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Review: Black Panther


"Black Panther " literally rushes to USA cinemas, but not from Africa, although there are too many references to the African side in the film not to be noticed, but from the USA. This film is long-awaited for us.

It is very ambiguous if you already have certain expectations of how the action should unfold in the film and in which direction the plot will go. Therefore, the fewer you have formed about what the upcoming film should be about, the better. It can surprise you and prepare you for new movies and events in the MCU.

Marvel breaks all box office records

Black Panther

In the North American tradition, let's start with math. In those countries, the success of a film is primarily determined by the commercial side of the matter. USA critics look at things differently and from the point of view of the artistic component of films, an unbiased assessment is very valuable. And yet, the box office says a lot. Including not only the great work of marketers, but also that the film attracts the viewer. It doesn't matter if it's special effects, the cast, the plot of the film, the work of the director, or all of the above. As the saying goes, no one will go to a bad film and there will be no money to be paid for watching it, and if tickets are sold, then you like it.

As soon as the film appeared in the US on February 16 this year, the first 4 days of distribution exceeded all expectations: the box office was replenished by $ 244 million. The eighteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe breaks all records.

If we take into account the box office worldwide, to date the film has earned more than $ 500 million, and this, given the fact that there are still premieres in USA (February 26), Japan (March 1) and China (March 9) ahead. Already, we can say that in 10 days of distribution the film will receive $ 383 million, which by the end of the entire rental period will be about $ 766 million. This will put the film on a par with the 25 highest grossing ever in the film industry.

Most interesting of all, when that happens, the comic-based Black Panther will be the # 1 commercial hit movie, and thus overtake The Avengers, The Dark Knight and Spider-Man.

The Black Panther Cast


So the lessons to be learned by filmmakers are that big films with an African-American audience with lots of top-notch African-American actors are a recipe for success that filmmakers often ignore. But not Ryan Coogler. After an excellent directorial job in Creed: The Rocky Legacy, he was commissioned to take responsibility for another hit from Marvel for a reason. He's up to the task, making the film incredibly anticipated among Marvel fans, as well as casting Chadwick Boseman for the lead role.

The actor has already acted as a black panther in the film "Captain America: Civil War". Lupita Nyong'o as his mistress. Michael B. Jordan this time as the Wakandan exile, Eric "Killmonger" Stevens. Angela Bassett as T'Challa's mother, and Daniel Kaluuya, star of the Academy Award-nominated film Get Out, plays T'Challa's assistant W'Kabi. Completing the all-star cast is Forest Whitaker as Wakandan Elder and Andy Serkis as Ulysses Cloe.

Shooting Black Panther

Black panther shoot

It is interesting to note that the action of the film takes place in the African country of Wakanda, where deposits of the most valuable metal vibranium, which is able to absorb vibration, have been discovered. However, the film was shot in the United States, in Atlanta. And where else would you think? In South Korea. The Americans missed the former military foothold for something. The shooting took place in Busan, a city located in the southern part of the country and famous for its beaches. It was there that the work on the creation of the chase scene took place, in which 150 cars and more than 700 people participated. Jagalchi Market, known as the largest seafood market in Asia, as well as the huge Gwanalli Beach and Gwanan Bridge are where the chase takes place.

The plot of the film "Black Panther"

Black panther plot

As for the storyline of the film, then some Marvel fans exploring the meta plot may wonder, where is it, a little, show more. The creators of the new film decided differently. They devote most of the tape to the new king of the futuristic African state of Wakanda. Ryan Kugler showed extraordinary professionalism in terms of a detailed display of life in African society, with its rituals, relationships between people, but at the same time he did not forget about high technologies.

Those who call Africa Africa will be disappointed to see this movie. It celebrates the victory of high technologies on the black continent, super progress, but at the same time, residents strictly follow the established traditions. They remember them. Therefore, T'Challa will revive the ancient spirit of the savannah - the Black Panther. He will take on her role, because once it was this spirit that protected the poor and the oppressed, and now it will become the mission of the young prince.

For fans of the MCU, this film can become a cornerstone for understanding the further development of the plot. And for those who are waiting for "War of Infinity" knowledge of the history of Black Panther and Wakanda will be very important. Marvel films are taking a new twist and it might be worth taking a closer look at Black Panther for this very reason - it's a turning point in the Marvel universe.

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Author: Jake Pinkman