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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 2000s. Part 3


If something went wrong with you today, if you urgently need to feed on the positive, you've just come to the right place. Nothing will cheer you up like the films that made our top 100 best foreign comedies of the 2000s. After all, only the funniest and most popular tapes with a KinoPoisk rating of at least 7 points are collected here.

Therefore, it will be very interesting and funny. Well? Shall we continue?

70. Me, me and Irene (2000) 7.23

Severe cases of multiple personality disorder occur mainly with the heroes of psychological and other thrillers. But this time, one such "case" decided to attack the comedy genre and, attacking poor Jimm Carrey, turned the life of his hero into a real torture.

As with The Cheated Professor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and others from the same opera, Charlie's unwanted personalities take over his body and mind at the very moment when he least needs them , sorry for the pun.

One of his personalities is obnoxious, rebellious, arrogant and decisively evil, the second is a mattress, flimsy, cowardly and crying, but both of them are equally idiotic, and, as always, they cannot get along with each other.

Well, since the poor policeman cannot cope with himself, where can he get along with those around him? And, most importantly, with his beloved Irene, with whom, oddly enough, both of his idiotic hypostases are in love.

71. Kiss Through (2005) 7.23

Damn the day when Harry and his partner decided to rob the damn "Children's World". After all, it was from him that his life went downhill.

In the continuation of the top of the best foreign comedies, the story of an unlucky thief, whose partner was shot while escaping from the scene of the crime, and his fate, in an attempt to escape, drove him to strange acting classes, in which he, it was not enough, was put in a partner of a real cop , so also the lessons themselves are more like not lessons, but real damn gangster-police showdowns of the third level!

Poor, poor hero of Robert Downey Jr.! Will he live to see the end of the movie?

72. Complete bummer (2006) 7.23

No, this is not about fat people, if someone thought about it. Here is a story about a "complete bummer" in the literal sense of this phrase.


Moreover, the bummer of the main character Charlie Wood happened in all respects. The bummer is that his wife is a cop, and he is a real loser - a sniffy elementary school teacher. The bummer is that he was kicked out of this job too. The bummer is he's now a fucking housewife.

And the biggest bummer is that he sniffed with the wrong people and decided to blackmail the local pedophile priest for a tidy sum. And of course, their damn idea got out sideways for him and his accomplices.

73. My girlfriend is a cyborg (2008) 7.23

Whoever was “My girlfriend” among the current Western filmmakers. And a zombie, and a monster, and much more. Even some kind of "yaoischitsa" (what is this, by the way, who knows?) I had time to visit. In this case, "My girlfriend" turned out to be not someone, but a real cyborg. Can you imagine this? And the Koreans did their best.


And concocted their usual melodrama on this topic. Only this time with “fantasy elements”. And, by the way, idiotic-naive fiction. But drama fans are no stranger to the naivete of South Korean plots. They have already adapted to them for a long time and take them for granted.

The story here is akin to the Terminator: Battle for the Future series. The current nerd Jiro, it turns out, will live up to 80 years old and, moreover, will also create and program a cyborg, whom he will send to his rescue back in the past in the distant 2008.

And, here's the old rascal! He cheated the cyborg with a sexy beauty, soft to the touch, but hard inside, that is, one that he fell in love with as a young man.

Well, what's wrong with that? The American woman in the "Formula of Water" loved the fish-like miracle Yudo. Why can't a Korean sleep with a self-learning cyborg?

74. Heartbreakers (2001) 7.23

Heroines Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt - sexy mom Max Krnners and her daughter Paige - are notorious fraudsters. With the help of their feminine charm, as well as a set of cunning tricks, not to mention their charming appearance, they lure the moneybags into their intrigues, from which the poor fellows are often freed already lightened by a tidy sum of money.

Only once their "criminal activity" was destined to run into the harsh barrier of fate. And this barrier was another handsome man, with whom Paige's daughter fell in love with no hind legs.

