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Are Pokemon slaves?


The first Pokemon game Pokemon Red and Blue, created by Nintendo in partnership with Game-Freak, has brought us a world that revolves around the relationship between humans and creatures known as Pokemon. The game became so popular that it became a standalone anime adaptation. The Pokemon universe is very similar to the real world and even includes real animals. Most people treat Pokemon with kindness and decency. They catch them, train them, and also use them in everyday life. Pokemon have feelings, personalities, and the ability to understand human language. Throughout the Pokemon series, various conflicts arose regarding their handling. And there are organizations in the world dedicated to protecting them. Recently, returning to Pokemon Go, the thought came to me: despite the fact that most Pokemon trainers treat them appropriately, they catch them and keep them. So, are Pokemon really slaves? Let's take a look at the ethical component of this world.

Community Pokemon

In order to understand the status of Pokemon, you need to delve into what role they have in society. People catch them, train them, fight them, study them and keep them like pets. Once upon a time, they were revered as gods, and they were also used as a transport and source of energy. In modern society, their power is used to extinguish fires, in rescue operations and in medicine. Some Pokemon, such as Farfetch'd, are even eaten, and this is indicated in their descriptions in Pokedex.


Over the course of many seasons of the series, we have observed the use of Pokemon in absolutely all areas of life.

Throughout this vast universe, there is the so-called Pokemon Association - the body responsible for creating laws for the treatment of Pokemon. She sets standards for training, as well as organizes Pokemon League competitions, selects arena leaders. In addition, she introduced a limit of six Pokeballs per coach.

However, one of the most common types of relationships between people and Pokemon is coaching. People train Pokemon to fight alongside them in tournaments. In order to become a trainer, a person must be over 10 years old and also obtain a license. Although this is not emphasized much, there is mention in some episodes that abuse of the title of coach can lead to the loss of a license.

Pokemon Fights

Let's start with the obvious. The entire Pokemon series is primarily focused on combat. This is where Pokemon are compared to cock and dog fights. Pokemon battles often involve a referee who decides whether the Pokemon can continue fighting or not. During unofficial battles, no one judges them. Pokemon trainers tend to take care of their charges and naturally stop combat before any real harm is done.


Typically, Pokemon fight until they faint from exhaustion. They return to their Poke Ball, where they begin to heal. In terms of damage, they are subject to poisoning, burns, bites, scratches and electric shocks. It is clear that Pokemon are made to endure such conditions, otherwise they would surely die during the battles. Although they died, this rarely happens.

Pokemon seem to be resilient both physically and mentally. It is understood that the vast majority of Pokemon are inherently prone to fighting others. And they even enjoy the victory.

Personal use of Pokemon

Throughout the anime and game series, we've seen teams everywhere using the power of Pokemon for their own purposes. The notorious R Team used them solely for financial gain. Other groups like Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Team Plasma believed that they were changing society with the power of Pokemon. Meanwhile, the leaders of Team Galaxy and Team Flame seek to change the world itself with the help of legendary Pokemon. Also, the criminals from Team Skull are performing separately.

  • Team R are the most notorious criminals, they often tried to get rich, for example, cutting off the tails of sloppers for sale. They wanted to use radio waves to gain control of the Pokemon and were constantly trying to steal them from their trainers.


  • Aqua and Magma are two teams with opposite views. Aqua's team tried to increase the world's ocean surface area with the help of Kyogre, when Magma wanted to increase the world's land area with the help of Groudon's power.


  • Plasma wanted to change society as a whole. They believe that Pokemon are just the slaves of people and need to be freed. She also has three leaders at once with different views on what changes are needed.
  • The Plamya team strives for a "stylish world". They kidnap Pokemon to create their army, sell fossils for enrichment. However, they have a global goal to awaken an ancient weapon to destroy all people except their group. At the same time, they needed almost the entire army just to feed these weapons.


  • The galaxy set itself the goal of capturing the creators Pokemon Dialga and Palkia in order to completely change the essence of the world.

As we can see, exploitation in the universe is also ubiquitous.

Pokemon abuse

There is a special class of trainers in this world known as Rangers. They use Pokemon to protect the environment and other Pokemon. They usually have only one partner with whom they fight for a just cause.

At the same time, in the anime, we have repeatedly observed the cruel treatment of creatures. For example, the character AJ, who appears in The Path to the Pokemon League, uses brutal whip training to always win. Ash reproaches AJ for being cruel to his charges, and even tries to incite the latter to leave their coach, but they refuse. A.J. says that while his training is harsh, he is also demanding of himself. Plus his Pokemon don't want to leave him. This leads us to believe that Pokemon decide for themselves whether they are mistreated or not, and feel that they are truly loved.

Although there are times when trainers and Pokemon refuse each other. The situation with Charmander was indicative, when Ash and his friends find him abandoned. His trainer Damian, like a wicked father, went out for cigarettes and never returned. Seriously though, Damian left Charmander without even thinking of returning. Ash's team rescues him, and the roaming Pokemon decides to abandon the past owner and join Ash. This suggests that Pokemon are overly attached to their trainers, which can play a cruel joke with them, but are still free to choose who they are with.

Are Poke Balls Portable Cages?

Pokeballs are an iconic symbol of the entire franchise. They are used to catch, carry and store Pokemon. A trainer can only have six Pokeballs with Pokemon at a time. Their work is quite simple: when the trainer throws a Pokeball at a weakened Pokemon, it opens up, turns the creature into energy and locks it in.


We can conclude that Pokeballs are portable cages. The Pokedex says that often Pokemon do not mind being in them, but this is not a rule. So, in the very first episode, Pikachu refuses to be caught in the pokeball and makes it clear to Ash that he does not love them. Plus, in Pokedex there is information that many Pokemon have such a position. And the argument that they themselves don't mind being with a trainer is that often Pokemon left their Poke Ball of their own accord. Most likely, if the relationship is built on a voluntary basis, then the Pokemon is always free to leave the Poke Ball.

Is the Pokemon trembling or right?

Most likely - no, Pokemon are not slaves to their trainers, except when they are not made slaves by specially criminal organizations. Pokemon seem to be born for battle, it's part of their nature. They have character and are generally friendly. Pokemon have been abused and abused by their masters. They were used for profit and as instruments of power. Several institutions, rules and regulations have been created to punish bad behavior towards Pokemon. Pokemon are loyal to their masters, and can often do the wrong thing by following their lead. They were used to protect people as well as for the benefit of society. Pokemon usually behave as their owners say, but they still have their own will.

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