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Cheap flagship: is the LG G6 worth buying?


What about the device today? Does it make sense to buy it in 2018?

We will tell you about the good and bad sides of this phone, recall its technical characteristics, and at the end we will summarize: why did the smartphone become a failure for the company a year ago, and is it worth its money today?

After a controversial experiment with the modular LG G5, the Korean manufacturer had a hard time. But it turned out that last year's G6 didn't fix the situation at all. The smartphone turned out to be worthy in itself, but it could only compete with the Galaxy S7 Edge, released a year before.

What's wrong

The heart of the phone is an 8-core Snapdragon 821 with Adreno 530 graphics. And all would be fine, but at the same moment competitors debuted with Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 on board - more energy efficient solutions.


LG's miscalculation was in choosing an older generation system and, accordingly, shortening the battery life of the G6. Add to this the lack of inductive charging in the European model and an average camera - we get a phone that does not cost 60 thousand rubles! Now we see that the main problem with the G6 was the astronomical price. We will return to it a little later.

What's good

The disadvantages presented in the previous section, of course, do not negate the advantages of the device. The phone is characterized by high quality and durability, and is IP68 water resistant. The front of the device is occupied by a 5.7 ? IPS LCD-display with a very high pixel density (564 dpi), protected by Gorilla Glass 3. A year after the premiere, the smartphone still looks solid. The camera, although not the best on the market, is acceptable.


4K video recording rate is 30fps, 1080p is 60fps. The Snapdragon 821 processor seems to be not a "performance demon", but most demanding games and applications are not a problem for it, which only confirms the belief: synthetic test results should not be a priority when buying.

Conclusion: The G6 would be a really nice smartphone with interesting solutions if it appeared on the market a year earlier, or at least cost less.

It's 2018 - is it worth taking a model?

Interestingly, the LG G6 was positioned as the fastest cheapest flagship in 2017. But alas, in terms of sales, the product turned out to be a defeat for the Korean manufacturer. Potential customers chose the slightly more expensive Galaxy S8 or the tried and tested solution in the form of the already cheap S7 Edge. And LG rated their product too highly - as a result, the market quickly returned Koreans from heaven to earth.

The sales level of the LG G6 was so weak that the manufacturer quickly began to reduce the price of the product. Just a few months after the debut of the smartphone, it fell by 40%. At present, the G6 can be bought for about 20-25 thousand rubles. In our opinion, this is an excellent value for money.

LG G6 is somewhere between a top (almost) smartphone and an affordable price. On the day of release it was difficult to say the same about him, but now it's a completely different matter. This situation should teach us one thing - it's not worth buying a new product right on the day of the premiere. Especially when it comes to an LG product. Today the G6 is a good smartphone for the money. We highly recommend!

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Author: Jake Pinkman