But maman knows how to help her daughter. After all, she has already gone through such difficulties somehow in her life ...

75. Formula 51 (2001) 7.23

Next in the top of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s is a story about a talented chemist and, in combination, a pharmacist, Elmo McElroy, who at one fine moment decided that all his life churning out powders for a local drug dealer is not his calling.


And now Elmo, having developed a completely new nonsense that can be synthesized from substances that are always abundant in the public domain, decides to dump abroad (in this case, to the UK) and sell there his "formula 51" for a tidy sum.

But he did not take into account a couple of nuances. First, the drug dealer, an attempt on whom he set up on departure, survived and let the killer follow his trail, and second, local drug traffickers are also in no hurry to cooperate. It is much easier for them all to swat a stupid nigga in a Scottish skirt than to bash him a big sum.

Hmm. Not everything is as simple under the Moon as it seems. The hero of Samuel L. Jackson will have to somehow extricate himself from the web into which he drove himself.

76. Laws of Attraction (2004) 7.22

From the very beginning, it was clear that this couple of so different people will eventually get married. Although both Daniel Rafferty and Audrey Woods are lawyers specializing in divorce proceedings and very often oppose each other in court proceedings.

And somehow they were lucky enough to run the business of local celebrities. The famous rock musician Thorn Jamison decides to break up with his wife Sirena. Or, on the contrary, she decides to break up with him, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that Daniel represents the husband and Audrey represents the wife. And in the process, they stumble upon a discrepancy in the views of the spouses only in one issue - in the carve-up of an ancient castle, in which they once felt very good together.

Lawyers will have a trip to a country estate, where they will try to figure out what the glamorous spouses cannot share. Hence a couple of questions: “Will these two be as good in this castle as that one”, and “Will everything for this couple reach a serious relationship when they are alone with each other in this beautiful castle?”

77. Fear and Awe (2003) 7.22

Next on our list of the best comedies of the 2000s is a film based on a novel by Belgian writer Amelie Nothomb.


A Belgian named Amelie comes to Japan to live and work here for her pleasure. She spent her childhood in Japan, and her memories of this country are only bright.

But in practice everything turned out differently, or rather - exactly the opposite. The harsh climate in the workforce of the company, where she got a contract, borders on racism.

Once Amelie was lucky enough to burn her boss on her head while she was crying crocodile tears. In retaliation, the woman took out her indignation on Amelie by forcing her to scrub toilets.

And so on - until the end of the contract. Well, Amelie - know yourself scrubbing. I came to work abroad - work. Really?

78. The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001) 7.22

Two loshars, insurance agents Fitzgerald and Briggs, somehow wandered into a performance by a local hypnotist who successfully hypnotized them.


Now, having heard the code word on the phone, they headlong rush to carry out the orders of this very hypnotist. Briggs robbed someone's house, and the next morning, without remembering anything, he himself began to investigate the case and got to the bottom of the fact that he almost imprisoned himself.

Now he has to hide from the police in the house of Fitzgerald, the very agent whom he cannot stomach. But she, too, soon, having heard the code word, commits another robbery.

Will the two suckers manage to extricate themselves from this situation?

79. Boys Don't Cry (2000) 7.22

In the continuation of the list of the best foreign comedies, an attempt by the Poles to mimic Guy Ritchie. Not to say that they succeeded for all ten, but for more than seven, they definitely worked.


Everything is there. And a couple of unlucky gangsters who have lost and are looking for their goods everywhere, and a pimpled youth who thinks that in order to become men you just need to fuck the first friend who turns up and agrees to it, and a couple of storylines that, in the end, are woven into one.

Not to say that it is particularly hot, but to laugh in places as much as possible.

80. Make Christmas Blue (2009) 7.21

No modern top film can do without gay or lesbian history. And in the 80th place, just this one settled.


