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Films and TV series from December 6 to 12


Another week is coming, and along with it another unconditional blockbuster "Chronicles of Predatory Cities", the budget of which has exceeded $ 100 million ( only 30 million). This means that there will be something to surprise us with Hollywood inventors, and the rest of the filmmakers should tremble and be afraid of competition from such a "movie titan".

But where can you get to when there is a blockbuster every week? On the last week - "Fantastic Beasts 2", on that - the new and improved "Robin Hood", now here is the "Chronicles of Predatory Cities." One could wait until next week, but there the fear-man-superhero "Aquaman" will crawl out of the sea onto the open spaces of cinema screens ...

List of premieres of the second half of December

Well, if you really want to compete with someone, then it's better with cities walking on the earth than a superman-fish, Western filmmakers decided, the release schedule of which we publish below:

  • Chronicles of predatory cities - science fiction, fantasy, action, thriller, adventure, in ch. starring Hugo Weaving, Stephen Lang et al. (New Zealand, USA);
  • The House That Jack Built - horror, thriller, drama, chap. starring Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman and others (Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden);
  • I love it! - drama, comedy, chap. starring Jean Dujardin, Yolanda Moreau, Joe Dahan, Jean-Benoit Hugueux and others (France);
  • The Perfect Trap is a thriller, chap. starring Emily Ratajkowski, Aaron Paul, Riccardo Scamarcho, Katie Louise Saunders and others (USA);
  • The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms - fantasy, adventure, family, in ch. starring Mackenzie Foy, Tom Sweet, Mira Sayal, Ellie Bamber and others (USA);
  • One King - One France - drama, chap. starring Gaspard Ulliel, Adele Enel, Olivier Gourmet, Louis Garrel and others (France, Belgium);
  • Gemini - horror, thriller, in ch. starring Christie Burke, Jesse Moss, Rebecca Olson, Jen Griffin et al. (Canada);
  • NTL: Antony and Cleopatra - drama, chap. starring Fisayo Akinade, Hiba Elchikh, Rafe Fiennes, Tim McMullan and others (England);
  • The King and I - musical, chap. starring Ruthie Ann Miles, Kelly O'Hara, Ken Watanabe and others (England).

Our film industry workers decided to hold their own this week, and released only two film premieres on the screens (weekly cartoon collection for the little ones does not count):

  • Reserve - drama, chap. starring Sergey Bezrukov, Evgenia Kregzhde, Anna Mikhalkova, Gosha Kutsenko, Dmitry Khrustalev and others.
  • Seven pairs of unclean - action, drama, military, adventure, chap. starring Yuri Borisov, Marie Vorozhi, Timofey Tribuntsev, Vasily Mishchenko and others.
  • CARTOON in cinema. Issue 86. The warmest episodes! - cartoon collection.

The list of new seasons worth watching TV series is also small. More precisely, there are only a couple of them, but each of them is a masterpiece in its own way, and both franchises, in one way or another, relate to science fiction. So SyFy lovers can be satisfied. This week is a real holiday for them, as the screens are released:

  • Fortitude Season 3. 06.12.2018. Bravo (USA)
  • Double . Season 2. 09.12.2018. Starz (USA)

Now let's take a closer look at the list of films that are offered "for our consumption" this week in more detail.

Brief reviews of foreign films

There are only 9 of them this week, and this list of films can be christened as "Chronicles of Predatory Cities" and 8 of their competitors. And let's start, of course, with the top grossing candidate.

Chronicles of Predatory Cities

Directed by Christian Rivers.

Let's calm down right away. No, the film is not about patients with chronic diseases!

Western cinematographers looked at a couple of USA fairy tales and were indignant: "Why do they have huts running around the forest on chicken legs, but we don't even crawl on cockroach legs?" And we decided to go even further. Whole cities have been put on their feet. Or, to be more precise, we put them on wheels and tracks.

And now they are driving these cities across the earth's surface, ravaging smaller settlements, which lack the power to get rid of the larger “predators”, like giant dinosaurs, ruining the nests of smaller reptiles.

Imagine this picture. Vasya sits on the fence of the self-propelled village and sees: something dark on the horizon swarming. Vasya takes the telescope pipe, look into it ... Fathers! Well this is London going! Atas, guys, we are making legs, otherwise we are all fucked up!

Sounds funny. But in the trailer, everyone is not laughing ...

The House That Jack Built

Directed by Lars von Trier. IMDb 7.2 rating.

