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2019 Top 30 Films: Results, Part 3


December is in full swing, New Year is approaching, but not all of the most anticipated 2019 films have already been presented to us this year. For example, one of the most anticipated blockbusters is the final 9-episode saga about the Jedi of the Skywalker family, Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise". In the meantime, we typeset the two previous parts of the top, a couple of "new" ones have also been wedged into them, which we will talk about in the conclusion.

By the way, the Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise ”, we will discuss later in a separate“ Superspoiler ”. Her starting rating is useless, so she would not have entered the top thirty anyway.

In the meantime, let's continue from where we left off, and the next on the list is ...

21. Give mi liberty (USA) 7.20

This name is translated as "Give me freedom." And who and from whom is asking for it - everyone who has watched the film must decide for himself.

The next ten of our top best films of 2019 is opened by the drama of Kirill Mikhanovsky, another "Americanized" USA "playwright" who decided that he would do better "there".

Judging by "Give me Liberty", it turned out quite well. But, nevertheless, there are a lot of heaps of claims to the author. If it were just another "Superspoiler", we would not have left a stone unturned from this creation. But, nevertheless, behind the cliched stereotypes and other naive moves, there is a basic and quite sensible idea, they say, what about freedom? Where is your vaunted American Liberty? And who says she gets it without a fight? And who said that your freedom is better than ours?

The truth is that in our modern society freedom is only for those who have seized power or inherited an established business with big money. Or simply - big money. Or - dating, at worst.

And this freedom disappears as soon as you were removed from your post, robbed, or simply imprisoned (if necessary, they will be found for what). A person in today's society must plow everywhere and in any position, even if he is a simple taxi driver for the delivery of disabled people. And if you don’t plow, you’ll bend free.

22. One meter apart (USA) 7.19

Many films have been filmed about love between people who, for health reasons and for other reasons, cannot be close to each other. The next film of our top is from that opera.

Young patients of one of the advanced clinics - Stella and Will - have a congenital disease called bone fibrosis (in our opinion, cystic fibrosis). It is she who makes them keep from each other at a distance of one and a half meters. After all, if the pathogenic flora passes from it to him, or vice versa, it can end fatally. Moreover, for both.

Let it be quite a few microbes, regardless of which way they get over "from body to body" - by breathing (air-capillary method) or by touch, they will induce such a rustle in the organisms of their new hosts that they will need a lung transplant again. And such donor organs, as we all know, are not lying around on the road. And if they are announced, then they rarely fit in terms of parameters. And the second time in a row, hardly anyone will write them to you.

So a girl and a boy who like each other have to love each other at a distance. And considering that she also has obsessive-compulsive disorder ... Yes, the guy will have to sweat.

And at the same time, with her help, and live longer.

23. The Boy Who Controlled the Wind (UK, Malawi) 7.14

The next film, which marked 2019, will tell a somewhat exaggerated story of a boy named William Kamkwamba, the famous inventor of wind turbines made from batina bicycles and spare parts lying in a junkyard.

Why "hypertrophied"? It's simple. Yes, there was no electricity in the town of Wimba (the African state of Malawi). Yes, in recent years the drought has caused the locals to starve. And, yes, the guy was very stubborn, gravitated towards science and achieved his goal, built a wind turbine and launched some electrical appliances such as a radio in his house.

But - that's all. In the film, everything is presented as if he irrigated all the fields of the local area with his windmill from his father's bicycle. Of course, this is ridiculous. The truth is that in order to pump water out of the ground, you first need to get a pump and dig (drill) a well. Electricity alone won't make water.

And, yes, if the aquifer lay close to the surface, there would be no problem with drought. So the main problem was not how to pump water out of the ground. There would be a well, people would have dragged water with their hands. But, alas, for some reason, they prove here that if there is electricity, the well will organize itself.

Apparently, he will "break out and drill" out of fear of the windmill.

The film will be interesting only to those uninformed in the subject. Knowledgeable people should pass by.