The plot of the comedy is very, very simple and worn out to holes. A young college student not so long ago discovered that he is gay, but he is not yet ready to tell his parents about it. Therefore, I have to pretend to be heterosexual and endure the attempts of the Rodos to “pair” him with a local girl.

And all would be fine, but only his boyfriend from college comes to visit him at Christmas. This is where the dance with a tambourine begins.

81. Love Story (2002) 7.21

This story is somewhat reminiscent of "Grumpy" with Adriano Celentano. The only difference is that the local unsociable hero Jean Reno - Felix already has a spouse, and the rather talkative talker Rose - has a boyfriend.


And chance brings these two opposites together at the Paris airport, where all flights are postponed for some reason. These two have come together in an incomprehensible way and while away time in a "fighting duet".

I wonder how this strange romance will end?

82. All-wheel drive (2002) 7.21

And this masterpiece from the French-English filmmakers looks very much like the Soviet comedy Sportloto-82.


There will also be a running for a lottery ticket that won a huge amount of money. Only the convict sitting behind bars won it. And no matter how well he sat in his jail, but he would have to run. After all, his ticket went to Africa with the wife of the Reggio security guard who checked his tickets.

I wonder which of them will be the first to catch up with the wife of the guard Reggio? Reggio's guard himself, or a convict who escaped from prison and, in combination, Reggio's comrade? And will Reggio's wife herself still want to be caught up by her husband Reggio and / or comrade Reggio.

How many Reggios. Already in the eyes dazzled ...

83. Clerks 2 (2006) 7.20

If such a crazy movie like "Clerks" can have a sequel, then this is it. Although it is not entirely clear what can be continued there.

It's just another day in the life of local utyrs - Hicks and Graves sellers, as well as their comrades and girlfriends. Like last time, this is a set of scattered cool scenes with cool bazaars on cool themes.

That's all there is to it. Those who have entered the last part can safely proceed to the second. To anyone - no, feel free to move on.

84. Miss Pettigrew (2007) 7.20

Next in our top of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s is an English tape about the obnoxious Miss Guinevere (name, language will get confused) Pettigrew (not to be confused with the malicious animagus Pettigrew from Harry Potter), who does not stay at any work for a long time.


And all because this miss is terribly wayward, unrestrained and has such an ambition that at least shut your mouth. Once again dismissed, she again comes to the employment agency, where this time she is given a turn from the gate.

But the resourceful miss steals a business card from the table, and goes to the address indicated on it. Thus, she finds herself in the service of the local singer and actress Delissia Lafosse, who will later pray for her ambition.

This is where Miss Pettigrew will reveal her talents one hundred percent!

85. Happy Cases (2000) 7.20

No, no, and among women there are those who are pathologically unlucky in love and relationships. Ruby is one of those.


And at the very moment when she is very hard going through the collapse of another relationship, on her way comes across a silly guy named Sam, who with a serious face assures her that he came here from the distant 2470 just to save her from loneliness.

Now Ruby is facing a dilemma - to love the strange guy further, or to hand him over to a mental hospital.

86. Sophie's Revenge (2009) 7.19

South Korea again in our top of the best foreign comedies. And again the melodrama. With elements of comedy, of course, as it is fashionable to say now.


Sophie is a cartoonist. He will describe anyone in his drawing as he deserves it, pompously and with a particularly pretentious grotesque. But even such a lady will find her lover. Moreover, the feeling is mutual. After all, in the face of her relatives, her newly-made fiance, a surgeon at a local clinic, proposed to her.

But then he picked up another beauty, with whom he had a little romance. But Sophie won't leave it that way. And her revenge will be cruel and ...


87. Robbery in French (2003) 7.18

Every member of the gang of French robbers, which will be discussed in the film, is a potential loser. Therefore, the gang as a whole is pathologically unlucky.


And then, once, when their boss had another business, they eagerly take on its execution. Only, as usual, everything goes through the stump-deck. Upon arrival at the place, they quarreled with literally all the local gangsters, and one of them was even robbed. And now, when not only the locals, but also the FBI have taken up arms against them, they urgently need to come up with a plan for how to get out of this situation.

