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Top 40 best films with Tom Cruise. Part 1


Tom Cruise is a great actor. He is the property not only of Hollywood, but of the whole world as a whole. Each picture in which he appears in the lead role is a masterpiece of cinema. We decided to make it easier for fans of his work to find information and collect all the best films with the participation of Tom Cruise into one material, which will briefly describe each film.

Please note that the films in the list are not in chronological order, but taking into account the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated after the title and release year.

1. Rain Man (1988) 8.25

Charlie Babbitt, a dealer in expensive cars, is not doing very well. This business is a double-edged sword and it is better to do it for someone who has at least some kind of financial insurance behind him. Charlie doesn't have one, so his father also died. Moreover, at the most inopportune moment.

But this, in principle, can play into his hands. He had some money, and a rich inheritance at the moment would be of great help. But what was his surprise when he learned that the mischievous old fart, with whom Charlie always had a strained relationship, wrote off all the money - three million bucks - to an orphanage specializing in caring for the mentally ill, and left him only some then the rose bushes and the Buick of '49.

Beside himself from such injustice, Charlie goes to the shelter for a showdown in order to find out, at least, the reason for this choice. And he finds out that his own older brother, autistic, is being held in the shelter. His father gave him here to be raised even when Charlie walked under the table on foot, which is why he hardly remembers Raymond.

A car for me, and 3 million for a sick Raymond? No, that won't work. He takes Raymond out of the orphanage, hoping to get custody of him in court. Well, whoever has guardianship has money. But when will there be a court? And the money is needed now. Bad luck.

But having driven with Raymond (a play on words: Raymond - Rainman (translated from English - "Rain Man") across the country in Buick, he began to treat his brother completely differently. to myself, and to life in general ...

2. The Last Samurai (2003) 8.06

What does a person need to be happy? As it turned out, just become something akin to a traitor and then stay among the enemy. Do you think we are talking about "Avatar"? Not at all. This is us, just about "The Last Samurai".

Pyushka and, concurrently, retired northerner cavalry captain Nathan Olgren barely makes ends meet, as befits a veteran in a capitalist society. Advertising Winchesters does not bring much profit, and he subscribes to the adventure proposed by his former boss - to go to Japan and train the backward troops there in the conduct of combat with firearms.

That's where he will have to "chop", although, initially, he was tuned in, just the same, "shoots". Once captured, he became friends with the enemy, which earned him valor in the eyes of the venerable public, who at one time threw crowds into cinemas for this masterpiece.

More details in the movie. And don't hesitate, you will like it. In the top 250 best films of all times and peoples of KinoPoisk, he is in 194th place. And this is worth a lot.

3. Interview with the Vampire (1994) 7.96

Here that Tom Cruise himself, that Brad Pitt, that 12-year-old Kirsten Dunst played their roles magnificently. The film is the most believable vampire story ever. As much as possible, of course. In any case, no "Twilight" and other nonsense stood with him.


The hero of Brad Pitt is a vampire with 200 years of experience named Louis. He decides to open up to one of the reporters (Christian Slater) and tells him the true story of his long, dark "underlife." And this story will be very interesting and full of bloody events.

Only after this interview would I take my legs. Moreover, not only the would-be reporter, but also the traitor himself - the vampire Louis. After all, Lestat (Tom Cruise) does not sleep!

Is that only in the daytime, and the sun has set for a long time!

4. Edge of the Future (2014) 7.94

If the demoted major and, concurrently, pusher William Cage knew what fate was in store for him, he would not want to be born. Well, since you were born - go for it. Nothing else remains.

We'll have to urgently grow up, gain courage, military skill and make sure that these damn alien invaders disappear fromsedov home.

Fortunately, these same aliens endowed him with a strange ability. Dying, he again and again returns to the morning of the previous day, and again and again he has a chance to fix everything, redo everything, end everything with everything. That's just, whether he will ever succeed in an endless series of repetitions. In any case, he has nowhere to go. You have to try.

In ourtop of films similar to Groundhog Day,this masterpiece takes a worthy 2nd place.

5. A Few Nice Guys (1992) 7.81

Do you think hazing was only in our Soviet Union? You are cruelly mistaken. And to make sure we're right, we recommend watching this film with Tom Cruise, where he plays a military investigator investigating one of the cases of hazing in one of the units of the American army.


