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Top 30 Best TV Shows 2019: Part 1


Having discussed the best full-length films of the past year, let's move on to the best series of 2019. In this material, we will pay attention to all the significant and most rated projects, regardless of their genre, extension or non-extension for a second term, country of origin and other nuances. If a TV series (mini-series) started in 2019 and took a high place in the audience rating, then it will definitely fall into our top 30 best.

Speaking of "audience sympathy rating" we mean the rating of KinoPoisk, indicated immediately after the name of the project and the TV channel on which its opening season premiered.

1. Chernobyl (HBO) 8.95

We will not go into the details of all the jambs that the respected screenwriter Craig Mazin made when writing the plot. In general, the film is delivered very believable and looks great. But this is not a reason not to think about some of the nuances, which, in fact, are not nuances at all, but the usual politicized American lies.

All "inconsistencies with reality" were examined and sorted out for parts by a huge pack of bloggers, who are interested - they can go to YouTube, there is a lot of such garbage. In some places, having changed something, they all happily cut each other, earned money and calmed down.

We just have to scratch behind the ear and, as usual, figure out who to believe, our domestic bloggers, or not our foreign filmmakers. Business, of course, is the master's. But, in any case, it is worth looking at this creation at least in order not to make idiotic mistakes in the future and to have an idea of what these idiotic mistakes can lead to.

Yes, indeed, amazing is near. Electricity is generated without any coal or other types of black fuel, as well as without the streams of water turning the turbines. In addition, there is no environmental pollution if the nuclear power plant is operating normally. But not everyone knows what negligence can lead to in relation to everything related to the enrichment of isotopes of radioactive elements.

It turns out that's how it happens. Today, with the help of the energy generated by the nuclear power plant, you illuminate the house, and tomorrow, with the help of the radiation from the exploded nuclear power plant, you go to the forefathers. And it's still good that everything ended the way it ended, it could have been much worse.

By the way, without the Chernobyl tragedy, there would be no such toys and cycles of literary works asS.T.A.L.K.E.R., "Death Zone", etc. So, in everything you can find your pros.

Although after the accident the nuclear power plant worked up to 2000 (in particular - its 3 power unit), the series will not continue. Unfortunately, there is no second accident on it, to the great disappointment of the unsophisticated fans of the series. Maybe HBO will decide to shoot something about Fukushima. Or broadly cover some of the domestic accidents at nuclear power plants. Or something about the tests of nuclear bombs, which caused damage to nature ten times more tangible than the accident on the banks of the Pripyat. But shooting about yourself is not at all interesting. And about the hated Soviet Union - on the contrary.

What a bliss to impose one more extra pile on the once great USSR and the USAs who are not far from it. It is in the blood of Americans to finish off the dead who cannot give back. Just look at the same Michael Jackson.

2. Inside Lapenko (YouTube, Lapenko channel) 8.59

The next film of our top best TV series of 2019 will tell us what is going on in the head of any (well, almost any) modern average theater and film actor. Moreover, he will tell about everything in a dramatic-comedy-nostalgic vein.

All the roles of this series, and there are quite a few of them, will be performed by the respected Anton Vasilyevich Lapenko. Alternately, he appears in front of the audience in the form of some kind of hammered utyrka, then in the form of metalheads of the 80-90s, then he pretends to be a mafioso, then a burly host of some kind of program in the style of “How It Was”.

The short stories from the lives of these heroes are good not only because they are short, but also because they are funny in places. Despite the fact that all the jokes look stupid and naive nonsense sucked out of the finger, for a simple domestic man in the street, judging by the rating, the series went with a bang.

We'd better see something else, hiding from rotten tomatoes flying at us from all sides behind a fence with the inscription: "There are no comrades for taste and color.

To date, Lapenko has already released 5 episodes and, apparently, is not going to stop. Still, the first episode alone already has almost three million views. The success of the next is much worse, but less than a million has only the last one at this moment - the 5th, which came out no further than today. And since there is demand, there will be supply!

