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How not to catch the coronavirus or the Pandemic is hitting cinematography


The news that, following Tom Hanks and his wife, Olga Kurylenko also became infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus, spread all over the world in a matter of seconds, and now her Twitter and Instagram are bursting with whiny and sympathetic comments from fans .

But the truth is, for most healthy people, this type of virus is not scary. For example, Tom Hanks himself says that he and his wife only had a slight fever (and even then - only for the wife), here you have all the symptoms. After a couple of weeks in quarantine, they will be released as if nothing had happened. But not everyone was as lucky as Tom and his wife. For some people and public events, the pandemic, albeit sluggish, turned out to be akin to a natural disaster.

The danger of coronavirus to humans

People who have read and watchedStephen Kingare fanning panic, saying that everything that is happening now in the world is very similar to the events of his novel "Confrontation". We assure you that you do not need to worry about this. As the master of horrors himself assures, the coronavirus should not be compared in terms of its spread with the rubbish specially developed by the military in the mentioned novel.


Let's analyze the main differences between the King's virus "Captain-Walker" from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Contact method of infection

The Captain Walker virus possessed the same fantastic survivability as the King's work itself. He could survive for a long time on railings, doorknobs, household items and other surfaces that the infected touched.

In the case of Covid-19, the virus dies quickly without a moist habitat to which it is physically adapted, and it is not so infectious that, if it gets on the skin, it immediately moves into the internal cavities of the body. In most cases, the immune system of the human body and the microflora living on its body will kill the "uninvited guest" even at the stage of the attempt to introduce it. If you don’t pick your nose and mouth with dirty hands, eat shawarma or ice cream with unwashed hands, nothing bad will happen.

Airborne or airborne dusty method of infection

With airborne droplets, the "Captain Runner" could soar through the air, driven by the wind, for a very long time. The virus from the mouths of coughing people "fluttered" on the wings of atmospheric currents in droplets of sputum, settled on dust particles and traveled from the mouth of the "patient" to the mouth or nose of the "recipient" for as long as desired.

The Covid-19 variant is not capable of this. A person infected with a coronavirus can only infect another person with their “coronavirus” breathing through very close contact. The maximum that the virus is capable of is to fly a couple of meters, and even then only if the patient coughs or sneezes, without covering his mouth with his hand and giving his “sneezing” clot of air a good starting speed.

On immunity

In the novel "Confrontation", if a person became infected with the "Captain-Runner", he already had to die one hundred percent. From now on, it was only a matter of time and the incubation period, during which the virus multiplied more and more and introduced itself into all human systems and organs. In the universe of "Confrontation", only a few out of thousands and thousands of people were immune to the virus.

In our universe, almost a quarter of the population has persistent immunity to the Covid-19 virus, and the immune system of the rest of the body may well develop antibodies to fight it during the course of the disease. After all, what is a "disease"? These are the processes that take place in the body after infection (poisoning), during which the immune system looks for ways and produces antibodies that can defeat the infection and remove its traces from the body. The result is recovery.

So only a person with very weak immunity can die from the coronavirus. At risk, mainly people with HIV, who have recently undergone antibiotic treatment that have crippled the immune system, the elderly and those who are sick in parallel with some other severe diseases.

But given that these groups of people mostly sit at home and do not shy away from crowded places, they are only threatened by coronavirus insofar as.

The danger of coronavirus for public events

It's clear that people who are actively involved in social events and lead an active lifestyle have a much greater chance of contracting a viral infection than stay-at-home people. They are in contact with a large number of people, whereby the chance to stumble upon an infected person increases significantly. And if a person is forced to be in a close and large crowd, then tens and hundreds of times.


Plus, if you yourself are infected and are at the stage of the incubation period, when the symptoms of the disease have not yet made themselves felt, but you yourself have already turned into a potential carrier, you will infect more people if you go, say, to the same a crowded cinema than if you just walk in a park where people rarely come more than a couple of meters to each other.