Also in the film, friends-no-spill-water Kevin Bacon with Kiefer Sutherland, who have not yet had time to star in "Flatulers", Demi Moore, who did not have time to play "Soldier Jane" and Jack Nicholson, who had yet to play roles in " It Can't Be Better "," The Departed "and" Until I Played the Box.

The heroes of Tom Cruise and Demi Moore had to bring an entire colonel of the US Armed Forces (Jack Nicholson) out into the open, also, as it turned out, involved in an unclean affair with the murder of one of the privates.

And it was very, very difficult to do this, because you cannot be compared with this veteran by merit, or simply by length of service, neither by awards, nor by rank, nor by years.

Although, as it turned out, it was not needed. Here Ash's rule from "Evil Dead" was in effect: "You are bad, or good, the main thing is who has a gun!" Are you a colonel, or a private, the main thing is not to run into a first-class lawyer!

6. Far Away (1992) 7.78

Far, far away, the Irishman Joseph Donnelly had to woo the hero of Tom Cruise after his unsuccessful attempt to get even for the death of his father. Overseas, to faraway America.


On the way to him, the daughter of the same landowner, whom Tom Cruise was going to demolish from his "musket", stuck to him like a bath sheet to the ass. And they got stuck in the New World in such adventures that they could neither tell in a fairy tale nor describe with a pen.

Getting off the ship in the glorious city of New York, they suddenly discovered that Joseph can only plow the land, which, by the way, does not exist in the city, and she does not know how to do anything at all, which is why she is forced to hang by around his neck. At least he earns money on fist fights.

Yes, only fistfights are a fickle thing. There will always be someone who can slap you on a jug cooler and more skillfully than you intended to do. And you will have to hit the road again. And again - far, far away. Now in places where land is given to anyone who gets to it faster, board or runs. But only without a girlfriend. Although, you still have to meet with her.

A friend is just the newly-made second wife of Tom Cruise - Nicole Kidman, whom they met on the set of the previous film "Days of Thunder". So it goes. Where is he now without her?

7. Dissenting opinion (2002) 7.75

Minority Report is a distinguished member of ourTop 70 Best Time Travel Movies. And the psychic brains of the pros (seers) who were lying in a pool with some liquid rubbish traveled in time here.

In the not too distant future, people are arrested and tried for crimes they have not yet committed. Provo informs the authorities about future offenses (usually murders), after which they arrest the “future criminal” and judge him for the crime he “was going to commit”.

And all would be fine, but only once one of the proving gave out to the mountain the name of the head of the pre-criminal department, John Anderton, who is played by Tom Cruise.

Oh, and he will have to run from his own former subordinates. And at the same time, try to prove that their entire pre-criminal department with floating in saline compote (or whatever) is bullshit.

8. Born the fourth of july (1989) 7.57

Oliver Stone is famous not only for his revelatory documentaries, objectionable to the government, but also for his disagreeable to the government, feature films. This one is one of those.


The only pity is that it was filmed much later than the end of the Vietnam War and the reign of Nixon. Otherwise he (Nixon) would be immediately impeached.

And the tale is about Ron Kovik, a fool who, after listening to speeches from the president and senators, volunteered for Vietnam and returned back without legs. Or rather, with legs, but paralyzed from the waist down. And only then it began to dawn on him that he was just a bargaining chip for the authorities.

And what to do with all this "late realization"? On the advice of the authorities, this "awareness" should be taken and stuffed flat into the anus, which Kovik was not going to do. He specifically aimed to cram this “awareness” into the anus by the authorities themselves. Whose will it take? Unclear.

By the way, Tom Cruise, who has his birthday on July 3, played the main role in Born on the Fourth of July.

For just one day, my mother didn’t report to complete happiness ...

9. Vanilla Sky (2001) 7.54

Stupid jealous heroine Cameron Diaz - Julie Gianni drove the wrong way. The car, with the hero of Tom Cruise sitting next to it, David Amis, fell off the bridge and this was the end of Amis's happy life.


Now his face is covered with a mask, because it is disfigured so that no plastic surgeon can restore it. Friends turned away from him, girlfriends - shy away, even the board of directors "expelled" him from its composition.

