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Is the new Mortal Kombat in development?


Is the legend coming back? Rumors of a sequel to Mortal Combat are literally ripping apart fan communities. And the whole reason was a "random" tweet from one of the founders of the line. On the eve of the world exhibition E3 - which means that the intrigue is not in vain!

A simple tweet from one of the "fathers" of the Mortal Kombat series has sparked a flurry of rumors that NetherRealm is working on the next part of the legendary line.

Perhaps the next installment of the Mortal Kombat cycle will be announced very soon. The source of this speculation is Ed Boone's response to a fan tweet, who wrote, "It would be great if Injustice 2 got another DLC with new characters this year." To which Boone said: "You know what ELSE would be kool ...?" ("Do you know that ELSE would be cool ...?").

An intentional typo in the last word ("kool" instead of "cool") has led to speculation that NetherRealm is preparing for the next version of the Mortal Kombat cycle. Replacing the letter "c" with the letter "k" is a tradition of this franchise, covering both the title of the series and promotional materials.

Ed Boone knows the fans of the cycle well enough not to understand what conclusions they will draw from such a tweet. The fact that it appeared right now, just a month before E3, says one thing: during the event, the authors can officially unveil the next Mortal Kombat.

Why haven't there been Mortal Kombat games for so long?

Recall that the last part of the cycle - Mortal Kombat X - was released three years ago, in 2015. The title was a great success - sales reached 5 million copies in the first six months on the market. A year later, the XL extended edition also appeared.

Last year, NetherRealm released the Injustice 2 storyline scuffle. Considering the team's accomplishments in recent years, we expect an expanded version of the project to ship in the fall. So if a new Mortal Kombat is indeed in development, then we will probably see the highly anticipated premiere in 2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman