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How to Become an Esportsman - 8 Tips for Success


From a gamer's point of view, a career as an esports player may look like the best job on the planet. Judge for yourself: participation in tournaments with multimillion-dollar prize pools, travel through sponsored flights to leading esports events, and even the opportunity to become a recognizable person around which a circle of loyal fans is formed. Of course, despite the alluring prospects, you cannot achieve success without colossal work in the niche of interactive entertainment, but if you are ready for difficulties, then we offer 8 tips on how to become an esportsman.

1. Decide on the game

Before you start climbing to the top of esports, you should decide on the game in which you plan to achieve maximum success. Try to concentrate on only one game that is popular in esports. Among such projects, we note Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Fortnite and League of Legends. However, the list of leaders in the industry is by no means limited to this four, and when choosing, we recommend that you pay attention to the website, which shows detailed statistics on the most popular eSports disciplines.

How to Become an Esportsman - 8 Tips for Beginner Players

Fortnite became the absolute leader in the industry in 2019, with 365 tournaments with a total prize pool of over $ 65 million. Impressive. So, if you want to get the most out of interactive entertainment, you should rush to install Fortnite and spend all your free time learning the gameplay intricacies of the game? Why not, just keep in mind that being guided solely by monetary motives, choosing a game, as well as starting a career as an esports player, is not the best option. Keep in mind that you will have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours playing a single game, so try out several video games and choose the one that you like the most.

2. Choose a specialization

Point specialization is the shortest path to success. We recommend that you do not even try to become a professional in all areas and do not spray your attention equally on the entire assortment of heroes, skills and opportunities that the game provides. Of course, at the beginning of your acquaintance with the esports discipline, you should pay attention to all its subtleties, but in the future, focus on a detailed study of one role that you will play in matches. For example, you can remember Dota 2, where the entire pool of heroes, according to individual functions, is divided into several roles, among which it is especially worth highlighting carries, midlaners, offlaners, roamers and supports.

How to become an esports player and sign up for a tournament

Role selection will be critical for your next few years in the esports industry, so the decision should be as mindful as the game you choose. But this does not mean that choosing a specialization should not devote time to studying other roles and characters. Esports is not so much a struggle of reflexes as an intellectual confrontation, so the more you know about the pros, cons and ways of interaction between characters of different roles, the more likely you are to take the top positions in the standings.

3. Be patient

The well-known "rule of 10,000 hours" applies to e-sports exactly the same way as it does music, programming and anything else, and preaches the obvious truth - if you want to become a master, then get ready to spend a huge amount of time on your hobby ... Of course, ten thousand hours is a relative number, and was invented only as a reason to once again emphasize that without colossal investment of labor, there are practically no opportunities to achieve significant success.

How to Make a Career in Esports

At the same time, we note that patience is not only about the time spent on training, but also about the inner stamina, which will allow you to survive months, or even years of unsuccessful attempts to break into the top ten best players in local tournaments, where even there may not be a prize fund. The lack of proper success in a predetermined time frame can upset, or even break anyone, forcing them to bitterly renounce their own dreams. Yes, the world is unfair, and comparing your own success curve to popular esports stars, it's easy to fall into a sludge, thinking about your own professional unfitness. However, if, albeit in small steps, but you become better and you like what you do, then you are on the right track.

4. Train smart

Despite the widespread belief, to play as an esports player it is not enough just to spend all your free time playing the game, even the above 10 thousand hours is hardly enough. Playing for fun and with players of equal skill is the easiest way, which, unfortunately, is more likely to make you stumble in one place. You need to approach training consciously, looking at the games played, analyzing your mistakes and practicing new tactics. Constantly learning something new is the key to development in the field of electronic entertainment.

How to Become an Esportsman - 8 Tips for Success

Strategic decisions and new tactical opportunities are best spied on by top esports players, watching their actions on streams, reading guides written by them and trying to apply the knowledge gained directly in the game. On the vastness of the social network, you can find enough useful information in the public domain, but if you want to speed up the learning process, then no one forbids hiring a mentor who will point out the main mistakes. Also, do not forget to meticulously study the features of all elements of the game, whether it is the recoil force of each weapon, the most effective artifact assemblies, shortcuts, areas of fire on the map and much, much more.