The Chronicles of Predatory Cities replaces Jack's Chronicles of the Predatory Serial Killer. Not to say that he is particularly sophisticated in killing. It just happens. Nothing can be done, life is like that. Sometimes you don't want to, but you have to kill some annoying aunt. Stop letting her down out of the kindness of your soul, and she bangs your nerves and even insults you.

On your head! On the! You will know how to call a normal serial killer a "maniac"!

I love it!

Directed by Benoit Delepine and Gustave Kervern. IMDb rating 6.4.

It turns out that it happens. You live for yourself, you live, you live to be 50, and, suddenly, bam! You start to think: "Are you a trembling creature or do you have the right?" This is exactly what happened to the main character of the film, who, firstly, realized that he “has the right”, and, secondly, realized that the right to have is not the main thing. We need to somehow implement this "right".

And how can he do it right and left. Grabs on everything. But it just turns out that it is much easier to exercise your "right" in words than in deeds ...

The Perfect Trap

Directed by George Ratliff. Rating IMDb 5.1, KP 5.7.

Director George Retliff (not to be confused with the greatest Harry Potter of all time and nations, Daniel Radcliffe) is not famous for particularly advanced work. He has them, one might say, "and not hot and not cold." And there were only two of them so far. Therefore, it is not entirely clear what prompted the management from MEGOGO Distribution to purchase this picture for distribution throughout the country.

Since its premiere in the world a month ago, it has already managed to acquire its own mediocre rating on the KP, which means that a huge number of people have already checked it out on pirate sites. And the tale of how the spouses Brian (Aaron Paul, "Breaking Bad") and Cassie (Emily Ratajkowski, "Invisible" 2018) are bred by some cunning slicker who settled in one of the rooms of a luxurious villa where the couple stayed for rest , didn't really impress the viewers.

The topic is really very hackneyed and implausible. And the main characters will be completely incomprehensible to our USA people. In our country, someone, even for just looking in the direction of your girlfriend, gets in the face. Right there, the main character is just some kind of nurse, who is doing his brains for an hour and a half on the screen, and he ...

In short, the film is not for everybody. Plus, if this rotten bullshit can be checked out on pirate sites for free, why go to the cinema for it?

The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms

Directed by Lasse Hallstrom and Joe Johnston. IMDb 5.6 rating.

Here, to understand what we want to say, it is better to read the trailer first.

Now you can giggle. Overseas Hollywood is so predictable! Well, everything is good in all kingdoms. Only from the fourth one is always one problem. And everyone, even those ignorant of world politics, will be able to trace the local parallels: three prosperous kingdoms are the whole world, and the fourth is, of course, USA. A hint of it is guessed in architecture and in clothes. So the moviegoer will not get lost in assumptions. And, of course, everyone understands whom the Hollywood proposes to overthrow so that everyone in all kingdoms will heal wonderfully ...


The main thing is, how do we feel about this creation? Probably all the same. We eat meekly, like another candy with a rotten and poisonous filling. Let's see how we were lowered, and then we will also pat and pay money to make this propaganda pay off.

No, dear! When Tchaikovsky wrote his creation, it was not at all this nonsense with the lowering of Mother USA below the plinth that stood before his eyes ... But what can I say. Faith in USA and in ourselves in us is killed by our own property. Excellent move, dear Hollywood people, you will not say anything. And when will we already learn this and muster the strength to answer?

And, which is typical, such a move and such a mockery of the immortal work of Amadeus Hoffmann, judging by the IMDb rating, was not appreciated even in the West. This is the Walt Disney studio we have now. Paid for and thoroughly politicized. Or just a head full of hair ...

One King - One France

Directed by Pierre Scholler. IMDb rating 6.4.

An excellent occasion to remember that revolutions happened not only in our country, but also abroad and, in particular, in France. And although that revolution was "bourgeois", it was much bloodier than our Great October Revolution.

In the center of the plot is a couple in love who were not destined to find happiness for the same reason. What is happening around could not but affect everyone living in Paris during these tragic events. But hope, like love, by the way, is the last to die ...

The film was shot with a high budget, high quality and on a large scale. As for us, this is the first thing to go for, and not the idiotic nonsense about London on chicken legs.


Directed by Brandon Christensen. Rating IMDb 5.3, KP 5.4

The most rotten premiere this week is considered to be "Gemini" by Brandon Christensen, who until this masterpiece has not distinguished itself with anything impressive. And this masterpiece could not shine with anything. The plot is idiotic, the embodiment is also not brilliant

It turns out that the demon of the other world, for some reason, needs twins. Although why - and so it is clear. They always need something, so only in order to seep into our world with the help of it and bring a rustle here.

