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IBM has created an artificial algorithm for arguing with people


IBM Corporation demonstrated a new development - the computer algorithm Project Debater, programmed to participate in disputes, substantiate "your" opinion and objection to an opponent, defending your position.

The company started a project called Debater in 2011. According to the developers, the system learned to reasonably argue with a person just a couple of years ago.

The demonstration of the algorithm was conducted in a debate format, where artificial intelligence defended its position, giving logical arguments and relying on established facts. At the discussion held in San Francisco, all the participants in the debate (including the computer algorithm) were given several minutes to defend their opinions, to object to the opponent, and to conclude on the results of the topic under discussion. The participants of the conversation chose telemedicine and financing of space programs as the issues discussed. The artificial algorithm was not previously prepared for the selected topics, but its tools in the dispute were millions of publications of articles on these issues.

The invited observers concluded that in one of the disputes Debater was able to convince opponents, although experts more note the strategy followed by the computer algorithm. The computer mind analyzed other people's arguments and, on their basis, parried with their arguments. Viewers also commented on Debater's behavior when discussing funding for the space industry. For example, in response to the opponent's assertion that subsidizing any sphere should focus on the universal human benefit of this area and the space program does not fit this criterion, Debater did not refute the arguments already expressed, but formulated his arguments, stating that astronautics contributes to the economic growth of the state .

Thus, the artificial intelligence did not follow the standard path and did not directly object to the initial statements of the opponent, thereby not limiting itself to the framework of the initially stated theses. However, IBM specialists explain that the algorithm did not fully "understand" the theses of its opponent and therefore formulated its arguments in a general format.

The Topic of Article: IBM has created an artificial algorithm for arguing with people.
Author: Jake Pinkman