There is no connection between violence and games, a new Star Wars game, even more information about Half Life: Alyx - game news digest # 3.01. Part two (Topic)

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There is no connection between violence and games, a new Star Wars game, even more information about Half Life: Alyx - game news digest # 3.01. Part two


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ARA: A clear connection between violence; no inclination for it and games

The American Psychological Association [American Psychological Association - APA] made a statement in its report that we currently have insufficient data to prove that there is any connection between violence and violent video games.

“Violence is too complex and multifaceted problem, which is due to many factors and requires careful study. It certainly requires attention from politics, society and researchers. However, attributing the development of violent addiction to video games is not scientifically sound. Also, such a statement distracts from more important factors, such as the history of violence, which is the main harbinger of its recurrence, ”says ARA in its revised resolution.


In fact, the organization came to similar conclusions back in 2015, but then the public, politicians and the media referred to the resolution due to misunderstandings and used it to prove that games develop a propensity for violence.

At the same time, the association says that there is a connection between violent games and temporary aggressive behavior, which manifests itself in screaming during the process and pushing objects. However, the research findings are difficult to attribute to the fact that games actually induce violent behavior.

In addition to research, the ARA is pushing for better age ratings.

Star Wars: Project Maverick - New Unannounced Star Wars Game

A bot analyzing the PSN releases Twitter account has unearthed an illustration of a new unannounced Star Wars game in the European segment of the PS Network - Star Wars: Project Maverick.


The image shows an Imperial Star Destroyer and a couple of starfighters.

If you recall the words of the insider and part-time editor of Kotaku Jason Schreyer, now under the wing of EA, two games are being developed at once in the franchise - the first is the sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order. The second is an unknown project from EF Motive. The Kotaku website has now confirmed that early information refers specifically to the project of this studio.

The bot also dug up some information about the project:

  • The game ID indicates that this is a beta version.
  • It has no VR support.
  • It may have multiplayer, as indicated by the set parameter 5 in Play Together.
  • There is a link where you can download music from the PS4 start menu screen.

New Half Life: Alyx gameplay with developer comments

IGN, which is releasing exclusive information about the game ahead of the release of Half Life: Alyx, have posted a new 13 minutes of gameplay. Also in the video are comments from developers Robin Walker and Corey Peters. Here is information from the video:

  • The video shows an early stage of the game explaining how to reload weapons. Reloading conditions are close to realism, if you throw out the magazine with cartridges while reloading, they will not be restored.
  • The game was created for those who have never used VR. Therefore, in the first couples, the game is friendly: enemies will not try to catch you by surprise, and horror elements are initially absent.
  • Puzzles and mini-puzzles will get more difficult over time. The game focuses on exploring locations.

Robin Walker also spoke with Game informer, where he said that many newcomers are working on the game, and they hope that Alyx will not be the end of the series. Many veterans who have worked on past games are also confident that Alyx is not just a return to the franchise, but also not the end of the series.

The new Batman game will be a reboot of the franchise, not a new part of the Arkham series

Warner Bros. Studios Games Montreal has hinted more than once that it is working on a new game about Batman. Fans found new information about the project on LinkedIn in the studio's senior producer profile.

It says he is working on a Batman game under new intellectual property. Fans of the series are confident that this very mention confirms the theory that this will be a reboot of the series, and not a new part of Arkham.

Recall that earlier there was information that Warner Bros. Games Montreal was preparing a game about Bruce Wayne's son, but it was canceled and was replaced by the idea of creating a completely new series based on comics.


According to rumors, the game will tell about the secret society of the Court of Owls and will allow you to play for several members of the Batman family, as well as offer us a cooperative. It will be released this fall. They also believe that in the future we will have a service game from Rocksteady about Bats and an action game about Superman. However, Warner Bros. just thinking about it.

We draw your attention to the fact that these are all rumors.

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare, you can get yourself a Tamagotchi that you can feed with death

Even before the release of the game, the developers talked about the plans to introduce their own version of tamagotchi - tamoguntchi from the word gun - weapon. They did it.

When you put a watch with an electronic pet on a character's hand, it is initially in an egg, but soon it will hatch, and you will need to try on parenting responsibilities.


Your virtual pet has several stages of maturation in the game: infant, child, teenager and adult. Your main task is to make sure that he is not sad, but he can be sad if he is dirty, hungry or sleepy. Everything is like in a real game, but with reservations.

So, you can feed your pet by killing enemies, as well as performing other tasks. All Tamagotchi have a bonus rank, which is necessary for faster development. Its replenishment depends on the type of Tamagotchi, some will require you to plant bombs, others to complete the match in the leading places. Tamagotchi can range from dog to dragon.

You can check the status of your pet during a match. But there is one "but" that turns this interesting venture into a farce - this is a donated item that is sold for 1000 COD points.

Resident Evil 3 Official Gameplay

There are enough facts about Resident Evil 3 and it looks juicy to make you want to play it. However, Capcom continues to delight us with new shots of gameplay on Twitch, so here's a new video for your snack.

Watch Resident Evil 3 Remake Premiere Livestream [Official] by ResidentEvil at

That was all the big news at the end of the week. Stay tuned next week ... In the next digests ...

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