Although, what can you expect from these highly experienced imperfections, except for the next jambs on your head ...

88. My girlfriend is a special agent (2009) 7.18

Above we have already talked about who "My girls" are. Here's another difficult case for you. This time another "My Girl" turned out to be a special agent.


Just like "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", except that both of them are Koreans, they live in South Korea itself, and the film itself is South Korean. This means that it will only go to fans of simulated and caricature Korean-Chinese humor.

Su Ji is a hidden agent of government intelligence, and therefore is constantly forced to lie to her boyfriend Jae Jung, who got sick of it so that he decided to break up with her. Three years later, chance (or another government assignment) brought them together again. Only this time, Zhong himself is on duty.

Not naive at all, is it?

89. Uninvited Guests (2005) 7.17

The next film on our list of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s will be about the real freeloaders who live by constantly hanging out at other people's weddings.

What? Here you have food and drink, and beautiful unmarried (and sometimes married) women. Everything the doctor prescribed for a good and happy life.

But this idyll lasts only until one of the freeloaders fell head over heels in love with one of the future brides. How to be now? Especially when her fiance collects dirt on you.

90. Blue Blood (2000) 7.17

We already met Blue Christmas early, now we will witness a scandal between blue-blooded aristocrats.


No, this time the phrase "blue blood" has nothing to do with homosexuals. Here we will talk about celebrities who, having decided to break up with each other, come to the family estate of the Countess Marshwood, in order, as it turned out, to arrange a real pogrom here.

The fact is that the chosen one of the countess's son is a famous actress, and her ex is an equally famous actor. And, of course, after them a whole horde of admirers and admirers of great stars who threaten not to leave a stone unturned from the estate rolled into the estate.

91. Kid (2000) 7.17

I wonder what you would tell yourself to a 10-year-old if you had the opportunity to meet yourself from the past? What life lessons would you dictate to yourself?


In continuation of our review of the best foreign comedies, the story of what he said and what lessons the forty-year-old hero Bruce Willis taught himself, to whom such an opportunity, by a happy and fantastic accident, presented itself.

92. The Minx (2001) 7.17

Another French comedy on our list of the best of the best. This time it is a story about two restless party-lovers and get-togethers who, during their adventures, did not notice how long they passed their fortieth century.


Fashionistas and party girls still, not discouraged, continue to hang out, not paying attention to the fact that from the outside they are already looking at them like crazy. But our girlfriends still have a lot of gunpowder in their flasks.

Enough of it to teach wisdom lessons to the new generation! And whether it, this new generation, will listen to moldy advice from overgrown party girls, this is already their problem.

93. Anger Management (2003) 7.16

The hero Adam Sandler was accused of being too aggressive. While flying in a passenger plane, he attacked the conductor and almost killed this conductor, according to the conductor herself.

And now, by the state court, he is ordered for compulsory treatment. No, not in a mental hospital. He just needs to go to a psychiatrist who will teach him to curb his angry impulses.

But, as it turned out, the psychiatrist, whose role was excellently played by Jack Nicholson, is far from himself and is a danger to others.

94. Haggard (2003) 7.16

Next in our top of the best comedies of the 2000s is a tape directed by Bam Margera himself, the vocalist of the famous gothic band HIM.


The tape does not shine with extravagance, but there are plenty of stupid drunk metal iron and decaying youth in it. And against the backdrop of all this, the boy who was abandoned by the girl is trying to track down her boyfriend. Why do this when you were frankly sent three letters? Let's see - we'll see.

And at the same time we will listen to hits from a famous band.

95. Rat Race (2001) 7.16

The company of moneybags from idleness and from the fact that the money has nowhere to go, creates a kind of club in which bets are accepted on literally everything. Who is the first to want the big thing? Who will be the first to ring the mobile? Who will enter the room next, man or woman? The rich rich are ready to stake money on all this.

