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What bonuses can be obtained for pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption 2


Following publicly available information that fans are entitled to bonuses when pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption 2, the guys at Rockstar Games decided to tell fans in more detail what gifts they should expect.

There are two main bonuses - a bandit survival kit, which includes items of health restoration and time dilation mode - "Dead Eye", as well as an order war horse. Those who order the digital version from the Xbox or PS Store can additionally count on a small amount of game currency for the story and a treasure map that promises to greatly simplify the search for treasures.

Earlier, we have already done a detailed story about what gamers should expect from the game.

Naturally, the bonus packages will differ depending on the RDR2 edition. So, the Special Edition includes such bonuses as:

1) an additional lair for the gang - a location that still has to be cleared;

2) mission to rob a bank;

3) black horse and saddle made of dark leather with silver inserts;

4) a medallion that reduces the damage done to the protagonist while riding, and a talisman that allows you to use the skills of orientation in the wild prairie longer;

5) modifiers, discounts and cash bonuses;

6) clothes of shooters from Nuevo Paraiso, and from weapons - a Varmint carbine, a Volcanic pistol and a powerful shotgun.

Naturally, all of this will only be available in story mode.

In the Ultimate Edition, additional players will receive bonuses for multiplayer. Among them:

1) costumes "Shitomordnik" and "Black Rose" for desperate thugs and bounty hunters;

2) a dark brown horse with a shepherd's saddle for conquering the prairies;

3) modifier for faster "pumping" of the main character;

4) In addition to weapons, Ultimate Edition owners will receive a Pump Action Shotgun.

The largest set of bonuses will be available in the Collector's Box. It is available for purchase on the Rockstar Warehouse and only in select stores. By acquiring this bundle, you will receive:

1) physical treasure map (not just digital);

2) a bandana with revolvers;

3) collectible challenge coin;

4) a playing deck of cards depicting gang members;

5) Wheeler, Rawson and Co physical product catalog;

6) a dozen colorful cigarette cards;

7) a double-sided puzzle to be assembled from hundreds of pieces.

In addition, players can count on nice bonuses for GTA Online. GTA $ 500k, Million and Two Million will be available for the Standard, Special and Ultimate editions, respectively.

The very same Red Dead Redemption 2 will appear on consoles on October 26 this year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman