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TV Series 2019: Top 30 Best. Part 3


If someone thinks that all the best has already been discussed by us in the previous two articles, then he is very mistaken. In the third part of our top of the best TV series in 2019, there will be no less worthy and interesting projects. KinoPoisk rating is often not an indicator if it maneuvers between 7.5 and 8.5. And all the projects that are on our list are in this range.

So, fasten your seat belts and pick up where you left off last time.

21. Life After Death (Netflix) 7.60

It turns out that in order to make a worthy project that would take a high place in the rating of the best TV series of 2019, it is not necessary to shoot it in the genre of science fiction, action movie, thriller or some kind of fintibober superhero. In this case, we have a comedy drama, the opening episode of which consists of only eight short 25-minute (not counting the intro and credits) episodes. But it still looks with great interest.

The story is about an ordinary and unremarkable-looking man of about forty. He is engaged in an important business - he writes articles for a local magazine, telling about various secular naive nonsense. Some topics are so idiotic that they just drive teeth. But that's not the point.

He recently lost his wife. She died of cancer, after which he only had to watch those touching videos that remained with him from a past life in which his beloved wife was still alive. Finally, she wrote down a set of playful rules for him, which he revises every evening when he comes home.

At some point, being at the peak of his terrible depression, he was about to commit suicide, but remembered that he had not fed the dog yet, and decided to postpone the suicide. Later, he completely reconsidered his position on this matter and decided that he would always have time to take his own life. In the meantime, you can just live for yourself, pretending to be nothing and in front of anyone.

So he lives on, chopping the truth off his shoulder and calling things by their proper names, hiding behind his deep depression. From the outside it looks very funny.

The series has been renewed for a second season, which will also be released on Netflix, all episodes on the same day, tentatively in early spring.

22. Warrior (HBO) 7.59

The next series, which entered the top 30 for 2019, will tell us about San Francisco at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The well-defined Wild West has already retreated beyond its perimeter, but the crime scene in the city is still far from desired.

Little attention is paid to what is happening in the city, inhabited by representatives of the white race. Basically, the action takes place within the Chinatowns, in which the number of, as they like to say here, "cross-eyed" population exceeds 25 thousand heads.

Crime flourishes in them, the area is divided into spheres of influence between several local criminal clans. The police do not particularly interfere in the affairs of the Chinese until they get out "outside their jurisdiction." In general, the local police department leaves a lot to be desired.

At this very time, a young Chinese guy Ah Sahm (well, a name!) arrives in San Francisco, who intends to find his sister Ah Toy by all means. Right on the pier, he gets involved in a fight and proves himself a real martial artist, which attracted the attention of one of the local mafia Chinese clans. He receives an invitation and joins this clan, taking an oath of loyalty to his boss.

Imagine his disappointment when he found out that his sister was the wife of the boss of the mafia clan, with whom the Ah Toya clan is bloodily feuded. The sister refuses to go home, the guy is involved in all sorts of black affairs, he always gets involved in fights. Everything is as it should be. As a result of one of these scuffles, he meets the mayor's wife and falls head over heels in love with her. But despite the fact that the love between them is mutual, their position obliges them to keep their feelings secret.

Soon everything goes downhill and life in Chinatown changes so that Ah Toyu is not up to love. It would be elementary to survive here ...

For promotion, all posters indicate in large letters that the idea for the series belongs to Bruce Lee. We are more inclined to believe that this is a marketing ploy. But the series would have gone well without it. The fight scenes are too well put in it. The show has been renewed for a second season, which is expected no earlier than mid-spring 2020. Looking forward to it.

23. Kingdom (Netflix) 7.58

Something has rotted in the South Korean state of the XV-XVI centuries, belonging to one of the alternative realities of universal existence. And, if you believe that the fish rots from the head, the original rot had to be looked for in the royal palace. But either the local proverbs did not know this, or they did not smell the smell in time, but the local people missed the starting point of the zombie apocalypse.

