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Top 10 Best Foreign Films September 2020


Cinemas have reopened and we are happy to announce the top 10 best foreign films of September 2020. The most prominent among the long-awaited new films is the project of Christopher Nolan, which, according to him, he has been nurturing for the past 20 years. But besides it, we will have something to see in the first month of next autumn.

Our top 10 of the best films in September is based on the premiere schedule, and the first one, again, is Nolan's ...

1. Argument (UK)

September 3

Initially, the premiere movie was scored on September 10th. But on the 10th, his screening would have coincided with New Mutants, which would have drawn the lion's share of the box office. The same can be said about the "Mutants" themselves, who would have missed the proceeds because of Nolan's "Argument". And the budgets of the pictures are such that it is better not to joke with the box office. The "Dovod" budget exceeds 200 million dollars, the "Mutants" has it somewhere within the same limits. Therefore, both distributors and distributors agreed that this pair of autumn blockbusters should be separated.

And the speech in the movie "Argument" will again focus on muddied over time , but it will be a little like films in the style of "Time Patrol". Yes, it will also use technologies that can look into the future or reverse time, but they are of a completely different nature. That is, no object or biological body, no "time machine" here will be able to throw a hundred years back or forward. But, meanwhile, in the trailer we hear the phrase "time inversion", which implies the ability of technologies of the near future to partially (or, better to say, locally) reverse the time flow, or look into, at least, the near future.

In the center of the plot is an agent recently admitted to the special department, who will be responsible for investigating the chain of crimes leading the world to a global apocalypse. The terrorist, who also has time inversion technologies in his hands, conceived a terrorist attack for all terrorist attacks, the consequences of which would be catastrophic for the entire Earth.

And it's not a fact that our valiant cop will be able to save the world from the impending third world, which will become a consequence of the actions of an elusive terrorist.

But, we will root for him.

2. Where is my jaw dude (USA)

September 3

In fact, the film is called "The War with the Grandfather" and she will tell about this very war between her grandson and her grandfather. The distributor wanted to swim out into the queens on the wave of the once successful picture "Where is my car, dude?" And this name looks funnier. In general, this is the business of distributors. Everyone wants to push their goods more expensive (here - in a larger "circulation") and no one is going to blame them for this.

But let's get down to the movie itself. The main competitor of the best film in September 2020 will begin its story with the fact that one of the main characters, a grandpa named Ed, dies his wife, after which the children decide to settle him in their house, pushing his son Peter (Ed's grandson) into his personal space.

Peter is not exactly unhappy with the offer to "make room." He is just in shock from him! And, of course, he starts his own campaign for the survival of the impudent grandpa from the parental home. He is ready to do everything to make the grandfather cry from pain and sorrow, living in his "apartment".

But, oddly enough, the old fart himself turned out to be not a mistake, and is ready to repulse any actions of the opponent, in turn, turning the life of an arrogant and self-confident granddaughter into hell.

Of course, they will find a common language in the end. But the road to peace will be difficult, thorny and, of course, funny.

The film is predicted to have "global recognition" and are ready to call it "One at home" of the new generation. It's hard to believe in success of this magnitude, but what the hell is not kidding.

3. Claustrophobes: Quest in Moscow (USA)

September 3

In our time, it has become terribly fashionable to shoot horror films about live quests in which something went wrong. Also in our time, as mentioned above, it has become terribly profitable to call pictures by the names of third-party successful masterpieces that have nothing to do with them. The next foreign film in September 2020 is from that opera.

In fact, the shooting of the second part of those very original "Claustrophobes" is in full swing now, in which, by the way, all the same actors will take part. This September horror movie is called "Hold on to Me" and is completely unrelated to the "Claustrophobes" original story. In which, meanwhile, the original, read that, and there is nothing.

Another outstanding and well-known blogger was decided to lure into one of the Moscow quests, to a company specializing in creating scenarios for a single personality. Something, the level of the domestic "Kholop" or "Game" by David Fincher. The blogger chuckles skeptically, but arrives at the destination.