It is on this basis that the heads of firms, companies and media corporations cancel most of the planned mass events. Almost all of these "public events" are in one way or another associated with advertising some upcoming projects or companies themselves. But when it comes to choosing to hit the jackpot or stay healthy and not become a carrier of infection, any sane person will choose health. Moreover, both your own and the health of others.

We will not list the events that have already been canceled. Let's just say that more and more of them are canceled every day and are postponed to a later date. So, it seems that soon all public events in which more than 50 people will be involved will be canceled or postponed until more favorable terms.

Borders are closed for the same reasons. Yes, the first goal is to prevent the spread of infection from outside and beyond the border. But the second goal is to unload train stations as crowded places, in which cases of infection can be very numerous.

It is not even an hour that the next step will be the quarantine of schools and universities. We are generally silent about cinemas.

How the prime minister's schedule suffered

It will be much easier for the average viewer to survive the transfers of premieres of expensive and anticipated blockbusters than for those who shot these blockbusters. Yes, it's a shame that, for example, we will see the new James Bond film “No Time to Die” six months later. But here - not to fat. No sane person would have thought of rummaging through crowded cinemas at the time of a pandemic.

And, it would seem, why are project showrunners so worried? Yes, now launching projects that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to shoot will be like throwing money away. But later, when the coronavirus is defeated, they will still collect their box office in cinemas!


So it is, but not quite. That's right, the premieres of expensive films are postponed simply because, in fact, there is nowhere and there is no one to show them. But the main problem is that it will not be so easy to collect money from the people in the future. And that's why. At the moment, the prime minister's schedules were all balanced and balanced. Each week there was one expensive blockbuster or, in the worst case, a couple, on the basis of which the showrunners of the projects planned their income from the box office.

The scheme is simple. Let's say No Time to Die comes out this week. Despite the fact that a dozen more films will be released in parallel this week, the bulk of the viewer audience - almost 80% - will go to it, and then they will decide to go to some more films or not during this week. In most cases, people go to the theaters on weekends, once a week. And it turns out that it is James Bond and the company that will get the main money.

Now we are looking at what will happen if James Bond is moved to a later date, as is now planned - on November 19 (based on the schedule of premieres in USA). There, his blockbuster has already been scored in the grid - Godzilla vs. Kong, with which James Bond will have to share the audience. It is already clear that many people will not want to go to that and that blockbuster, but will limit themselves to just one trip to the cinema. We are generally silent about the domestic "Karamor".

Thus, someone will abandon James Bond and Daniel Craig for the sake of Godzilla with Kong and Millie Bobby Brown, and vice versa, because of which both of them will miss a huge heap of dough. em>

The pain of cinema owners and the joy of video streamers

But the worst will be for the owners of cinemas. In most cases, cinema buildings are rented from the city municipality, and if not, then you will have to pay one heck for renting land in the city center. And the money there is not small. And nobody cares that you have no revenue due to the fact that your cinema is closed due to some kind of coronavirus.


Pay, or free up space, we will rent out a cinema or land on which it stands to someone who will not be forced to refuse monthly payments by such problems.

Yes, there, of course, payment is made (in most cases) in advance and at least a year in advance, but the one who had already paid for everything was going to return this money and, in addition, it would be great to weld. And then - bam, and financial well-being, overnight, was covered with a copper basin called "coronavirus-2020 Covid-19".

But those who are rubbing their hands right now are video streamers such as Netflix, Amazon, etc. These "home theaters" are just great for enjoying films during the coronavirus epidemic. While the ministries of health of all countries urge their citizens to stay at home and not stick their heads out, this, like nothing else, plays into their hands.

This is where all the new items will be released on a well-planned schedule, at least in the near future. And besides them, you can get a little extra on old hits, which in the case of cinemas, by the way, you never see, because only new items are played there.

Although, of course, video streamers will have to take a sip from the Covid-19 coronavirus. Why? We'll tell you now.