It was announced to the people that the king fell ill with smallpox. The most advanced healers pore over his body. But time passes, and there is no news of the state of the ruler. Rather, they always say the same thing to everyone, they say, the king's condition is grave, but there is no danger.

The Crown Prince, suspecting something was wrong, tries to get a meeting with his father, but he is not allowed. It is clear that there is some kind of conspiracy here, but the prince does not yet understand which one. Secretly, almost falling into the clutches of an unknown monster wandering around the palace, he manages to steal the history of the king's illness, which ends on nothing. Learning that his doctor has left for his remote province long ago, he follows him in order to find out the truth about his father's illness.

The doctor, meanwhile, along with the body of an assistant, bitten by the palace monster (the king mutated into a zombie), arrives at his village, where people are sick and suffer from hunger. One of the local idiots decides to quietly cook a stew from the body of the bitten assistant. Everyone safely got drunk on this stuff and turned into monsters.

Will the crown prince be happy when he arrives at the doctor's village to see a bunch of bloodthirsty zombies here, with which everything will begin? Probably not very much. The second season is expected by this spring. Follow the news on our website.

24. Ekaterina. Impostors (USA 1) 7.58

It has long been known that HBO is planning to release a series about the USA Tsarina Catherine. And it was clear to everyone that they would not be able to film anything good about the USAs a priori. Or, rather, they won't. As expected, everything from western writers and directors was done through the back seat. Even Western viewers themselves doubted the nonsense that their favorite TV channel poured on their heads.

We will not go into detail about the version of long past events fromHBO, here the question is not about it. Suffice it to say that everything, including dates, events, the age of the characters, the spirit of the mood, etc., was turned upside down and turned upside down by the scriptwriters of the project.

Therefore, our filmmakers simultaneously launched the filming process of their version, which came out, although not perfect, but a hundred times better and more truthful than that of HBO. The events of the next best series of 2019 take place 12 years later than in the project from the British "creatives", although there is nothing to compare with the version of foreign idiocy.

The 1770s were chosen for a reason. It was precisely these years of the reign of the great USA tsarina that were the most difficult for her. The war with the Turks, the uprising of Pugachev, who imagines himself to be the reincarnation of Peter III, foreign rubbish - the impostor Tarakanov, everyone tried to tear off a worse piece from the then USA kingdom, or even completely seize the throne and own and rule everything.

But Catherine II was not a bastard. She sat firmly on the throne and raked affairs with an equally firm hand. Fans of USA drama movie series will visit. There is much more atmosphere and truth in it than in the idiotic splash of the well-known substance from HBO. There will be something to see.

An interesting fact, by the way, is the following. While the British outraged USA history in every possible way in their "pamphlet", our creators of the series whistled at HBO the main music for the project. If you carefully listen to the main theme that plays during the opening credits, you can immediately draw parallels from it to the main theme from the well-known "Game of Thrones". Changed a bit and - done.

Well done! We have never doubted the resourcefulness and high professionalism of USA composers!

25. Umbrella Academy (Netflix) 7.53

The next project of our top of the best TV series of 2019 from the field of fantasy and superhero. This means that the action of the picture, as in the case of the moronic Catherine II from HBO, will develop in an alternative reality.

First, they show us USA. The girls are swimming, splashing in the pool, a synchronized swimming lesson is being held. One of them dives into the water as an ordinary virgin, and emerges already at the 9th month. How is this possible, you ask? In this universe, believe me, not such insanity is possible.

A pregnant girl caught from the pool immediately begins childbirth, ending with the birth of a completely healthy baby. Tellingly, none of the Soviet special services and special organizations was even remotely interested in this kind of event, as if pregnancy, developing in one second, was a common thing in our country.

But the foreign millionaire and recluse Sir Reginald Harggreaves became interested in this business, who, immediately showing up to the young and confused mother, bought her child for a certain amount of money.