5. Upgrade your mechanical skills

In addition to analyzing your own game, learning and repeatedly practicing new tactical solutions, it will not be superfluous to find time every day to upgrade your mechanical skills. These include accuracy and reaction speed, which must be improved to almost superhuman levels, otherwise the more agile players will take you off the battlefield in a matter of minutes. Every esports match is an amazing spectacle that happens at impressive speeds and clearly demonstrates the extent to which a player can improve brain function through hard training.

How to Become an Esportsman - 8 Tips for Success

In fairness, we note that not everyone is born in equal conditions, and therefore, even after many years of training, people who decide to start a career in esports cannot be guaranteed to develop a speed and reaction accuracy comparable to top gamers. However, until you try to improve your skills - there is not a single reason to give up on yourself. In addition, today, when there are enough specialized services on the Internet that improve gaming skills. Among the free services we can mention, among the paid ones - the game Aim Lab.

6. Invest in a PC upgrade

Two things are enough to start an esports career: a stable internet connection and a decent computer capable of running the most popular games in the industry. Fortunately for gamers, projects designed for online confrontation have flexible graphics settings and run without problems even on hardware five years ago. But if you really want to make esports an important part of your life, then get ready to shell out about 150-200 thousand rubles to upgrade the processor, video card, purchase a monitor with a high hertz pattern and a gaming keyboard with a mouse.

How to Become an Esportsman - 8 Tips for Success

When playing in the major league, it is not enough to be a gifted gamer with a superhuman reaction and encyclopedic knowledge of all the gameplay intricacies of the project, because a dozen more such gifted ones will gather there. In such circumstances, even the smallest advantages gained from more powerful hardware can be decisive in the outcome of a match. Note that despite the far from the smallest investment cost in a top-end PC, the upgrade lasts on average for 3 years.

7. Take part in tournaments

Okay, we've updated the computer, started training and are already starting to achieve significant success, surprising our bosom friends and teammates with the newfound skill. How now to attract the attention of sponsors, enter the professional league, earn the first million and get everything that novice (and not only) esportsmen dream about? To begin with, the main thing is not to rush. It is highly likely that when you reach the top lines in the world leaderboard, sponsors or members of eSports teams will notice you, inviting them to join them in the world of big eSports.

How to Become an Esportsman - 8 Tips for Success

However, a much more productive strategy is not to wait for the weather by the sea, but to start participating in e-sports tournaments and championships yourself. Not all of them can be counted on for at least minimal financial dividends even for the first places, but for the sake of pumping skill and increasing recognition in the industry, it is worth participating in them. You can easily find online tournaments in Google, but we will recommend the resource from the team that previously created the platform. The advantages of their resource are real cash prizes in tournaments and the opportunity to be noticed by a sponsor. Just right as a launching pad for a beginner esports player.

8. Don't forget about health and the real world

Regular training for 6-12 hours and a fanatical commitment to the desire to become an esports player is, of course, commendable, but definitely not worth paving the way for your dream at the expense of real life. Believe me, there is no moralizing implication here, we recommend approaching the issue from a purely practical point of view. Lack of sleep, unhealthy and unbalanced diet, lack of fresh air and dozens of other problems that plague many gamers have a direct impact on the level of the game.

How to Become an Esportsman - 8 Tips for Success

Distracted attention, drowsiness, headaches, slow reaction speed and a general decrease in brain efficiency are just some of the symptoms that plague players with a sedentary lifestyle and spending all their free time in seclusion. Do you really think that in such conditions you can reach the peak of your capabilities and compete with the best cybersportsman? It is unlikely, if only because famous industry stars themselves often promote a healthy lifestyle, sports, a tough daily routine and follow specialized diets for cybersportmen.

Also, for additional motivation, we suggest reading about the tournaments with the largest prize pools.

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