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Han Solo and Infinity War. Conspiracy Methods


In this short article, the star of both Infinity War and Han Solo expresses his opinion as a direct participant in the filming process about the precautions that both franchises took to avoid the slightest information leak. .

The star of both Han Solo Star Wars Stories and Avengers Infinity War, actor Paul Bettany compares the level of secrecy that surrounded both releases, and he believes that Marvel used much more conspiracy and in every possible way hid from the public what is happening on set than it did in Star Wars. Bettany plays Vision in this mammoth from Marvel, and although he spends most of his scenes lying down, this role is a key component in the record-breaking superhero movie.

While the success of Infinity War is still growing, you will soon see Bettany in another highly anticipated Star Wars blockbuster, where he plays Dryden Vos in Han Solo. Star Wars Stories.

The role of Vos was originally intended for Michael K. Williams, but then it was given to Bettany when the film changed directors and instead of Lord and Miller, Ron Howard entered the set. Read about why this happened in a special article dedicated to this topic.

The Impact of Social Media on the Film Industry

Due to the fact that recently social media has penetrated all areas of human life, in all countries and continents, film studios have been forced to take very tough measures aimed at ensuring that information about the plot and shooting of the film does not become public ahead of time.

This is especially true for those franchises where there are many thousands of fans around the world who are just scouring in search of at least some hints about the future development of the film's plot, which can be guessed from the photo of the actor's costume made and posted on the network or an overly open comment in an interview.

Increased secrecy at Han Solo and Infinity War sites

Both "Han Solo" and "Infinity War" both films to the highest degree hid everything that was possible during the filming process and during the advertising campaigns. Although Han Solo Star Wars The Stories has yet to hit theaters, another film's campaign, titled #Thanos Requires Your Silence, is a success. the filmmakers managed to keep the most shocking moments of the film secret until the premiere.

In an interview with SyFyWire, the star of both films, Paul Bettany, compared the leak controls of the two films and keeping the secrets of the film intact. According to Paul, The Avengers were particularly demanding when it came to keeping the episode secret. Speaking about "Han Solo", Bettany described the work on the film as follows:

"They took everything into account. You only undressed and dressed there, you could not even take a photo, if only in order to keep it for yourself. There was always someone with you: and when you put on a suit, and when you go to the set. You can't be left alone. I wanted to steal my weapon, but I didn't have the slightest chance to do it. "

However, the cast in Han Solo could at least read the final cut of the film's script - a luxury that was not available to those on Avengers: Infinity War. Bettany says: "There was only one script on a closed iPad. They wrote fake scenes on purpose, and no actor could read the script in full. None of us had seen anything like it before."

Marvel already had a history of leaking information from Mark Ruffalo

While the "Han Solo" and "Infinity War" teams have taken such sophisticated measures to keep the film secret, it becomes clear why "Infinity War" went extreme. We have to bear in mind that Marvel has had a bad history of storyline declassification in the past. The actors may not do this intentionally, but mistakes on their part do happen, as demonstrated by Mark Ruffalo, who managed to release 10 minutes of audio from Thor: Ragnarok to livestream, which caused outrage from the Disney bosses. p>

The studios' efforts to prevent the release of important information about the film before its release is fully understandable, but it should be noted that not allowing the actors to fully read the script can negatively affect their interpretation of their roles, which will certainly affect the performance. Although this problem does not seem obvious in Avengers: Infinity War, the day may come when an actor will declare in public that he could not play his part one hundred percent precisely because he did not know the plot film, nor its details.

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