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What to see from the movies while sitting in isolation: Tyler Rake: The Rescue Operation (2020)


Over the past month, everyone who adhered to the established rules of self-isolation managed to catch up and watch the lion's share of full meters and series, for which there was no time before. We will also throw in our advice on what you can watch from the films while sitting in quarantine. Today we recommend watching Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue, which premiered on April 24 on Netflix.

What the movie "Tyler Rake: Rescue Operation" is about

The film tells about a couple of days in the life of a former special forces soldier, and now a mercenary Tyler Reik, who received an order to "extract" (these are the words the film is called in the English version) of the son of the main drug lord of India from the territory of the main drug lord of the Republic of Bangladesh. Let's take a look at the trailer.

As usual, the former special forces soldier (or whoever he is), who once served in the US army units in Afghanistan, was out of work at the end of the contract, because he could not do anything else besides fighting. The state, of course, does not give anything to these guys except medals. And they remain thrown to the sidelines of life with a turned psyche and pennies in their pockets.


The current case was also overshadowed by the fact that Reik's six-year-old son died of an incurable disease (lymphoma), on the basis of which he developed a persistent tendency to suicide. He takes on the most hopeless cases, latently hoping to get a bullet in the head during their execution.

When another order comes from the organization for which he now "works", he does not hesitate to agree. The task is to save the little boy Ovi Mahajan from the tenacious paws of the drug lord Amir Asif's militants. Everything is complicated by the fact that the boy is the son of another drug lord, Amir's rival in the drug business - Ovi Mahajan senior. And Amir values his hostage so much that he will put all his efforts not to lose him.


Everything seems to be going according to plan. With great difficulty, but Reiku manages to steal the kid. But then it becomes clear that the customer was not going to pay for the order. And all because the customer turned out to be the kid's bodyguard, who initially could not protect him from abduction. He hired mercenaries only in order to get on the trail of the boy and recapture him from the mercenaries themselves, logically assuming that it would be much easier for them to recapture him than in Amir's army.

How wrong he was.

On one side, Amir's militants are piling on Reik, and on the other, the police working for Amir.


And then there was the local population in the face of small assholes, who were promised a reward for the capture of the fugitive and the head of a mercenary. And also that damn bodyguard dangles underfoot. And this all turned out to be free.

What will our valiant commando do? Will throw the boy and do his legs as he is advised, or ...

Obvious pros

The advantages of the movie "Tyler Rake: Operation to Rescue" are in the camera work and staging of battle scenes. All action scenes are very well staged, and given that they were filmed in continuous longest takes, some of which lasted 10 minutes in a row, you can only take off your hat in front of the crew.

That is why the action does not look like another cliched stamping, although the plot itself looks like this.

Obvious cons

The main disadvantage of the film "Tyler Rake: Operation to Rescue" is in the worn out to holes and worn up and down in action films of a similar "bias" of the main character's ins and outs. The tale is about a soldier thrown into the trash by the state and forced to earn money by murder, that is, what it, the state, taught him. But this is not the main thing either. Most of all, the cliche-traumatized psyche finishes him.


And although she is traumatized not by what she saw on the battlefield (as in old films about the Vietnam war), but by the death of her own son, the fact that the main character draws parallels between his lost child and the child of an Indian mafioso is so naively symbolic ( or naive to symbolicity). And, most importantly, it's so convenient for the script.

Honestly, from such films it seems that all hundreds of thousands of retired warriors in the United States are like that. All, as if on selection, vulnerable, conscientious, heavily traumatized in soul and body and experiencing a complete decline in life. Nonsense, and nothing more.

An obvious conclusion

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of all the third-rate nonsense that has spilled on us in recent years in this genre, the film "Tyler Rake: Rescue Operation" certainly deserves attention. You can sort it apart as much as you like, which is already done by those who like to play smart on the aggregator site KinoPoisk and others like it, but the film still looks photogenic.

Just as in the car industry, along with Ferrari, there is a place for Hyundai, so in the film industry, along with "Raids" and "Jnami Wikami" there should be a place for "Tyler Reiks". Anyone who agrees can feel free to follow the link below for online viewing.

Watch the movie "Tyler Rake: Operation Rescue" online

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And we are in a hurry to bow at this. All the best to you, have a nice vacation, good health and, as usual, lots of cool movies and TV shows!

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