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What to see from the movies at the weekend: Jewels Uncut (2019)


Today under the heading "What to see from movies this weekend" - Ben and Joshua Safdie's film "Uncut Jewels" (2019). The film is remarkable not only for the fact that Adam Sandler himself starred in the main role, but also for the fact that Martin Scorsese himself became one of the executive producers of the film.

Considering the fact that Sandler plays the role of a dramatic plan here, and the "errand" was the master of cinema, who once gave the world such crime dramas as "Casino", Nice Guys "," The Departed ", Wall Street ", etc., it would be a mistake to pass by such another masterpiece from the streaming serviceNetflix.

What is the movie "Uncut Jewels" about

There is only one jewel here - a piece of rock of an irregular oval shape, into which opals were soldered by nature, with a total complexity of a damn heap of carats. Back in 2010, during the riots, he was stuck in a mine by a couple of enterprising Ethiopian hard workers who later sold him to our protagonist via the Internet.

Our main character is Howard Ratner - a Jew by nation and a complete gamer. He would like to be treated, but instead he gets into more and more gaming debts.


Meanwhile, he still somehow manages not to lose his jewelry store, which every now and then visits to him by mordovorov working for his brother-in-law - the usurer Arno, to whom he owes a hundred thousand dollars.

Howard does his best. It borrows expensive things from some in order to immediately pledge and, having made a winning bet, repay the debt to both. Only, as usual with gambling addicts, he loses more and more, which is why his debts only accumulate even more.

Completing the depressed and unhappy picture of Howard's life is his wife, who was going to divorce him immediately after another Jewish holiday. Howard himself has been living for some time with his mistress - one of his saleswomen - Julia, who seems to be crazy about him, but he himself is not too sure about it.

It was at that moment that a package with the coveted stone arrived from Ethiopia.

What happened next

At the moment when the messenger delivered the package, the famous basketball player Kevin Garnett came to his store, and in order to impress a wealthy client, Howard shows him a stone with opals. Garnett, avid for trinkets and rather superstitious (as it turned out) type, when looking at a piece of rock with opals embedded in it, his eyes almost rolled out of their orbits. He wants to get it by all means, but Howard saddens him that the stone is announced for auction, which will take place at the end of next week.

By truth and not by truth, the basketball player begs him for a stone for a day, as we usually say - "vilify", in exchange for which he gives him his Celtics ring as a pledge. Howard, without a second thought, takes his ring and pawns it to the moneylender, putting all the dough right there on the next game in which Garnett's team will take part, who has perked up from reuniting with the "magic" stone.


And all would be fine, Howard would have won big if his brother-in-law's bouncers had not withdrawn his bet and took 20 thousand for his pocket. To top it all off, he suspected his mistress of having an affair with the singer "Weekend". Time passes, and the damn basketball player does not give up a stone. Arnault's bouncers and others, who had lent him money earlier, are pressing on their heels, not letting him breathe, the aunt demands a stone from the auction and threatens to withdraw it from the auction.

In general, a complete ATAS. How Howard will extricate himself from the current situation - only God knows. To God and those who have already watched this masterpiece.

Why the movie is good

After viewing the picture, it seemed that Sandler was sitting in the role of the main character - like a glove. It would be difficult to come up with the best actor for this place. This is the rare case when an actor is worthy of a role, and a role is worthy of an actor.

The film "Uncut Jewels" keeps the viewer in suspense throughout its two-hour duration. From the beginning to the final credits, it is literally impossible to breathe from the heat of the intrigue unfolding on the screen. The actions of the protagonist look absurd and contradictory in places, but, we must pay tribute, in the life of such "suckers" there is a dime a dozen.

Adam, to the delight of his fans, showed that he was not "exhausted" at all. Moreover, he proved that he can easily play a dramatic role without any antics and stupid smiles. We will look forward to hearing more of this from him.

Last year, a little earlier, he starred in another tape for the streaming service Netflix. It was also quite a good picture - this time, just the same, a comedy calledMurder Mysterious,where they worked very well with Jennifer Aniston and shook off $ 20 million each. p>

So it's too early to write off Sandler.


All those who are still racking their brains over the question of what to watch from the films at the weekend, we invite you to feel free to "press" on the link below.

Watch the movie "Uncut Jewels" (2019) online

For others, please follow our already bloated"arsenal of tips",where everyone can easily find a movie to their liking. Enjoy your views, all the best and, as always, even more cool films and TV shows!

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