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Spoilers for The Last of Us 2, Brother in Arms TV series, Travis Scott in Fortnite - game news digest # 5.04. Part one


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Important plot spoilers for The Last of Us 2 leaked to YouTube

Last weekend, unknown people leaked some of the most important plot spoilers for The Last of Us: Part 2 to YouTube.

A video with key plot twists was uploaded to The Last of Us 2 Leaks, which was created specifically for the leak. In addition to the videos themselves from the game, there are technical information and Portuguese subtitles in many points. Specifically, the video shows the ending of the game. In addition to the plot itself, excerpts from the multiplayer have leaked to the Network.


The channel has now been deleted, but spoilers have spread all over the Internet. Most likely, someone from the Sony division arranged the drain.

Naughty Dog themselves commented on the situation on their Twitter. According to the developer, the experience you get from the game is worth it, even if you run into spoilers. The studio also urged not to try to search for spoilers ourselves and not to distribute them if they have already hit them.

Against the background of this incident, the game also acquired a new release date. According to the publisher, the game will appear on June 19th.

Sony has patented technology to hide spoilers

As if specially for the current situation with the drain, a patent from Sony was found on the network, which is designed to fight spoilers. According to the information, this technology will block content harmful to the user.

This means that the technology tracks the player's in-game actions, such as events, new weapons, or the appearance of characters, and does not show him similar content from other players on the PlayStation Network, if he has not already seen them during his own playthrough.

Developers can mark certain elements of the game as hidden, and they will remain so for all players who did not personally see them during their playthrough. However, players will be able to disable blocking if they want to.

The project description states that spoiler blocking technology will help gamers communicate about story games without fear of spoilers.

A series based on Brother in Arms will be filmed

Gearbox's Brother in Arms series will be adapted as a TV series. According to GameSpot, the plot will be based on a secret scandal of the Second World War, which remained secret for 40 years.

The film will be produced and co-written by the head of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, and the showrunner is Scott Rosenbaum, who previously held a similar position on the TV series "Queen of the South" and also wrote the scripts for the series "The Shield" and "Chuck." p>


As Pitchford himself says, the series will tell stories about ordinary women and men, from soldiers to civilians. And the secret materials on which the picture will be based should shock us. Soon we will be told about when the series will be released and on which site.

Fortnite sets new record with Travis Scott concert

Fortnite has once again set a new record for the number of players online. Last weekend, the Astronomical event took place in the royal battle, where the famous rapper Travis Scott presented his new track.


According to Epic Games, the event was attended by 12.3 million players, which is the largest number for a game. Recall that before that Fortnite was able to gain online 10.7 million players during the concert of DJ Marshmello. Overall, the largest peak of online players during the game was 8.3 million.

During the event, a huge planet appeared on the map and no less huge Travis Scott, who, during the performance of the track, constantly threw the audience into the air and teleported them to different locations. Epics say that it was the largest event not only in terms of the number of players, but also in terms of entertainment.

Square Enix doesn't know how many parts Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have

Project producer Yoshinori Kitase Gematsu told about this. The team has a rough idea of how many parts the FF VII remake will have. And although many people assume that the game will consist of three parts, the developers cannot say for sure.

At the same time, the speed of project releases depends on this decision. According to project manager Tetsuya Nomura, if they decide to create fewer parts of the game with an emphasis on scale, then the time between each release will increase. Nomura himself believes that releasing the game more often, but in smaller chunks, is best. However, not everyone shares his opinion.


The very second part of the remake began to be developed back in November 2019. However, everything is not so simple here. On the one hand, most of the elements of the continuation of the remake are already ready, so it is not worth waiting for FF VII Remake as long as the first part. However, given that the developer is aiming for a large scale and wants every part to be huge, you should not count on a very quick return.

Kill spiders with dynamite - Kill it With Fire

Finally, we will tell you about a new funny game Kill it With Fire - a simulator of fighting spiders in the most sophisticated ways. If you have arachnophobia - this game is for you.

The essence is very simple, you need to look for spiders in the house that are hiding in it, and kill with any weapon of your choice: a flamethrower, shuriken, shotgun, dynamite. To search for arthropods you have a dedicated arachnid tracking sensor. After all, as stated, you will have to look everywhere: under the sofa, in drawers, at neighbors and outside of time and space.

The main feature of this masterpiece: a rich arsenal, realistic simulation of fire, widespread chaos, and as stated - the real truth about spiders, which has been hidden for years.

The game will be released on Steam on PC. But a demo is already available.

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