In the center of the plot is the mother of twins, one of whom died in childbirth. And the demons the faster they will get the second, the more fear they manage to catch up on the main character.

Who cares, the film has been on torrents for a year already. Why then go to the cinema for such mediocre rubbish? Not clear ...

NTL: Antony and Cleopatra

Directed by Simon Godwin.

We warn you right away. This is not a feature film, but a theatrical production transferred to the cinema screens. Of course, the Royal Theater of Great Britain creates real masterpieces. It originates from the greatest stars of our time, such as Bob Hoskins, Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Jackman, Benedict Cumberbatch, etc. And therefore, it will not be superfluous to go to any of his masterpieces.

Everything is blurred by the fact that there is no dubbing and the viewer has to read the subtitles instead of watching the entire film. And not many are used to this. The production has no trailer, only a video announcement. Anyone interested can check it out.

The King and I

Director Bartlett Sher.

Another British theatrical production moved to the movie screen. Only this is a real live musical. And the plot revolves around an English school teacher who was engaged in educational activities at the court of the Siamese king.

Whoever does not like theatrical performances, and who does not accept subtitles, can watch the musical of the same name, filmed in Hollywood in 1956, in which the leading roles were played by the wonderful actors of that time Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner.

Review of USA films

There are not many of them this week. Either the others were frightened by the "Predatory Cities", or it was just a coincidence, but, be that as it may, we will be content with what we have. And we have the following ...


Director Anna Mathison.

Where to go to the once successful and popular guitarist and composer, the author of wonderful author's songs, when the demand for him is fading away? Right! To the nearest nature reserve! In order to properly think over everything in the bosom of nature and make a kind of "reset" of the brain.

This is exactly what the hero of the foreman of All USA Sergei Bezrukov Konstantin, who has begun to seriously lay on the collar, does. And it is not possible to "pick" him out of this reserve until he himself is ripe for this "picking out" ...

Seven Unclean Pairs

Director Kirill Belevich.

The action takes place during the Great Patriotic War. The prisoner ship is itself a bomb with a sluggish fuse. And on one of these ships, this cord, nevertheless, smolders to the ultimate point, followed by an explosion.

But the passions, that is, to the end to deal with the prisoners with their hated guards, does not allow the appearance of a common enemy, that is, the Nazis. In the face of their merciless attacks, everyone on the ship will have to rally into one single team, otherwise - all will come to a complete and unconditional skiff. Will the prisoners and their guards be able to do this?

Probably. They simply have no choice ...

CARTOON in the movies. Issue 86. The Warmest Series!

Directors Anastasia Chernova, Mikhail Medvedev, Ekaterina Shabanova and others

The most beloved heroes of previous issues are in a new cartoon collection for the smallest admirers of cinematography who are just starting to get involved in the action taking place on the big screens of cinemas.

"Belka and Strelka", "Fairy Patrol", "Mi-Mi-Bears", "Katya and Ef. Where-to-Do-Door ”,“ Little Houses ”and other animated series will certainly amuse your children to the fullest!

What are the TV series vendors offering us this week?

As already mentioned, there are only two sequels of efficient serials this week, but both of them are among the most anticipated. Already from the 6th, fans of horror and fantasy can start to rejoice, since the third season of the excellent thriller "Fortitude" is released on the screens. And although in USA translation it will be thrown out on pirate sites and torrent trackers only the next day, you can start rubbing your hands in anticipation today ...


Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Detective.

Season 3 starts on Thursday, December 6, on Bravo.

IMDb rating 7.4, KP 7.3.

The action in places of the eerie series takes place in the cold and remote from the main civilization, the Arctic town of Fortitude. Detective Eugene Morton arrives in this town to investigate the murder of Professor Charlie Stoddart, and everyone, who is not lazy, immediately begins to put a spoke in his wheels. This is probably why his investigation has been dragging on for the third season.

And the murders, meanwhile, all continue ...


Genres: sci-fi, thriller, drama.

Season 2 starts on Sunday, December 9th, on Starz.

IMDb Rating 8.1, KP 7.3.

Once a passage to a parallel world was discovered, which at first was no different from ours. But over time, apparently due to the intervention of people from one world to another, the worlds began to acquire their own differences.

The portal is kept secret and is under the control of one of the secret government organizations, of which Howard Silk is an employee. It will be on his shoulders to investigate murders committed in our world by an unknown person from another world.

Sounds a little weird, but in this universe, weirdness doesn't stop there.

On this fantastic note, we are saying goodbye today until next week. All the best to you, cool movies and a wonderful New Year mood!

The Topic of Article: Films and TV series from December 6 to 12.
Author: Jake Pinkman