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Gimp. Lesson 7. How to do makeup in the editor


This article will teach you how you can add makeup to a girl's face using the Gimp graphics editor.

About Gimp

Gimp is a free photo editing program , which is a good analogue of the graphics editor Adobe Photoshop .

Also, Gimp is a powerful graphics editor that allows you to edit and save images on your computer in all popular formats.

Benefits of the Gimp

  • Gimp can replace the popular paid image editor - Adobe Photoshop for most photo editing tasks.
  • Ability to edit the finished image, create a new one by using the toolbar. Creating animated images ( graphic format gif);
  • Even a beginner can handle editor control;
  • Available in English and USA;
  • Fully customizable interface .

For information on how to free download the Gimp program, its installation and interface, read the article "An overview of the Gimp graphical editor".

Installing Gimp Makeup Brushes

To apply high-quality makeup to a photo, you must first download and install some software add-ons, namely the Gimp makeup brushes.

You will need the Eyelashes and Shadow brushes. You can download Gimp brushes on the official website of the program or at the following links: one eye, second eye.

For the brushes to appear in the program and become available for use, the downloaded files must be moved to the program installation folder. To see exactly where to place the brushes, select " Edit " - " Options " from the top menu of the program and open " Directories " in the window that appears:


You can move brushes to any of the specified paths. Then reload Gimp and check for new brushes.

Let's go back to the lesson and start doing it.

Step 1. First we need a photo of a girl without makeup. You can find it on the Internet, or you can use your own - at your discretion.

In this case, a photograph of the famous actress Nina Dobrev was used.

So, load the photo into the Gimp graphic editor (" File " - " Open ").


Step 2. Create a new transparent layer in the right panel " Layers " - " Brushes ", select the mode " Multiply”, where the default is“ Normal ”. Increase the size of the eye so that it is convenient to apply makeup. We select a shade of eyeshadow that matches the color of the girl's eyes, choose a comfortable brush and apply shadows to the lower eyelid, like this:


Before applying, reduce the opacity of the color to the desired result.


Create a new layer, also changing the layer mode to " Multiply ", and do the same with the second eye.

Apply shadows to the upper lids by creating a new layer for each eye and applying the " Multiply " mode. Adjust the size of the brush and the opacity of the color for a high-quality and neat makeup.


Step 3. Create a new layer and apply the lashes with the appropriate brush. Opacity 100%, size yourself.


Do the same with the second eye on a new layer.

Here's what happened:


Step 4. Right-click on the selection, select " Selection " - " Feather " and feather on 2 .

Fill the selected area with any color, while adjusting the necessary transparency to make it look more natural. Here's what we ended up with:


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