24. The Way Home (China, USA) 7.12

A happy cat family lived in the ruins of one of the houses. Moreover, not one. In the neighborhood with the cats, a dog has found shelter, which has recently become puppet. And everything would have been the way, if at one fine moment the local specialists in catching wild and stray domestic animals had not come and caught the lion's share of the local happy inhabitants.

When the raid began, one of the local mother-cats, saving her kittens, at the same time rested one of the puppies by the collar. When the trapping specialists retired, everything returned to normal. Only the dog mother and the rest of the puppies were dragged away too, so the poor mother cat had to feed the puppy.

The ruins were often visited by the boy Lucas. He brought canned food to the cats and when he saw the only dog among the cats, he decided to take her to him. From now on, Bella's life (as Lucas called the puppy) started to get interesting.

The story is told on her behalf. All the elements of this kind of films are present here:

  • The owners of the dog live in an apartment, the owner of which does not allow animals. Tenants, of course, don't give a damn.
  • People are very funny trying to hide the animal from the owner of the apartment.
  • The owner of the home still fights this business (no matter which way).
  • The owner of the dog has to leave the animal for a while to find another place to live.
  • The dog, of course, goes in search of the owner and undergoes many adventures on its way to him, performs feats and all that, and tells the audience about it.

Animal-hating developers are also present, by hook or by crook trying to demolish the ruins in which cats live. A guy and a friend are trying to prevent such arbitrariness, which is why a war is unleashed between Bella's owners and local businessmen, from which the roots of the misfortunes of Lucas and his dog grow.

The film by Charles Martin Smith came out too naive, but very kind. Fans of family dramas - go ahead for tickets.

And as for us, a person who feeds wild cats with canned food instead of giving these canned food to a homeless man dying of hunger, there is a direct road to a doctor. And you can directly hear how a storm of popular indignation rises, and among the loudest exclamations you can hear: “A person has a choice! He brought himself to this! A person, if he is not lazy, will be able to feed himself! " etc.

And the cat, if it is not lazy, will not feed itself? Probably not. Well, you have to go somewhere, catch mice, rummage through the trash cans ...

25. Maleficent: Lady of Darkness (USA, UK) 7.08

As is usually the case with human memory, people constantly knock it off. No matter how anyone excuses this stupid move by the writers, it looks very, very poor. Indeed, despite the fact that the tale is already about another kingdom, it is not located so far (you can walk in a couple of seconds on foot) that they do not know about Maleficent as much as they knew about her in the kingdom of the late King Stephen.

But in these parts of the world, for some reason, they stubbornly consider it an evil offspring. And just in case, it is stipulated that during the time (only five years have passed), tales have been made up about her again, and all her merits have been forgotten, which is more than strange on common thought.

And what is happening with Maleficent herself? Seeing how badly everyone thinks about her, she herself began to “get angry and angry” again. And it seemed to us that if you are a good person, then you will remain a good person in Africa too. But alas. This, apparently, only happens in our universe.

In general, the scriptwriters needed to build a script on something, so they came up with such a nonsense "launch pad". The insidious people lured Maleficent into a trap, set up and almost sent him to the forefathers. But she survived, by the way, with the help of the same "fathers", and is ready to take revenge.

But in the end, as usual, the evil creature as always turns out to be kinder in heart than the people themselves. It will be very strange if not.

26. Alita: Battle Angel (USA) 07.07

The next picture, which made it into our top best films of 2019, is post-apocalyptic. In the future, in the 23rd century, there was a war of "Desolation", after which only ruins remained of human civilization. The very word "Desolation" speaks for itself. Distinct settlements remained in only one place on the globe, over which hangs a super-duper advanced flying city for the elite - Zalem.

The settlements below are called the "Lower City", in which, in principle, you can live. But, alas, not to the fullest, as is rumored to live in Zalem. The people of the present are extremely cyborgized. But all the same, the technologies today are no longer what they were before the war. This can be seen at least by what advanced gizmos can be found in old post-war junkyards.

For example, Dr. Ido was fortunate enough to find an advanced cyborg model in one of these trash cans, which he immediately repaired, and, having put it on its feet, called it as his deceased daughter - Alita.

