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10 books that would be as good as The Witcher


While many games thrive on original storytelling, others have a literary basis, be it books or comics. Here one cannot but recall the Metro and The Witcher series, based on the series of novels of the same name. The success of these two franchises shows that the rich tapestry painted on the pages of fictional worlds can be perfectly integrated into the game's format. The Gamer website decided to recall 10 books that would have produced excellent games no worse than the Witcher. We have translated and also updated the material.

Empire Ruined Trilogy - Mark Lawrence

One of the first episodes worth paying the attention of the game industry is "Empire Ruined" by Mark Lawrence. The story follows Jorg Ankort, a former prince who left his home after his mother and brother were killed.

He travels through post-apocalyptic Europe and gathers a group of dangerous criminals called the brotherhood. His goal is to unite the Shattered Empire in every possible way. The peculiarity of the main character is that his moral compass is a little knocked down, and in order to achieve his goal, he makes very ambiguous decisions. Sometimes, they are violent and around this one could concentrate the main moments of the gameplay, focus on moral choices and consequences.


"Curse so dark and lonely" - Brigid Kemmerer

A Curse So Dark and Lonely is the perfect book for game adaptations to address the dangers of magic, curses and romance.

The plot tells about Prince Ran from the country of Amberfall, who was cursed, and now he turns into a monster and destroys everything he loves. This bloodshed is repeated every year. Love can free him from the curse.


According to the classic Isekai, a girl from the District of Columbia enters this world and has to help him. It's a dark retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, but in terms of in-game adaptations, it could make for a nice visual novel, similar to Yawhg's core mechanics. According to the plot of the game, the cyclone Yavg will come to the city by the sea one day, depending on the decisions you made before its arrival, the fate of the city's inhabitants will be decided. The same can be done in this adaptation, where Ren's transformation into a beast and his behavior depends on your actions in the past.

Throne of Glass Series - Sarah J. Maas

The plot of the book revolves around a teenage murderer who lives in a very corrupt kingdom ruled by a local tyrant. From the very first book, she is forced to fight several other criminals to the death to avoid jail time. Later, all this flows into a long and dangerous journey of contract killings.


The very idea of a young assassin entangled in political intrigue can be adapted in different ways and in an interesting way.

The Six of Crows - Lee Bardugo

The action takes place in the magical city of Kitterdam, a city derived from Amsterdam with its characteristic 17th century Dutch architecture.

In this magical setting, the plot tells about the infiltration into the Ice Palace. The main character, the thief, Quaz, must gather his own gang in order to infiltrate there and rescue the scientist Bo Yul-Bayur.


The book is notable for its setting associated not only with magic, but also with street organized crime. Admit it, we haven't played for robbers with magical abilities yet. This could make an excellent GTA clone, telling about the dark behind the scenes of witchcraft. Since we now have a "Renaissance of the World of Darkness", why not.

"People of the Air" Series - Holly Black

This story is about a girl whose parents were killed in childhood, and she herself was brought up at the court of Frey, the supreme beings. They all look at her with charity because she is human.

Despite this, she has to survive in this harsh world, explore it and fight for herself. To do this, she must seize power. This book is about the struggle for the throne and intrigue, confrontation and racial oppression in a magical setting. Everything is downright according to the best canons of The Witcher.


The Hundredth Queen Series - Emily R. King

The main character Kalinda suffers from a fever. She is captured by a tyrant and forced to fight 99 other women who are in his harem.


The plot is quite simple, but there is potential in the form of an unusual Indian setting. It also has magic in it. Inside our heroine there is a powerful force and it needs to be developed in order to survive. From this, you can make a key mechanic tied to pumping your character.

"Dark Shades of Magic" - Victoria Schwab

At the center of the narrative are the Antari - ancient magicians who can move between dimensions. The protagonist is just such a young Antari Kell from Red London. In this universe, London exists in four dimensions, each of which has its own color. The hero will have to jump between these four dimensions and fight with the creatures that live in each of them. Not without the intrigues of the kings, urging our hero to wander through the universes.


The book very coolly shows four London, each of which has a sad fate in its own way. It also features dynamic battles and charismatic heroes.

The Three Dark Crowns Series - Kendare Blake

The plot of this series of books tells the story from three sides, namely from the perspective of three sisters who fight each other for the crown on the sharp Fennbirn.


Each sister has her own talents and abilities. The adaptation of this book to game development will be interesting because the narrative can show the conflict from different sides and we will be able to play the same story for the three main characters. I think if you add here branching dialogues, the possibility of choice, as well as several endings for each of the sisters, it would be a great game.

"Broken Earth" Series - N.K Jemisin

This series is notable for the fact that it combines both science and magic, and the action of the books takes place on another planet, where there is one megacontinet; here it is called "Immobility". This story tells about five different social classes, and in the world itself there is a fifth season, in which there are constantly different climatic and natural disasters.

So, the first book tells about three time seasons and Orogen women who can control and manipulate energy. In general, a project on this story could tell about the combination of science and magic, and the struggle between them.


The Dark Tower Cycle - Stephen King

The Dark Tower series is probably the best example of a book that deserves a game adaptation.

The story is about the shooter Roland Desceine, who lives in the lands known as Midworld. He is looking for the legendary Dark Tower. The world in which the action takes place is like a post-apocalyptic wild west with magic. The main character constantly meets people from different eras who will help him get to his goal and find out who controls the entire universe.


The movie based on this book came out terrible, but the game, if it was made, has every chance of being cool.

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