What decision will our hero make about his future life? Will he finish what his friend Julie has begun, or will he gain strength and patience and, spitting in everyone's face, start building a new life from scratch?

It's going to be much more complicated than you think. And - more interesting.

10. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 7.54

The third film in which Tom Cruise starred with his second wife Nicole Kidman. The film came out slightly "non-standard", as, indeed, almost all films directed by Stanley Kubrick.

This time, Kubrick got into the problem of extraordinary sexual pleasures, which were still lacking in a quite young married couple. Everything in their life was cool, only the third partner in bed was missing. Or partners. Or someone else. Or something like “call me a whore, hurt me”.

In general, in search of sexual adventures, they were pulled so far and deep that the coast is not visible. I would go back. Yes, I should know how?

11. Mission: Impossible (1996) 7.50

In general, six films from the Mission: Impossible franchise have already been shot, and a couple more are planned (at least). Here is a complete list:

  • Mission: Impossible (1996).
  • Mission: Impossible 2 (2000) (included inTop Best John Woo Films).
  • Mission Impossible 3 (2006).
  • Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol (2011).
  • Mission: Impossible: Rogue Tribe (2015)
  • Mission Impossible: The Fallout (2018).

All of them, one way or another, are included in our top best films with the participation of Tom Cruise. You can watch the tapes in chronological order, or separately. They are not particularly related in meaning. But this film is the very first, so it is advisable to start watching it first.

Tom Cruise plays here CIA agent Ethan Hunt, who, as usual, was framed by someone. In order not to be "scrapped" and "terminated", Hunt will need, firstly, to carry out an initially failed mission, secondly, to get evidence that can rehabilitate him and his team and, thirdly, to expose a traitor who has entrenched among his .

As we understand, judging by the numerous sequels, in the first film the hero of Tom Cruise will successfully cope with this entire list.

12. Accessory (2004) 7.49

Imagine, you work as a taxi driver. And suddenly a hired killer sits in your car, who needs to fill up several people in this city. Moreover, he is engaged in all these affairs of his, not letting go of the driver.

The driver is at a crossroads and is in agony. On the one hand, the money is good. On the other hand, he was an accomplice in the murder. And, moreover, not the only one. On the one hand - to send him away. On the other, he has a pistol. On the one hand, I would have to dump while it is in practice. On the other - it will find it! And it crashes!

But all his torment ends when he finds out the next address. In the evening he drove to this address a pleasant woman, who left him a generous tip. Well? Am I a trembling creature, or do I have the right?

But, the right to have is one thing, but to go against a professional murderer ... Who the hell is dead right? Can you tell me?

13. Jerry Maguire (1996) 7.48

HBO is currently broadcasting a great seriescalled The Footballers (or The Players, whichever version is translated) starring The Rock Dwayne Johnson. And he is just a long-playing rehash of this very film.


One of the top agents of a sports player management company was fired for sharing his thoughts on how to deal with clients with his superiors.

Well, go, they say, and start working with your clients somewhere else. To which Jerry, the hero of Tom Cruise, replied that, they say, well, I'll go. And I will attract all clients from you.

Only his business went not that with a creak, but in general in no way. All the players fled from him. The formation of his own company on his feet went into the minus and drove him into debt. He even got into trouble with his bride.

The only hope now is for the only young but promising player who remains with him, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Goodding Jr.), the goldfish in the aquarium and his assistant Dorothy, whom he seems to have a crush on.

Now if only a single client doesn't break his leg.

14. The Color of Money (1986) 7.43

Once a young self-taught player - billiard player Vince (Tom Cruise) with a hairstyle a la Elvis Presley - was approached by some elderly uncle (Paul Newman) and began to teach wisdom. Such a cunning type, cunning, it is clear that a grated roll. By hook or by crook, he poured into the trust of Vince's girlfriend, and as a couple they talked him into going on a “game” tour of cities and towns, the end point of which would be the billiards championship.


And all would be fine, but only the "uncle" threw them halfway, and next time he appeared in order to become Vince's opponent at the pool table.

What game is this old fart up to? Need to figure it out.

15. Magnolia (1999) 7.40

It is always interesting to watch how the fates of several completely unconnected characters are unusually intertwined in the film. This film is just like that.