But the further events develop, the more it becomes clear that Dr. Ido is not a simple doctor, just as cyborg Alita is not a simple cyborg. And the simple advanced city of Zalem is not quite a simple advanced city of Zalem. And the motorball competition turned out to be by no means simple motorball competition.

Anyway, everyone here is evil in the future ...

27. King (UK, Hungary, Australia) 7.07

The next film of our top best films of 2019 tells us about the coming to power of Henry V, who, judging by the picture itself, did not particularly strive for this power.

The action takes place in the 15th century, in the midst of the Hundred Years War, and the main event of the picture is the Battle of Agincourt. Of course, not everything in the film is honest and true. Some have been embellished, some have been thought out. But overall the picture looks pretty decent.

And even with all that the film only covered the "glorious coming" to power of King Henry V and did not say a word about his "inglorious departure" (he died of dysentery in the 9th year of his reign), the tape turned out standing. Looks with interest.

And not least because of the battle scenes filmed. No jumping in armor to a height of two meters, etc. Everything is 100% close to reality. Although, Shalme is quite feeble for continuous swinging with at least a 5-kg sword, of course.

28. Rocketman (UK, USA, Canada) 7.03

The last couple of years has been prolific with the bajolics of famous musicians. We all remember the success of the Bohemian Rhapsody, dedicated to the work of Queen. Specifically, our top best films of 2019 included two whole biographical films dedicated to the work of the Motley Crue group - "Dirt" and the singer, musician and composer Elton John - "Rocketman", to whom, in fact, another section is dedicated.

The story is told on behalf of Elton Hercules John himself, from birth - Reginald Kenneth Dwight, who came to confession in a group of Narcotics Anonymous. For two hours, he, in often pretentious musical tones, tells us about his difficult childhood and the difficult beginning of his career.

And, of course, about how the main singles of the great master were born, how they were connected with the main milestones of his life, etc.

By the way, at the famous Live Aid concert, held on July 13, 1985 at the main concert venues in Great Britain, not only Freddie Mercury appeared with his group Queen. By the way, Elton, like Queen, also performed at Wembley and also performed a lot of songs - as many as 5, two of which he sang along with other performers.

The film came out bright, colorful and, on the whole, not bad. Would add more scandalous truth - it would be generally super.

29. Yesterday (UK, USA, Japan, China) 6.94

29th on our list of the best movies of 2019, is a fantasy story that takes place once again in an alternate universe. But, not right away.

At first, the main character - a young Indian with an American residence permit Jack Malik - is exactly in our reality. He is a simple musician and an aspiring composer, of whom there are a dime a dozen in the States, and who does not succeed in the musical field. He has a girlfriend who believes in him very much and does her best to support him. Naked friendly support alone is not enough. And that's why our hero is increasingly starting to fall into depression.

But this is only as long as a one-time short-term power outage occurs throughout the Earth, during which our hero is safely under the wheels of a car. When he wakes up in the hospital, he does not yet know that he has somehow moved to a world in which no one has even heard of certain things. For example, here no one knows about such a drink as coffee, no one is familiar with cigarettes, but if you ask someone who Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling is, they will just shrug their shoulders.

But the most important thing is that in this alternative reality no one has even heard of the work of The Beatles, as well as of The Beatles itself - in general, and of its members - in particular.

Being a fan of the band, Jack Malik knows all their songs by heart. Well, or almost everything. At least, he certainly remembers the music, but you can think of the words yourself in places. Passing the singles of McCartney, Lennon, Starr and Harrison as his own, he quickly rose to such heights of musical Olympus (not without the help of the local Ed Sheeran, by the way) that it will be very painful to fall now.

But he will have to fall. Although not through the fault of outside circumstances, but "at their own command - at their own will." What for? See for yourself. It will be funny and melodramatic.

30. My name is Dolemite (USA) 6.91

How do filmmakers not reproach "consumer Netflix" for "consumerism" of its video content, and the next in our list of the best of the best is again the film masterpiece of the mentioned service. Let's list. El Camino: Breaking Bad, The Irishman, The Dirt, The Boy Who Bridged the Wind and now My Name Is Dolemite. 5 out of 30, that is, one sixth of the 30 best films of 2019 consists of movie masterpieces from the streaming service "Netflix". Not all leading film companies can handle such a result. Is this not an indicator?