But all the same, boredom takes its toll. Everything in this life is already boring for them. But the bettor comes up with a new "show". Using the method of random selection, he recruits faces from the street, who are later introduced to the course that whoever of them gets to the place where $ 2 million is hidden first, he will become the lucky owner.

Well, the company of moneybags is betting on the "race participants". Moreover, big rates. But the game goes on for big stakes not only in the luxurious hall of the hotel, where these same moneybags sit watching the race participants.

Look at what the race participants themselves are up to! This is a complete mess!

96. School of Rock (2003) 7.16

Dewey Finn was wondering. He so zealously proclaimed the power and power of rock and roll on every corner that at one point he was simply thrown out of the group. I got it already, just.


And now Dewey is a low-key, living in his cluttered apartment like a worm in the mud. No work, no money, even hang yourself. But fate smiles at him once again. He, by chance, intercepts someone else's call and, posing as a neighbor, gets a job as a music teacher at a local school.

Who can be raised by such a nosy guy? And this is what we will find out.

97. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) 7.15

Jay and Silent Bob, familiar to us from the films "Clerks", "Dogma" and others, are the most real idiots that the world has never seen. They have one straw in their heads. How they manage to think is a secret.

For days on end, they hung out at the entrance to the store, famous for the past tapes, until the police began to suspect them of drug trafficking. And now that they have been banned from hanging around the store, they decide to go to Hollywood in order to curb the stream of negativity that the crowd is pouring out about the film based on their biography.

Sounds idiotic? Believe me, the movie is much more idiotic.

98. How to Get Married in 3 Days (2009) 7.15

How to break up with a guy in 10 days, we have already learned in one of the previous issues of our top best foreign comedies of the 2000s. Now let's find out how you can get married in 3 days.


It turns out that everything is very simple. And in England and Ireland there is an unwritten law that if a lady makes a marriage proposal on St. Oswald's Day, that is, February 29, a man simply has no right to refuse her.

It was this day that Anna Brady chose to propose to her boyfriend. Now her beloved can't get out.

There is only one nuance here. You still have to get to your beloved across the country to Dublin. Which is very, very difficult in such terrible weather and such a terrible companion.

99. Game Plan (2007) 7.15

Another feature film with the participation of "The Rock" by Duane Johnson, in which he absolutely does not look. While he is expected to participate in films about the most, that neither is, a scuffle, he climbs into pictures that do not suit him at all.


Just like in "Tooth Fairy", here his hero has to deal with children. Or rather, with one child - his own, the one he just learned about. But is the professional American football player in the high season before the kid?

As it turned out, there is every chance to combine play with raising children. You just need to strain a little, take a course with a young daughter, and you will succeed!

100. Taxi 3 (2003) 7.15

At the 100th place in our top list of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s, the film concludes the trilogy about the adventures of two friends - taxi driver Daniel and police officer Emilien.

It is good to look at the picture before Christmas, because it is at this time that events unfold. A gang of robbers dressed as Santa Clauses plunders Marseille right and left. And at the center of all the robberies is Commissioner Gibert, who was lucky enough to have an affair with an Asian woman, who sucks out of him all the information necessary for the Santa Claus gang.

You will have to sweat to get on the trail of real robbers, and once in their clutches, you will not drift from the sexual torture of the head of a criminal group.


This concludes. We do not argue, not everything managed to be crammed into our top-100 best foreign comedies. Outside were such cool films as "Treasure of the Amazon" with the Rock Dwayne Johnson, "Snow Dogs" with Cube Gooding Jr., "The Accidental Spy" with Jackie Chan, "Big Business" with Mark Wahlberg, etc. But inflate the top of the best to infinity also impossible. After all, the next in line is still the top best comedies of the 2010s. Therefore, we will not waste our energy in vain.

We just wish our readers a good mood and wonderful films and TV series. Visit us more often, because we still have so much in store for you!

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