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Latest electronics news from USA


Our readers are used to the fact that most of the news from the world of electronics comes from the USA, China, South Korea. This type of industry is traditionally developed in these countries. The largest tech giants in the industry are located there. Many patriots, if they don't say it out loud, then think: what about us? Is it really impossible in such a huge country to create at least one enterprise specializing in the development of electronic and computer technologies and develop it? Yes.

It is worth remembering at least Kaspersky Lab. It is one of the largest divisions in the world that develops systems for protecting against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks, etc.

We would like to assure that the electronic industry of our country is not limited to this one enterprise. Today we will talk about the latest news in this segment of the economy, concerning only the RF.

Anti-drone protection suite has been created at Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab specializes in the development of anti-virus programs. Her new project goes beyond the tasks that the company previously set for itself. It is called "Antidron" - it is a software and hardware complex, the main task of which is to protect the protected area from drones.

More precisely, the new device is called Kaspersky Antidrone. It is designed to track down unregistered aircraft, read their coordinates and transmit the information received to the server. While the neural network sets the nature of the target, the system continues to track it.

Upon receipt of a confirmation signal about the nature of the target, Antidron will create conditions for blocking communication between the UAV and the remote control. In this case, no harm or damage to unmanned aerial vehicles is caused.


From the above it is clear that the main task of Kaspersky Lab will be the development of software for this system. The development of the device itself will be carried out by the company's partners. According to the project manager, negotiations on this topic are already underway with representatives of several large enterprises. It is planned to produce at least 5-10 such complexes next year.

The cost of the complex depends on many factors. Its minimum values are announced at $ 100,000. The most expensive copies will reach a price of $ 1 million.

The first USA processors will appear on the market soon

On October 21, the Open Innovations Forum will open. It is expected that the first USA-developed Baikal-M processor will be presented during the event.

The main feature of the chipset is its versatility. It can be used as a platform for many devices: from laptop and smartphone, to accessories and smart home.

There is information that Baikal-M is already ready for production. It is expected to appear in many devices. The chip is manufactured using a 28-nanometer process technology. The platform is based on eight 64-bit ARM Cortex-A57 cores and an eight-core Mali-T628 graphics accelerator. Versatility is achieved by supporting the model with 18 integrated communication interfaces.

The processor demonstrates low power consumption - only up to 30 watts. This is made possible by the use of Clock Gating technology.

It is expected that not only the chip, but also some devices based on its platform will be presented at the Open Innovations forum.

USA company will build a base on the Moon

The Americans want to deploy a space station in the lunar orbit for research purposes in the near future. Our Roscosmos plans are more ambitious. They are planning to build a base on the surface of the satellite. After mastering it, those who wish will be able to rent rooms.


Similar plans are hatched in the Strategic Control Points corporation, which is one of the divisions of Roscosmos. Their project to create a lunar base is called Patron Moon. For this purpose, it is planned to send a special installation to the Earth satellite, which will be fixed there with the help of drills. Its mass is about 70 tons. The depth of penetration into the ground will be approximately 40 m. The room can simultaneously accommodate up to 50 people.

The base will be powered by a small nuclear power plant.

Experts have estimated the project cost at $ 462 million. It is planned that it will pay for itself in a year, by renting out residential places. The lunar settler's living in a 10 m2 room and his transportation are estimated at between $ 10 million and $ 30 million.

The start of the project is scheduled for 2028. The base to the moon should be delivered by the Yenisei launch vehicle.

A guitar made from many gadgets

Guitars are made of wood. This material allows you to best reproduce the sound produced by this instrument.

Artem Mayer, a resident of Moscow, approached the issue of its production in a non-standard way and assembled a similar instrument from a large number of iPhone cases.

It turned out to be beautiful and efficient.


The guitar was named iCaster because it is similar to one of the models - Telecaster. The enthusiast explained that 107 smartphones and iPod Touch players were needed for production. Only hulls were used. Everything else was not needed.

The manufacturer said that the sustain block and some components had to be made of mahogany, as this was an urgent need. The use of Apple gadgets made it possible to obtain a high-pitched sound.

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