Which projects have been frozen

Both video streaming services and developers of projects that appear on the screens of cinemas will also have to suspend the filming of films in which a large contingent of actors and extras are involved, as well as those whose crews include many specialists.


Therefore, it is not surprising that such expensive projects involving "large crowds of people" in the filming process, such as "Mission Impossible 7", "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings", "The Little Mermaid", "Fantastic Beasts 3", "Batman", "Matrix" and others are frozen until the thaw with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The same Netflix has suspended work on season 4 of Stranger Things, andAple + on season 2 of The Morning Show. And there are a lot of such cases, it is not even worth listing, since this will be a list to heaven.

When to wait for the coronavirus to stabilize?

It's not for nothing that our body temperature rises during illness. This is due, in most cases, not to the fact that the hypothalamus has gone crazy. Rather, the opposite is true. He deliberately increases the temperature in order to burn the infection nesting in us, in light of which anyone can draw the correct conclusion - the average virus is afraid to death of high temperatures. And the coronavirus is no exception.


The further conclusion suggests itself. As soon as the sun warms up, the Covid-19 coronavirus will give God its soul (of course, if he accepts it). As with swine flu, avian flu and SARS, it all ended as soon as the hot summer began. If the tests of the ready-made vaccines end earlier than this period, then the coronavirus of this variety will be honored in Bose even earlier.

So it won't be long to wait for permission to go to the cinema.

Once again: What to do in order not to get infected and not get sick with the Covid-19 coronavirus?

Not much is needed for this. The set of "rules" is quite simple, and anyone who cares about their health and the health of loved ones can fulfill them. After all, the very first thing an infected person will bring his infection to his home, infecting relatives. To prevent this from happening:

  • We leave the house as little as possible. The virus will not fly to you through walls, doors and vents. Only you or your relatives can drag it from the street, work, shop, etc. And the less often you all leave your home and the fewer people you come into contact with, the more likely you will not be infected with the insidious Covid-19.
  • If we go to the store, we put on a mask. No mask - a scarf bent in two and tied like the cowboys of the Wild West will do. Photogenic does not count when it comes to health. The mask does not in all cases help filter out the virus, but still. If there is a percentage of pluses, you must take them into account.
  • At work, it is desirable to wear a mask too. If the working room is crowded, it is advisable to immediately warn everyone that someone who will come up to you a couple of meters, sneeze in your direction or cough, will immediately get it in the nose and, one way or another, will still go to the hospital. There is no time for "friendly relations", no offense. At home - relatives and children who are waiting for you from work uninfected.
  • Upon arrival from the street, it is advisable to wash and wash your hands. Whatever microscopic creatures the cells of the virus are, they are also washed off with soap and water, like any other contaminant. A separate respect for those who use alcohol wipes.
  • Special thanks to those parents who are afraid to let their kids go to school. Believe me, Losers and C-A students will not learn anything good in this school during this time, just as they have not learned before, since they are still Losers and C-students. Those who study at 4 and 5, will be able to understand new topics and with the help of the Internet and textbooks. Anyway, in our current schools, our current teachers explain new topics only by retelling what is already written in the textbook.

And we advise little assholes and stupid blondes to stop kissing for a while at every meeting.


We repeat again. Having become infected, you will first of all drag the infection into your home, where you will infect your loved ones with the coronavirus.

And you shouldn't naively snort, they say, I trust my girlfriend (friend). Believe me, if a friend (friend) already has a coronavirus, then he will be very happy about your stupid trust.


That's all, perhaps. Now that we have discussed how the coronavirus strangled the cinema, and how not to get infected with the coronavirus ourselves, you can safely sit in front of your computer and register on streaming services, or even better - wool torrent trackers, since they have not been canceled yet.


We'll talk about how and by what means to bypass their blockages a little later, but for now - happy pastime away from large crowds of people, excellent health, impenetrable immunity and, of course, more cool films and TV series in the vast expanses of our a comprehensive web!

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Author: Jake Pinkman