It will not work to tell the details, because here, whatever you say, everything will turn out to be a spoiler. And the film already suffers from a fairly large degree of predictability. So let's not. Let's just say that the film is not so much on the nerves as on the emotions. In places, of course, too oversaturated. But, the painting "Magnolia" with the participation of Tom Cruise is definitely a masterpiece.

It seemed to us too elongated and sometimes naive, but ... There are no comrades for taste and color.

16. Operation Valkyrie (2008) 7.38

It turns out that the Second World War could have ended in 1944, if the explosive portfolio of Tom Cruise's hero, Klaus von Stauffenberg, turned out to be a little closer to the Fuhrer. But, alas, since Hitler said goodbye to this world only in 1945, it means that nothing came of Klaus.

Another could say that, they say, the war might not have started if little Adolf had choked on a cherry bone as a child, say. Or if his car was hit and killed. Or a train. Or he would have died from the flu. If only, if only, if ...

But watching the attempts of the bones to plug the larynx of the future head of the Nazis will not be as interesting as watching the attempts of resistance to send Hitler to the next world.

Painting on the nerves. We ask those seeking relaxation to pass by.

17. Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol (2011) 7.27

The fourth story about Ethan Hunt, who got used to it and clicks "impossible" missions like seeds. Not the best Tom Cruise movie, but definitely worth watching.

And not least due to the fact that our beloved and revered actor Vladimir Mashkov appeared in the film and played perfectly well, who almost pinned the hero of Tom Cruise. But ...

But nimble Ethan Hunt is like that Gingerbread Man. He left both grandfather and grandmother. And even from a fox. And from you, Mashkov, and even more so will leave!

18. Outcasts (1983) 7.24

A film that does not need advertising, and has become a cult all over the world. It was he who largely gave rise to such world stars as Tom Cruise, C. Thomas Howell, Emilio Estevez, Ralph Maccino, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, etc.


Who of the boys in their youth did not have to participate in street battles "street to street", "class to class", "block to block" or "school to school". Only slobber and mama's sons sat at home like rats. All future men, armed with legs from an oak chair or something even heavier, went on the attack, not thinking about surrender.

Only in the west, in disadvantaged neighborhoods, such battles had other reasons and took a completely different turn. If everything could end with a couple of bruises and abrasions, then firearms were often used, since they are sold right and left on every corner in a free country.

Do you remember how it ended there?

19. Oblivion (2013) 7.20

A technician named Jack (Tom Cruise) with his partner Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) maintains a serious and responsible watch. He monitors the technical condition of the drones responsible for guarding stations for the production of fuel for the flight of earthlings to another planet, to his new home.

A bloody and all-destroying war with aliens ravaged the planet to the edge, and now it has become impossible to live on it. There are only a few days left before the end of the last shift. The start is just around the corner. Everything seemed to be ordinary and calm. But then a spaceship falls from the sky, in one of the passengers of which Jack recognizes an acquaintance who appeared to him in his dreams.

And begins to remember. And - to act.

20. Mission Impossible: Aftermath (2018) 7.18

The latest movie in the franchise featuring Tom Cruise. And if in the last tape the villains razed the Kremlin to the ground, then in this one they will try to send a third of the Earth's population to the forefathers by arranging an atomic explosion in a place that feeds all the countries of Central and Eastern Asia with fresh water.

So the hunt to sing: “And the battle begins again. And the heart is anxious in the chest. And Ethan, no longer so young, but as before mows under him ... "This, we think, says it all.

And a young twenty-five-year-old Justin Bieber would like to fuck up the old and 56-year-old Tom Cruise, oh, how I would like. But it would be better to grow this Justin Bieber to 56 years old, and then throw a challenge to one of the young glossy suckers of the time. Will he then have enough health for such "entertainment"? Tom Cruise - it is clear that enough. And you, dear, we'll see.


Let's take a break for the twentieth film. We must first review what we have not seen here. And next week we will return with the continuation of our top of the best films with Tom Cruise, in which there will be no less masterpieces.

Well, for those who have already watched everything or who Tom Cruise and his filmography are on the side, just more cool films and TV series!

Part 2: Films 21 to 40

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