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Top 5 Moments from The Game Awards 2019


The organizers of The Game Awards every year try to jump over their heads, surprise with the scale of the show and create a feeling of real celebration. We admit that from year to year, Jeff Keighley and the company have been able to successfully cope with the task. The three-hour ceremony The Game Awards 2019 just once again cemented its status as the most important show in the gaming industry, full of bright moments. And we will tell you more about the five best of them today.

You can learn more about the best games of the year, trailers and announcements of The Game Awards 2019 in our special material.

1. Chvrches performance

Reinterpreting a well-known proverb, we can say that as you start a show, you will conduct it. Apparently, the organizers of The Game Awards 2019 share a similar position, starting the event with an adrenaline-filled performance by the Scottish synth-pop group Chvrches. Lively and life-affirming motives to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra became a great start for the whole show, energizing and tuning in a positive way from the very first minutes.

I would also like to praise the performance of Grimes and Green Day. It makes no sense to talk about which of the musicians performed better. This is different music for a largely different audience, but it is Chvrches, due to its status as the discoverer of the show, I would like to mention in particular.

2. Xbox Series X Announcement

The arrival of a new generation of consoles is always an exciting moment, opening a new chapter in the gaming industry. But as is the case with many other events, the anticipation of the holiday is sometimes no less interesting than the holiday itself. That is why I would like to praise Microsoft for the first step in the battle of new generation consoles and the presentation of the Next-Gen console Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019. The unusual form factor in the form of a vertical tower seems to be a rather daring experiment on the part of Microsoft, but it is 12 teraflops filling and the need for a massive cooling system.

After Microsoft's decision, it is all the more interesting to see what case the Japanese craftsmen of Playstation 5 will fit into, given the equally impressive technical parameters.

I would also like to note the announcement of the first game for the Xbox Series X - Senua's Saga: Hellblade II. Despite Phil Spencer's statement about showing a real game picture in the trailer, we still recommend that you treat this statement with a grain of salt. The game is in its early stages of development and will definitely not be in time for the Xbox Series X release in 2020.

3. Reggie Fiss-Aime's speech

The legendary head of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fiss-Eme, left his post in April 2019 and, to the disappointment of many fans, seemed to have completely left the gaming industry. Therefore, it is especially pleasant to see Reggie Fiss-Eme on the stage of The Game Awards 2019 walking in black glasses and mincing a terminator, referring to the famous meme with Reginator. A man from the people, not otherwise. In his short but passionate speech, Reggie Fiss-Eme recalled the importance of indie developers, comparing modern independent developers to Shigeru Miyamoto in terms of importance to the gaming industry.

It's hard to shake off a smile when such iconic personalities, even in spite of their complete retirement from the entertainment sphere, do not forget to return to the delight of their fans for short moments. Do not forget to laugh at yourself and once again emphasize how much they dear and love the gaming industry.

2. Triumph Disco Elysium

The results of The Game Awards 2019, we admit, surprised us a lot. Gamers are out of luck this year to get one hundred percent hits. There were dozens of good and even excellent games, but those that were almost unanimously ready to be called living classics are unlikely. And given the crowds of equal competitors, we expected anything but the colossal triumph of the small indie Disco Elysium, which won four nominations at once from strong competitors at The Game Awards 2019. Disco Elysium received the prize for Best RPG, Best Indie and Best Narrative , and the developers from ZA / UM left with the award for the best debut among indie developers.

A big win for a small game that definitely deserves everyone's attention. In a little more detail about what is so good about Disco Elysium, we talked about the top 10 games that blow your mind.

1. The Resurrection of The Wolf Among Us 2

TelllTale Games projects can be treated in different ways. Criticize for the primitive picture and animation, for the problems in the logic of the characters and the imaginary system of elections, which in fact practically does not affect anything. But when it comes to The Wolf Among Us, often even the most notorious critics become calmer. Despite all the shortcomings of the game, it was hard not to be imbued with an unusual world, where fairy-tale characters indulged in human vices and noir history, which needed a sequel like air. And now, despite all the financial problems, Telltale Games rose from the heat like a phoenix and again, this time together with a teaser trailer, announced The Wolf Among Us 2.

How much do we know about the game? Aside from the fact that Erin Yvette will once again return to voicing the wolf Bigby, and the release will take place on PC and consoles in the coming years, nothing more. Is that enough to make The Wolf Among Us 2 one of the most anticipated releases? Quite.

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Author: Jake Pinkman