3. Why Women Kill (CBS) 8.41

The next series of our top best multi-part films of 2019, in all its glory and details, will answer the viewer to the question of why a simple and seemingly quite normal and mentally healthy woman can decide to murder. All this is shown on the example of three married couples who lived one after another in the same mansion in Pasadena (California) for more than half a century.

As you already understood, everything one way or another will revolve around adultery. Let's take a look at each of the mentioned homeowners in chronological order:

  • The Stanton couple, who moved into the mansion in 1963, were unhappy in their marriage long before the move. Their daughter died in an accident, and they moved to a new place of residence in order to leave sad memories and start life from scratch. The husband, at the same time, started an affair on the side from a blank slate, and the wife, having learned about this, made a friendship with his mistress from scratch. The ending will be unpredictable, and, among other things, will force you to reconsider the accident with your daughter from a different angle.
  • The Grove couple, who moved into the dwelling in 1984, were unhappy in their marriage, not because their marriage was bitten by treason. Although, if you look at it, going to the side also takes place here. It's just that Mrs Grove's third husband turned out to be homosexual. Upon learning of this, she began to play tricks with a neighbor's boy, who had just turned 18, while she herself had already passed 40 a long time ago. / li>
  • The couple Eli Cohen - Taylor Harding, who moved into the mansion in 2019, is generally a marriage union in a new and improved tolerant style. These two have a marriage without obligation, they can each have a relationship on the side. Plus, the spouse is a bisexual woman who is currently having an affair with her ex. At the suggestion of her husband, she brings her friend to the house, where all three begin to excellently live a universal sex life. And everything would be fine if the newly-minted mutual mistress of the spouses did not turn out to be a notorious maniac.

In general, there will be someone to empathize with, and with whom to neigh. Anyone will like this Olivier.

The series has been renewed for a second term, but it will already be, as you all understand, completely different stories.

4. When They See Us (Netflix) 8.19

Even in the well-known "Green Mile", based on the novel by Stephen King, the question of the imperfection of the current legal and judicial system was raised. The same can be said about his "The Shawshank Redemption" and other films and works of a similar theme, dedicated to the mistakenly convicted main characters. But if in those cases it was about fictional characters, then here we are dealing with material filmed from and to on the events that actually took place.

This shameful legal procedural action (you cannot call it otherwise) developed in 1989, when a lot of people, mostly teenagers, were arrested during a raid in New York's Central Park. Against five of them, who at that time had not yet turned sixteen, the authorities fabricated (you cannot say otherwise) a gang rape case, as a result of which, following a far-fetched investigation and a court verdict, the children were sentenced to prison terms from 6 to 13.

All of them served their terms completely, when in 2002 it turned out that those convicted to the crime committed in the park at that time had nothing to do with it. This is the only case when the state paid each accused person $ 1 million in compensation for each year of imprisonment.

The first two episodes tell about what happened before the release, the second - about what happened after. True, as they say, inside out. It will be interesting, informative, and instructive.

And, yes, there will be no continuation, as you know. This is a separate story, which is covered in the mini-series inside and out. And if Netflix decides to continue the theme of innocent convicts, then these stories will have nothing to do with the current masterpiece.

5. Guys (Amazon) 8.14

The next multi-part project of our top 2019 best TV series from the field of superheroics. Only everything is presented not from the position of Marvel's gloss, but from the position of everyday realities. After all, if people were endowed with superpowers, where is the guarantee that all of them would be just good people?

Here is just the case when people endowed with super-duper abilities are ordinary ordinary people who are kept in check by the world corporation Vout International, under whose wing all this superhero rabble has gathered. Yes, not all of them are brain-sick, but an unconditional majority of them suffer from excessive megalomania and other "brain twists".

All of them are engaged in superhero affairs at the suggestion of the corporation bosses. In their free time from "business", they are engaged in all sorts of nonsense, which, moreover, does not make them good people, and it is also dangerous for the health of ordinary people.

In the center of the plot is a young man, Hughie Campbell, whose girlfriend "accidentally killed" while running past at supersonic speed, "Train A" - one of the members of the elite seven of the company Vout International. The company presented everything in such a way that the superhero Train A was not guilty of anything. Moreover, the news said that the girl herself was to blame, because she was standing on the road.