Eddie Murphy, who has not climbed to the top of the ratings, starred in this funny comedy. And he plays an ambitiously tuned in to the American dream of a once young black man named Rudy, who is already over 40, and he still has not understood from what position and in what field he should start in the direction of this American dream.

Whom he no longer tried to be, but things are still there. Currently (the action unfolds, by the way, in the 70s of the last century), he is determined to ascend to fame on a catapult called "stand-up". But, as practice shows, the stand-up from it is useless.

And now, at the moment when his hands are already starting to drop by themselves, he collides nose to nose with the local bum, who, although a drunk, stinks and looks wretched, but makes such jokes that they knock them off their feet. p>

Taking a bundle of banknotes with him, Rudy burrows into the local slums and, finding this bum, asks him to recite the best of his "quatrains" (he wet his jokes in a poetic-musical format). Seeing the money, a huge bunch of other homeless people gather around, and each Rudy gives the floor. He writes down all the jokes and, returning home, types out a fundamentally new program from them, from which the audience is simply crazy.

Yes, his jokes are obscene, yes, they don't take him on the radio with them, but no one bothers him to record his records and distribute them underground. So, the process has begun. And there (for a walk, for a walk!) And the movie can be removed.


As mentioned above, recently the top of the audience rating has been replenished with a couple more successful films, which in itself proves that they are worthy of being in our top. But in order not to spoil the material with edits and alterations, we decided to consecrate them here, in our today's original conclusion.

And the first in the rating is unconditionally the sixth tape fromNetflix with the participation of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver ...

Marriage History (USA) 8.17

If this 2019 film was shown in domestic cinemas, success would come to it in our country much faster. But Netflix is very reluctant to run its films on big screens even in the United States, what can we say about USA.

Who wants to "light up" their tapes before releasing them on their own streaming service.

That is why the tape ascended in the USA audience rating with a noticeable delay. Her limited release in the United States took place back on November 6, and that's not counting the countless film festivals she has played since late summer.

The tape is the most truthful guide for those wishing to divorce and start a lawsuit with the division of property or ... Or children.

Nicole and Charlie were doing great. He is a successful screenwriter and stage director. She is a talented actress who has achieved success largely thanks to her husband. They have a son who is in elementary school. And everything would have been fine if Nicole had not hacked her husband's mail and found his correspondence, from which it turned out that he had cheated on her.

This is where it all started. The film honestly shows what spouses have to go to in order to achieve full or partial custody of the child. The legal proceedings are shown not in soft colors, as is customary to do in modern melodramas, but truthfully, harshly and without any embellishment.

And, it seems, and they are good people. And they have nothing special to share. And they have no special claims to each other. Even with treason and what it caused, in principle, figured out. But the law obliges them to start a costly war among themselves, although, as it turned out, they just had to sit down and agree on everything with each other ...

Get knives (USA) 7.80

Good detectives are an unheard-of rarity these days. Today, on any tape of the sounded genre, they always strive to hang other canopies. This is how a "detective" turns into a "thriller, crime, action movie, detective", where you can no longer feel behind the aforementioned "thriller", "crime" and "action movie" of the detective.

We dare to assure you that this is exactly the case where, firstly, "detective" is in the first place, and secondly, there are no other genres besides it that can be traced. It is staged in the spirit of Agatha Christie, it revolves around the murder of the head of the family, who, shortly before his death, refused financial support to his main freeloader relatives.

And there are a lot of them. And everyone is vying with each other to lie to the police detectives. But during the interrogations there is also a private detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), who is famous not only for his terrible meticulousness, but also for his sophistication in deduction.

So, everything goes to the fact that this time one of the relatives will not be well. And maybe not even one.

This concludes. Going forward, we're going to highlight the top 20 movies of 2019 by genre. In the meantime - Happy New Year to everyone and more good films and TV series this New Year!

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