Further, he will no longer be skeptical. At least the creators guarantee it. Lovers of the genre, please go to the cinemas. The rest - let's go further.

4. Mulan (USA)

September 4

Another rehash of their own animated masterpieces by Walt Disney studio. This time under the press of "modern modernization" came the eponymous full-length animated film by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook, who at one time, with a budget of $ 90 million, managed to chop all 300 from the world.

There is hardly anyone who would not have watched this colorful and funny cartoon in due time. In the center of the plot, who does not remember, is a Chinese girl who “went to the front” instead of her disabled and veteran father. In the war, she not only managed to survive, but also distinguished herself, becoming a heroine, without whose feat the whole of the Celestial Empire would have come to hell.

A particularly detailed retelling of the new film is not required, since the film was shot almost completely from the script of the cartoon. For a few, however, differences. The little dragon Mushu will be replaced by the Phoenix bird, and the main villain - the Hun Shen-Yu - a wicked witch.

The creators hope that, just like the previous "Beauty and the Beast", "Mowgli", "The Lion King", "Dumbo" and so on, the picture will go not only to children, but also to adults.

Well, we hope too. We will definitely go and see what Walt Disney studio has to offer us in general and director Nicky Caro in particular.

5. New Mutants (USA)

September 10

The top 10 best films of September 2020 continues with the next picture of superhero from Marvel Cinematic Universes , which should be a kind of restart of the X-Men franchise. The feed will belong to an alternate timeline such as Deadpool and Dark Phoenix. Its events will take place between the events of the second "Deadpool" and "Days of Future Past", that is, the temporary niche will be impressive.

Five mutants - Rain Sinclair (Wolf), Ulyana Rasputina (Magic), Sam Guthrie (Cannonball), Bobby da Costa (Sunspot) and Daniella Moonstar (Mirage) are kept in a secret experimental complex under the supervision of increased security in specially protected premises ... They are obviously being experimented with in order to identify mutagens and try to reverse mutations. At least that's how it is supposed to.

All "test subjects" gathered here are individualists to the core. Everyone drags along with them a heap of past unfinished problems and the consequences of "very bad behavior" in the past, like a wounded parachutist his own wet parachute. Will these five be able to unite in order to resist their captors?

Apparently, yes. Otherwise, why all this mess? Only the escape from the secret facility will not be as easy as we would like. Indeed, on the side of the "naturalists" are some of the mutants. And the "Demonic Bear" is especially dangerous, with which there will be special problems.

The film will be shot, as we are promised, in a gloomy atmosphere, close to realistic, as much as possible with such "mutations" in principle. It is also notable for the fact that the famous Maisie "Arya Stark" Williams was invited to play the role of "She-Wolf".

Well, be sure to go and get acquainted with the Hollywood long-term construction, the production of which began in 2017.

6. Heroic Losers (Argentina) 5.67

September 10

Another September foreign film of 2020, according to its creators, can be attributed to crime thrillers, comedies, dramas, adventure and even historical films.

This is one of two rotten films on our list. The world premiere of this masterpiece took place on August 15 last year, and therefore the masterpiece can be easily viewed on the net. But who wants to watch a crime comedy in the company of a chewing and laughing audience, welcome to the cinema.

The tale will be about several old men who got it into their heads to start their own business. Everything happened on the eve of the financial crisis, which broke out on the very day in the morning of which our “novice entrepreneurs” came to the bank to withdraw their savings from the account.

Alas. The financial crisis led to the issuance of money to one person only for a loaf of bread, which is why unlucky entrepreneurs got into a puddle. But then they receive information from the outside that the money was in the bank at the time of their visit. Yes, only by conspiracy with a sickly lash on the paw of the damned "Sidorov-cashier" gave their loot as a loan to a local businessman-lawyer.

Having found out that this dodgy guy keeps the loot in the bunker of the suburban forest, they decide to rob him. The fun begins.