That's right, where else will it be so easy to sell you a newborn child, even if born under such strange circumstances as not in Mother USA. And although it is said that 43 such children were born all over the world at once, and Sir Reginald Harggreaves bought seven of them for "personal use" (you cannot call it adoption by any means), the central "corrupt mother" was made USA just in case, because, what shamelessness and all.

Sir Harggreaves opened a kind of school called "Umbrella", that is - "Umbrella", where babies, each born with their own superpowers, honed the skills of mastering their super powers and learned to work in a team.

A strange uncle millionaire, as it turned out, also made intelligent humanoids out of chimpanzees. And he blinded their mother out of spare parts, because she was a real robot, charging from the network.

There's a lot of ridiculous nonsense in this 2019 series. But its main salt is that this motley team of seven guys in the future should have been responsible for protecting the planet from the coming end of the world. But the end still did not come, which is why all the superchildren scattered in all directions. Some go to another state, some at another time, some even go to the moon.

At one of the moments, when everyone was going to grieve about the death of Haggreaves, who died under mysterious circumstances, the petty asshole Fifth (they were all called by numbers) returns from the future and announces that in a week and a half the world will go nuts. We'll have to become one group again and uncover the impending conspiracy against humanity. And at the same time, find out who killed the adoptive dad.

The series has been renewed for a second season, but its date is still unknown. Most likely, it will be released sometime at the end of February. It won't be long to wait.

26. Politician (Netflix) 7.53

The next series of 2019, which has sunk into the souls of viewers enough to take the honorable 26th line of our top, will tell the story of a young ambitious guy Payton Howard, a student at Harvard University, who is struggling to become the president of this very university. p>

A lot has already happened during the election race. In particular, his opponent and, concurrently, the beloved guy, committed suicide, as a result of which his place in the election race was taken by the girl of this guy - she is still a mischief. She has a huge number of tricks in her arsenal, with the help of which she is going to become the first in everything. And her first trump card is that her future vice president is from among sexual minorities.

What about Payton? Of course, you need to make sure that everyone at once begins to feel sorry for him and respect him. This is the only way to get the required number of votes in your favor. In the first case, it helped that, by agreement with him, he was abandoned by his girlfriend. In the second, he took a girl with cancer for his vice-presidency.

The problem is that he seems to have a crush on this girl. Well, and the fact that her illness is the most lies. Where can you win the election race with such a set of dirty clothes.

The series has been renewed for a second season and will premiere in July 2020.

27. Windy (Аtv25) 7.50

“Today is not the 80s to be killed by Brazilian TV shows. This is the first quarter of the 21st century, which means we will be killed by Turkish serials! " - said the tired housewife, having entered KinoPoisk and put the top ten on the next pop project from the Turkish TV channel ATv25.

It is not entirely clear why Brazilian and Mexican television series are not quoted these days, if their semantic and other content is indistinguishable from the content of popular Turkish multi-part projects? All the same naive revenge, all the same squabbles with parents, between families, clans, treason, betrayal, etc.

In the center of the plot is the future avenger Miran, who comes to Midyat in order to conclude some kind of business agreement with the local tycoon and, in combination, the hidden object of his revenge, Nasuh Shadoglu. And, in addition to the agreement, he decides to marry one of Shadoglu's daughters - Reyana, although the dad himself was going to marry him to his other daughter, so to speak, specially prepared for such a case.

Whose will take - we know from the picture. Although, we did not last long. The series is not for everybody. Judging by the first episode, the plot of the film will be very tasty. Bon appetit!

28. Modern Love (Amazon) 7.45

Next on our top of the best TV series in 2019 is a collection of love stories that are completely unrelated to each other in meaning. In fact, each episode of the series is a half-hour short film that tells a story from the life of ordinary people.

Sharpened, judging by the name, all under the current love and relationships in modern society. Each story is very instructive and informative and will be interesting for the viewer of any audience category.

