hindered by a monster that has settled in the body of a loved one. We'll have to urgently retrieve it somehow, otherwise our honeymoon in Gagra was crying!

Vraki? Wasn't it? How do you know ?! Well this is a different universe!

Black Widow

USA, April 30

The Phase 3 Avengers adventure continues. And this time the veil over the secrets of the past of the once USA spy Natalia Romanova, who was trained in the notorious "Red Room" of the Soviet special services, will be lifted.

It turns out that the defector Natasha, after her entry into the "Avengers" squad, the former bosses did not stop "tracking". And on the trail of her was sent a new applicant for the position of "Black Widow" - spy killer Elena Belova.

In vain they are. It would be better to leave her alone.

By the way, the authors of the plot promise us the appearance in the picture of a living and unharmed "Iron Man", since the action in it will take place in the period between "Confrontation" and "War of Infinity". Let's look forward to it.


Let's stop at the twentieth film. Let's continue our top best films of 2020 in a week, but for now, as always, good mood for you, and more cool films and TV shows!

Part 2: Films of the 2nd half of the year

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