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The evil deeds we do towards NPCs


NPCs, they are also non-player characters, shape the world for us by their presence, creating a simulation of the fact that it is alive. In the same way, we, as a player, can influence their lives by talking or by our actions. But also often players need a lot more interaction than they have, and we use the weak-willedness of NPCs to mock them. We remembered the evil things we do towards NPCs in games.

Fable - cheating wives and polyamory

Fable allows the player not only to engage in constant heroism, but also to lead a completely normal life and build relationships. In some cases, we may even marry a girl. But, as you know - humanity is vicious, and sometimes players abuse this opportunity too much.


In total, you have three options. First, you can marry several women at the same time in the game [maximum five wives at a time]. Secondly, if you get tired of one wife, you can just kill her [yes, this game also allows]. And thirdly, no one bothers you to just cheat on one wife or all five in the Darkwood brothel.

The Sims - Ladder & Pool

While your characters in The Sims are not exactly NPCs, they still have some kind of life that you get into from time to time. You can do different things with your charges in the game, but the most famous "folk" way of bullying an NPC in this game is to create a pool, send your sim there and remove the stairs. This is a real trap for him, and he will endlessly swim in it until he dies.


Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain - Making Subordinates Salute You

At your base in Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, there are many mercenaries fighting in your private army. All mercenaries have different characters and abilities, but all of them are united by boundless love and respect for Solid, for whom you play. When you return to base, they salute you and will be grateful if you don't.


If you want to, you can approach them from time to time and make them salute you, enjoying their position. Even more, you are free to grab them, throw them over your shoulder, or literally knock the shit out of them, but even with this treatment, they will thank you for your time.

GTA - Shoot down passers-by with a car

It doesn't matter which part of the GTA you contacted, I'm sure of one thing - you knocked down passers-by and enjoyed it. Today, in almost all GTA clones you can shoot down passers-by, but that's why they are GTA clones, copying the capabilities of a pioneer in this path.


And one could say that it is we who actually bring them down for the reason that we hide a psychopath inside us, but sometimes Rockstar themselves stimulate us to do this. Let me remind you that even in the very first 2D GTA we were paid money to mix pedestrians with asphalt.

TES V: Skyrim - steal from merchants by putting a basket on their heads

When compiling a list of NPCs that we despise, merchants in it will be in one of the first positions. They brazenly inflate the prices of their goods, buying up everything we sell for cheap. Fortunately, games like Skyrim give us the opportunity to take revenge on them, while humiliating them in the most stupid of all possible ways - to steal by putting a basket on their head.


At its start in Skyrim, there were a lot of bugs, and one of the most famous was that if you put a wicker basket on a merchant's head, he will stop responding to the player, and he can safely take everything that is bad in shop without any consequences. Much of the loot will be useless, but what could be more insidious than reselling an unwanted item to the merchant from whom you stole it?

Scribblenauts unlimited - feed the cannibals their own children

Scribblenauts unlimited was positioned as an imagination project aimed at children, but the reality turned out to be much harsher and you are able to turn this innocent entertainment into a real stronghold of sadism.


If we talk about the gameplay, it is based on the fact that in the game you can create objects by entering words into a special line, and they will appear on the screen. So, some players discovered that in a restaurant you can create a family of cannibals and feed them their own child. It's actually really cruel, especially considering that Scribblenauts unlimited isn't about violence after all.

Postal 2 - pees on people until they vomit

Postal 2 encourages you to treat the NPC badly in every possible way, and even says at the beginning of the game: "Have fun, dude." At the same time, you can try to restrain your aggression and honestly stand in line without killing anyone. But in the same way, no one bothers you to urinate on people until they vomit. I guess there is nothing to add here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Throwing Tied People Under the Train

In the second RDR, Arthur Morgan has a unique weapon - the lasso. It would seem, what is remarkable about a regular piece of rope? However, it is this that can give you a bunch of interesting ways to make fun of NPCs. Starting from the banal opportunity to throw it on a person while he is riding a horse, and watching a beautiful fall, ending with the opportunity to tie an NPC and walk with him to the nearest lake.


But it is much more romantic, like in spaghetti westerns, to get to the train tracks, and then leave a person on them while waiting for the train.

Just Cause - bind NPCs to vehicles

The main character of the Just Cause series, Rico Rodriguez, has a weapon that opens up access to incredible scope for experiments - a rope with a hook.


As a rule, on one side of the hook we will have a person tied, and on the other side some object, most often moving. An excellent leisure activity is to attach an unsuspecting person to an aircraft and watch them move farther and farther away. In general, the game has many more similar devices. In the last part, for example, balloons appeared, as in the same MGSV.

Kingdom Come Deliverance - eat the peasants

When Kingdom Come Deliverance was created, it was planned that going on a long journey, the player will stock up on provisions so that his character does not starve to death. However, soon the players realized that there is a much easier way to satisfy the main character's hunger - to break into the houses of the unfortunate, war-worn peasants and steal food from them, or just immediately eat everything that you can find in their house.


Dishonored - Kill All Your Friends

I don't often hear about this from other players, but I myself have indulged in it more than once in the first part of Dishonored. The fact is that you can kill any character in the game, and even some of your friends. After his body drops dead, it will take a couple of seconds before the game asks to reload the save. But the very fact that you can do it is very amusing. More than once during the breaks between missions, I amused myself by simply killing Corvo's friends, trying to find out how far the game will allow me to go. My favorite method was to freeze time and shoot several heroes with a crossbow. When time resumed, a handful of corpses lay at my feet.


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