The project has been extended for a second season, but the date of its premiere has not even been named approximately. In any case, it will not be until autumn 2020.

29. Berth (Movistar) 7.44

Alexandra is shocked. Until recently, she talked to her husband on the phone, shared her success at work and suddenly - on you. A policeman comes and says that her husband, moreover, committed suicide, has not yet gone on any business trip, but was found dead here, nearby.

The next series in 2019 is a detective story with a very non-standard dramatic plot. Judge for yourself. Alexandra, having come to the identification, took his personal belongings, among which a smartphone unknown to her was discovered. Upon entering it, she discovered that her husband was living a second life. In this life he had a second wife, with whom he lived for 10 years in parallel with herself.

Alexandra decides to see this "second wife" and comes to the pier, near which is the secret "nest" of her husband and this secret whore. Seeing that the "slut" grieves no less than herself, the woman does not dare to reveal the truth to her and just pretends to be a simple passer-by.

From this moment on, a strange friendship of "two wives" begins, which will be very interesting to watch. And the fact that, in the process of personal investigation, Alexandra came to the conclusion that her husband's suicide was rigged, only fuels interest in the second season, the first episode of which will premiere on January 17, 2020. Happy viewing!

30. Pretense / Law (Hulu) 7.44

Moms are different, black, white, red. But everyone equally wants their children to always stay close. And some want it so much that they specifically make a sick paralytic out of a healthy child, which no one else would need except them.

This 2019 series will tell the story of a poor girl, Gypsy Blanshire, who managed to be born and live with such a turned-on mother. From an early age, the girl could only eat through a tube that delivered food directly to the digestive tract, bypassing the oral cavity. And the girl wanted something sweet. She was also allowed to move only on a gurney. And you couldn't grow your hair, which was worse than prison.

And what will the poor girl do when she finds out that, it turns out, she could eat, kiss the boys, wear her hair and walk on foot? Probably something is not good.

The Mommy got a job. How else to get access to legal drugs, if not by making a super-painful depressive living doll out of a child, for which you will be prescribed a prescription for any antidepressants.

Most of all, the series looks like a kind of hypertrophied King's Misery. But if there everything fit into one full-length film, then this action lasted for a whole season,


This concludes. Of course, the list could still go on and on. A lot of worthy projects saw the light of day last year. And a lot of them were left behind the scenes. That is why we decided to briefly highlight the next "ten strongest" of our top best TV series of 2019, among which there are also very, very interesting tapes. So, the next ten includes:

  • The Witcher (Netflix) 7.427 - About the fight of mutants with terrible creatures and local invaders.
  • Dead to Me (Netflix) 7.41 - About the friendship of a reckless bachelor with a widow who is in no way inferior to her.
  • Storm (Start) (2019) 7.40 - About what a loving man can go to for the life of his beloved.
  • Matryoshka's Lives (Netflix) 7.39 - About the endless Groundhog Day, in which a poor (seemingly) innocent girl Nadia found herself.
  • The Loudest Voice (Showtime) 7.31 - The truth about the harassment of Fox News head Roger Ailes (reign heaven) towards Gretchen Carlson.
  • Dark Principles (HBO) 7.30 - About the journey of the irrepressible girl Azriel from an alternate reality to our world.
  • How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Netflix) 7.29 - About what the title says and, along the way, how to quickly meet customers and become witness and defendant in their private life.
  • Mosgaz. Major Cherkasov's new case (Channel One) 7.28 - Another case of the famous USA detective and his assistant.
  • Aliens from the Past (HBO Norway) 7.28 - About aliens from all times of the known past, their killer and a detective trying to catch this killer.
  • Godunov. Continuation (USA 1) 7.27 - Everything is clear here and so.

Now it's definitely time to tie. See you later this week in our new selection of the best full-length action movies. In the meantime, as usual, watch films, be positive and have more films and TV shows worthwhile!

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