But Huey knows the whole truth. He was holding her hands at the moment when the superhero, injected with a prohibited drug, rushing past, literally tore the girl to shreds of protoplasm, so that the poor lover had only the remains of his beloved's upper limbs in his hands. And so, in a desire for revenge, he joins with Billy Butcher, a former cop who puts together a squad designed to besiege the damn superheroes.

We will also talk about the new superheroine of the seven best of the best - "Starlight", which from the first minutes of being among these "best" understands that her old idols, and now her colleagues, are by no means as good as it is presented from the screens TVs. One of them, for example, immediately invited her to give a blowjob. Not bad, huh?

Season 1 came out really cool. We are looking forward to the second, which according to all estimates will start in the summer of 2020!

6. Wayne (YouTube Originals) 8.06

Today's teenagers are not like the teenagers of the mid-20th century. Do not put your finger in your mouth with this. And some of them are such scumbags that they have never seen the world. The plot of the next project, which made it into our list of the best TV series of 2019, is centered on such a reckless boy Wayne with non-standard mental development, but also not devoid of a sense of conscience and justice.

Together with his friend Del, whom he met not so long ago, he goes west to return his father's 1979 Pontiac, once stolen from him by another boyfriend of his unmarried (by the way, Wayne's mother).

On the way to the goal (they travel on a motorcycle), a lot of funny-action-thriller-crime cases happen with them, which are very, very interesting to watch. The reckless couple will have to go through a host of non-standard adventures, after which they will meet in the finale with the current owner of Pontiac - the sons of their former boyfriend, who gave him the car keys as a gift on his 18th birthday.

By the way, this son is the leader of a gang of thugs, frostbitten all over his head. And it remains to be seen whose frostbite will triumph in the end, Wayne or his opponent.

We regret to inform you that the project, the rights and development of which was carried out by the respected and beloved channelYouTubeOriginals, it was decided to close after the first season, despite the hellish rating its popularity. It is hoped that the project will be re-purchased and continued with streaming serviceNetflix. But so far, alas, these are just hopes.

7. Sex Education (Netflix) 8.05

We are talking about a high school in a town called Moordale, whose students, as it turns out later, have huge problems with sex education and psyche. The next series from among the best of 2019 is designed to teach teenagers how to get around the blocks and inhibitions of their sexual maturation, overcome fear of the opposite sex and, finally, commit the act of copulation with someone with whom they have long been afraid, and not only.

And all the problems of the local "notorious" will be solved by a high school student Otis, who was lucky to be brought up by his mother - a doy in sexology and psychology of relationships. His mother Ginny (by the way, she is played by the well-known agent Scully from The X-Files, Gillian Anderson) changes boyfriends like gloves. Her cabinets are littered with vibrators, dildos and other "applied" nonsense, shelves - books on sesxology and sexual intercourse, dressers - magazines, disks and videotapes with porn, so the guy has someone to learn from, and who to stock up on the necessary "material" for his "private practice".

And the local super-duper-geek Maeve, who decided to earn extra money on it, forced him to do this "business". After all, "lessons" from Otis will be paid, which, in her opinion, can help her escape from this swampy bottom, in which she is forced to swarm along with the rest of the unlucky ones who managed to be born, grow up and vegetate in this local sump.

The series has been renewed for a second season, which, to the great delight of fans, starts on January 17 of the upcoming 2020. Enjoy your viewing!

8. Hotel Del Luna (TVN) 8.03

The next series in our Top 30 of 2019 kicks off 1,000 years ago. Somewhere in medieval Korea during the Koguryo era, not far from today's Seoul, a military rebel, skilled in martial arts, escapes from the pursuit. She is now and then overtaken by hordes of persecutors, with whom she ruthlessly cracks down. But the outcome of her escape is ultimately a foregone conclusion.

