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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Preview: Sharpened Origins with a touch of The Witcher


More recently, it became known that the new part of Assassin's Creed went gold, and three weeks later it will delight hundreds of gamers around the world. Ubisoft has been supportive of journalists since the game's announcement, and has given enough time for them to tell what to expect from Odyssey.

Therefore, having collected the information, we can make a preliminary overview of what the new part of the game will be.

Creed in Action


Today we must accept the fact that since last year, Assassin's Creed is no longer a story about an order of assassins who carefully plan attacks while remaining in the shadows. Even more, they do not yet exist in the time frame in which the franchise is now unfolding. Now it is a leveling RPG, where the main task is to play a role in a certain period of time.

As if following the credo of their own heroes: "nothing is true, everything is permissible", the developers, feeling freedom, took the series away from the main characters.

This happened with the launch of Origins. Odyssey is very similar to it, and for good reason, as it turned out, the games were developed in parallel, and had to come out according to the principle: “which one will turn out faster and we will release it.” That is how Origins appeared. This fundamentally influenced the next part, which left more time for revision and self-improvement, learning from the mistakes of its predecessor.


As a result, Western journalists concluded that this is the largest world for the entire time of the series, and no, this is not a PR move, Greece is huge: a bunch of regions, mechanics, pumping systems, characters, as well as a bunch of plot twists due to the system consequences.

What's done is done


The next innovation is a system of consequences and a branched plot depending on the choice. Teost bias towards thoughtful gameplay. From the moment you are given to choose a character (Alexis or Cassandra - depending on your choice, the grandson or granddaughter of the king of Sparta Leonidas), and further along the plot you will have to make decisions that will manifest themselves both in the short term and in the long term. It can best be compared to The Witcher or the Mass Effect series. For example, kill or save an infected family? And think to yourself whether it will lead to an epidemic with a thousand deaths if you keep them alive or not.

It's good that Ubisoft started to exaggerate. In general, they assure that this system can be experienced only in a full-fledged company. They are going to play on the fact that the history of ancient Greece is full of inaccuracies and conjectures, and Leila Hassan is trying to get to the bottom of the truth.

This can bypass some of the historical facts that the studio used to follow, and now it itself dictates what is true and what is fiction. Therefore, variability rules.

Let's play role-playing

Journalists who followed the demo inside out, note that the situation with the balance in the game between story missions and a sandbox with side fun is not yet fully clear. For example, in the first region of the game, everything is replete with interesting story missions that smoothly flow into additional missions in the form of quests, equipment upgrades, exploring the environment, and helping local residents. You play the full role in general.

And already in the second region, a deficit of interesting tasks is noticeable, in return we are offered to reduce the influence of the enemy: destroy forts, hunt targets.

But a similar hierarchy system as in Shadow of Morrdor warms the soul. If you think too highly of yourself and trade in bad things, a reward will be assigned to your head, for which a mercenary will come, and for killing them you rise up the hierarchy. Soon you will be able to take orders yourself and kill other mercenaries.


We also got back what we loved so much from the third part of the series - ships. Before us is the whole Aegean Sea (not the Nile) and a ship that you can pump, and then enjoy the combat system and adventures.

To catch the scale, the Odyssey problem comes out of them. We are offered a lot of things: plot, add. missions, ship battles, rich branched pumping, clearing posts, battles, etc. Journalists point out that the game offers too much, which dilutes the experience from the main company. A similar problem was in Revalation, when the desire to give the player more extra. content played on the fact that players could not concentrate on the plot.

Considering that the content that will be thrown to us after the release was announced, it seems that the game is being artificially stretched.

But is it really bad?

Well, not really, Odyssey objectively looks amazing, there are animals everywhere, nature looks full, and there is something to do. You can also turn on the exploration mode, which will remove marks from the map and you will have to navigate yourself and with the help of your bird. This will show you how beautiful Greece is.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey leaves the impression of a worthy successor to the Origins, who does everything right. However, how much this is so we can see after the release.

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Author: Jake Pinkman