7. Mysterious Garden (UK)

September 10

The next, this time - a fantasy foreign film of September 2020, is based on the novel by the English writer Frances Eliza Burnett. And he will tell another story in the spirit of a wardrobe portal to the magical land of Narnia.

Here, several adolescents find themselves in a parallel fairy-tale world, deciding to take care of a mysterious and desolate garden hidden and closed, but for some time now from human eyes. Among the happy teenagers: 10-year-old arrogant orphan Mary, whose parents died of cholera, and who is now forced to live almost alone in her uncle's mansion, the 12-year-old brother of the servant of the mansion Deacon and Colin, her cousin, who is sick with some strange spine disease.

As the kids take care of the garden, it transforms into a wonderful new world with all that it implies. Probably the kids will be interested.

By the way, this is the 12th attempt to adapt Burnett's immortal creation. Well, of course, there are so few interesting fantasy novels in the world. That is probably why you have to shoot the same story a hundred times ...

8. Super Crazy (Argentina) 6.52

September 10

The next foreign film of September 2020, first of all, made a splash with the fact that the main role in it was played by everyone's beloved Natalia "Wild Angel" Oreiro. This is the second from the list of "rotten premieres", the world showing of which took place back in 2018, which is why the tape can also be freely found and watched on the network, where it has the name "Crazy".

Pilar is an advertising designer at a turning point in his life. The fact is that she is already forty, and it seems that she has stagnated in one place. In principle, everything is fine with her. Like everyone else, she has a routine and not too favorite job, meanwhile, providing her one hundred percent, a routine and not too beloved husband, meanwhile, is no better and no worse than others, and everything like that.

But all this half-heartedness at some point starts to get her. People around her, constantly hinting at her age and her "increased sleepy inhibition", also take her out. It was these evil tongues that became the last straw in the vat of her patience. At some point, she ceases to be a quiet routine and begins to live in her own way, chopping right and left about everyone and everything from the shoulder.

I wonder if the evil tongues will calm down now. Although, now they probably won't be up to it.

9. King's man: The Beginning (UK)

September 17

The third long-awaited blockbuster in September, which is a prequel to the first two films of the ever-growing franchise.

Anyone who has watched at least one movie in the series knows that Kingsman is a secret organization designed to prevent all kinds of encroachments on the British crown and Britain in general. Only the best of the best serve in this "secret service". Their technological and other equipment is also of the highest class. But few people know that this organization began with ...

In general, the action of the picture takes us back to the origins of the organization, in the distant 2017, when Europe is blazing in the glow of the First World War. The young and ambitious son of the Duke of Oxford is eager to serve in the armed forces, but slowly and surely slides into the shadowy world of espionage and behind-the-scenes contract killings.

Where, in fact, under the mentorship of one of the veteran agents, he shows himself from the best side, for the first time saving his native England, and the world as a whole, from the global threat hanging over them.

10. Antebellum (USA)

September 17

The top 10 best foreign films of 2020 is closed by a fantastic film, which is 100% the author's work of the director's duo Gerard Bush - Christopher Renz.

Its plot is somewhat similar to the plot of the TV series "Outlander". Only if the main character there was a witch and, in theory, she herself ran into a journey into the past by going through the places of "military glory" of local witches, then the woman generally cannot understand how she deserved this unexpected promenade into the past, where "African-Americans" still "niggers", forced to toil on the plantations and other works "increased the degree of difficulty and the complexity».

Will the heroine be able to get out of the bloody and vile past, where fate has thrown her, into her bright future, where “home, family, work” and the venerable title of “African American” await her, or will she continue to be forced to drag out a miserable existence in slave past of the country with the rank of "slave-niggershi»?

Most likely, she will find her way back. We look forward to seeing a detailed description of the "return" process.


This concludes a review of the top 10 best foreign films of September 2020 and concludes. Tomorrow, wait for the promenade on the best domestic film premieres of the early autumn, but for now, happy trips to the cinema and more cool films and TV shows on the Internet!

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