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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: Captain (2017)


Today, everyone who is racking their brains over the dilemma of what to watch from films at the weekend is invited to check out the historical and dramatic thriller with a military bias "Captain", a black and white author's directorial creation by Robert Schwentke, who gave the world such films, like The Time Traveler's Wife, Ghost Patrol and RED.

Why not "military", but "with a military bias"? Because there is no military action here. Although the events of the film "Captain" develop during the Second World War, they tell, rather, about a kind of "showdown between friends." They shoot, but only at their own. There were a couple of bombs from British planes, but nothing more.

What the Captain Movie is about

It is regrettable to inform fans of the "Penal Battalion" series, but not only the "bloodthirsty Stalinists" had detachments. During a large-scale war, any defending army is forced to protect itself from the total flight of its servicemen to the rear. Otherwise, the war will not work, but there will be one continuous surrender. The trailer is unfortunately only in German with English subtitles.

Here, the film also begins with the fact that the "barriers" from among the German military are having fun by hunting one of the deserters - Willie Herold, who in the last days of the war (the action develops at the end of April 1945) decided to leave the German Wehrmacht where to go.

The fighters used to have an idea. They were fighting for something. But when the fighters realized that the defeat in the war was a foregone conclusion, everyone began to bring down from the armed forces like rats from a sinking ship, which is why in the last months of battles the Wehrmacht kept only on them, dear ones, on the detachments.

Herald managed to hide under a snag so that the pursuers did not find him, after which he suddenly found himself free. But freedom for a deserter is not sugar at all. At the end of April, in the temperate German climate, it was still quite cold, from which the fugitive without boots and tunic quickly chilled to the skin.


Hunger also made itself felt, so Gerold had to cooperate with another "fugitive" he met to rob the chicken coop of local villagers.

Today, soldiers fled from the army not only in units, but also in detachments, while turning into armed gangs that not only robbed locals, but also drove cattle, not disdaining rape.

Therefore, the villagers were fed up with looters, in which hundreds of deserters were automatically turned into polls, and they had a short conversation with them - the gallows or beating to death, which happened to Herold's unfortunate partner.

It is unclear how long Gerold wandered after the "bloody chicken coop", from which he forcibly took his legs, but he ran into an abandoned military vehicle stuck in a ditch. In fact, it turned out that it was "traveled" by some lump in the rank of captain, whose uniform was neatly folded in a suitcase in the back seat.

Having refreshed himself with apples found in the supplies of unclear travelers who had evaporated, he decided to try on the captain's uniform. The tunic fit him, but the trousers were a little too big, because of which he had to turn them up. The size of his shoes also coincided with the captain's, and here we are already facing the gallant Hauptmann of the Luftwaffe. It remains only to wash off the dirt from the muzzle, which he immediately did.

What happened next

No sooner had the newly-made captain had enough time to play around and grimace at the nearby trees, posing as a super-duper commander, than another deserter appeared on the road. Seeing the captain, he decided that, come what may, and began to confess to the brave officer that he had fought off the detachment.


Gerold, at first, was taken aback, but then decided to match the uniform and, having checked the soldier's documents, recruited him to his service. Private Freitag made a padding under the wheels, after which, starting the engine, drove out onto the road. The newly minted captain climbed into the back seat of the car, and they drove to the nearest village.

Herald may have been a nice guy before, but the uniform that ended up on his shoulders forced him to comply, as a result of which he had to shoot another marauder deserter in front of the local villagers in order to confirm his status and strengthen their trust. p>


Next, Harold and Private Freitag come across several more fugitives, who are also being recruited into their squad. It is completely unclear what he will do with his squad. The following outputs suggest themselves from this situevina:

  • Having thought about it, return with the soldiers to the front and honestly continue to carry out their military duty.
  • Become a marauder and, hiding behind a uniform, rob the local population.
  • Loot more food, change into civilian clothes and dash away from the battlefield, where it will be possible to "dissolve in the crowd", or, if possible, home.

As it turned out, the uniform forced our gallant captain to go in an even more non-standard direction, from which the viewer will simply be stunned.

Why the movie is good and bad

Let's just say that we did not notice any downsides here. The film "Captain" was shot by a German about the Germans, and so truthfully that not many compatriots may like his blatant truth.


It turns out that goats, cowards, traitors, sick in the head and simply stupid ones come across among any nation, both among the USAs (as shown in the same "Penal Battalion"), and among others. God-like (according to the Fuhrer) Aryans in this regard are no exception.

The film "Captain" is filmed in a black, foolish-satirical spirit, but there is little funny here. It's time to cry, because everything that we see here is the flip side of any war that has ever happened and, the hour is uneven, will happen again.


We won't say anything else. Everyone, having watched the film "Captain", draws the necessary conclusions for himself. Those interested in online viewing right now can go to the floor link:

Watch the movie "Captain" (2017) online

For those who are not satisfied with the masterpiece we proposed today, we are waiting on the pageselections of fresh films of 2019, or on the page with tips onwhat to watch from movies at your leisure, among which everyone will find a picture to their liking.

All the best, see you in a week and more cool movies and TV shows!

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