But things don't go as they usually do. She was lucky (or - not lucky, depending on what point of view to look at) to stumble upon a local witch who is not friends not only with her head, but also with the other world (or, conversely, she is friends, also depending on which side to look at it from) ). This old woman, having given her some vile potion to drink, sends her into the world of spirits, in which she is forced to become the head of the management of a kind of inn, later - a guest house, and now - a hotel in which the souls of those who for one reason or another gather not yet able to leave the mortal world of living people.

For 1000 years, a host of souls have passed through this hotel. Being ghosts, they lead their own, invisible to the eye of an ordinary layman, life, just like ordinary people - full of drama and other "delights" of ordinary human life.

The series has a logical conclusion and is a complete story that does not need to be continued. At least that's what the showrunners of the project and the South Korean television channel TVN said - in particular, for which this series is only the eighth in a row.

It is not entirely clear why the showrunners decided to record this masterpiece in the genre of science fiction, but that is what it is. The series will be interesting only for fans of Korean dramas. Those who are scouring our top in search of adventure science fiction, it is better to pass this multi-episode side.

9. The Mandalorian (Disney +) 7.93

The next series of our top best projects for 2019 is set in a galaxy far, far away in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire.

The Mandalorians are an almost extinct race of ancient warriors, whose roots go back centuries and millennia. According to the basic and publicly available information about the "Distant, Distant Galaxy", the Mandalorians were the people that once inhabited the well-known Coruscant. Exiled from their planet, they found themselves a new home, the planet Mandalore, named after the then leader. During the imperial wars (here - the clone wars) Mandalore was crushed by terrorists from the Death Watch. Afterwards, the remnants of the once glorious warrior race, like their planet Mandalore itself, were annexed by the new Republic.

Our Mandalorian is one of those legendary warriors currently engaged in bounty hunting. By order of the hunters guild, they identify, destroy, capture and hand over (depending on the order) employers of all kinds of scumbags, most often criminals and fugitives from justice.

The Mandalorian's next assignment made him very wary. Firstly, it was ordered by the imperial underdogs, which are now outlawed. Secondly, it is practically impracticable, but it comes with a very generous fee. The hunter would have refused this task, if not for the fact that the imperial henchmen were ready to pay for the delivery of some 50-year-old eccentric with ingots of super-strong and, at the same time, super-light Beskar steel, and in such an amount that he could re- update your entire "protective wardrobe".

The Mandalorian is on a mission. The object of the empire's attention is a child of the same race as the famous once Supreme Jedi Yoda. The mercenary delivers the "order" to the address, gets paid, and leaves. But later he changes his mind, attacks the customer base, fights off the baby and dumps home.

Now for the whole season the hunter will have to fend off the imperial underdogs trying to get a 50-year-old big-eared green baby for their, only known to them, needs.

The project was extended for a second season even before the premiere of the first. Of course, it's a pity that the episodes are so short and there are so few episodes in the season. But I think that in the future, the newly opened video streaming service Disney + will correct these shortcomings.

10. Gentleman Jack (HBO) 7.92

It was hard for lesbians in the 19th century. The next project of our top of the best TV series of 2019 talks about just that. A heavy share of representatives of sexual minorities is shown on the example of a person who really lived once in the Yorkshire county of Great Britain - Anna Lister, an avid traveler, landowner and writer who, in a very frank style, set out the details of her lesbian sexual adventures in her personal memoirs.

But not only lesbian adventures were given attention in these memoirs. She covered at length all the difficulties of life through which she had to go. Problems with the coal business, tenants, and travel cravings are the main focus of the first season of the series.

And, of course, human relationships. It is very interesting to watch how a lady, more similar in habits, wardrobe and lifestyle to a man, is trying to assert herself in the imperfect society of that time. In some places it will be funny, in others it will be ridiculous, in some places it will be completely gloomy. But always interesting.

In the spring it became known that the series was renewed for a second term. Congratulations to all fans of the project.


This is where we finish for today. The next part of our top 30 best TV series of 2019, wait for next week, and, believe me, there will be no less worthy projects in it. Until then, all the best to you. Great New Year's Eve mood and even more excellent films and cool TV series!

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