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Top 10 Best Movies April 2020


The top 10 best films in April 2020 includes the most anticipated mid-spring masterpieces. Last year, I remember, this period was just an outrageous number of blockbusters. Among them were "Shazam!" from CD, and "Hellboy", even the next film adaptation of Stephen King (all the same erased "Pet Sematary") was rolled out. Mother USA tried to please the audience with "Billion", with Mashkov on the poster and a frankly weak plot inside. But the highlight of the program that spring, of course, was Marvel's "Avengers", whose "Finals" bypassed even the unbeaten "Avatar" at the box office.

This April will also be rich in flashy novelties, but not to that extent. Although, the Marvel studio also flashed here, having finally released the long-awaited solo album of Natasha Romanoff's adventures - "Black Widow". But we will start, nevertheless, with another expected picture based on Marvel comics ...

1. New Mutants (USA)

April 2

Opening April premieres of one of the longest running projects of the Walt Disney Company, which began filming in 2017, the network, at a time when 20th Century Fox was still a separate and independent film company in itself.

Looking at how sequels and re-launches of once noisy projects fail at the box office one after another, the developers and other responsible persons decided to "hold the mare" and throw magic oats on her, remaking the fantasy-fantasy action movie into a fantasy-fantastic horror movie. This forced to postpone the premiere from April 12, 2018 to 2019. After the purchase of the project by Disney, already the new owners decided to "shaman" the picture, which forced the premiere to be postponed to a later date - on April 2, 2020.

I remember that the previous "Dark Phoenix" was the same long-term construction. The premiere of the picture was also constantly postponed, which, in the end, did not save the picture from failure.

In the center of the plot of the film will be a handful of young mutants, for the sake of scientific purposes (or something like that) placed in one of the mental hospitals (or something like that). They are kept locked up and monitored for reactions to external and internal stimuli. Each of the main characters has their own "skeletons in the closet", which, as it turned out, bite them for a soft spot no weaker than their incomprehensible, murky future.

So, it is not yet known from which side to expect greater danger, from hidden memories, from your own friends in misfortune or from your own capabilities.

The film is also notable for the fact that such famous personalities as Anya Taylor-Joy - Bria from "Dark Crystal", Maisie Williams - Arya from "Game of Thrones", Charlie Heaton - Jonathan Byers from "Very strange things ”, etc. It will probably be interesting.

2. Escape from Pretoria (UK, Australia)

April 2

The next film in April 2020 will tell in great detail how Tim Jenkin, a well-known fighter against apartheid in South Africa and later a political prisoner, managed to escape from prison in Pretoria.

Tim Jenkin and his partner Stephen Lee pricked up stamping leaflets against the local "racist segregators" so skillfully and massively that they angered the local authorities very much. A real total hunt was established for the "elusive printers", the result of which, in fact, was their arrest, the trial at which they pleaded guilty (and what is there to lose) and escort to the central prison of Pretoria.

Jenkins was given 12 years, his partner - eight, but no one, as it turned out, was going to rot in this hole. The enterprising Jenkins, finding like-minded people behind bars, and then started a stormy activity, which ended and ended up with an escape.

Let's see how it was first hand. Here, of course, they will embellish everything, and Harry Potter's face will not seriously immerse himself in the drama. But ... What is - that is. No choice.

3. Rabbit Peter 2 (Australia, India, USA)

April 2

In the universe of our next April movie, animals not only wear clothes and can talk. They wield their limbs with might and main, so you just wonder why until now humanity has not been overthrown by some rabbits or deer. Although, fantasy is fantasy, what else can you take from these storytellers.

The second story is a direct continuation of the first. I remember that in the first part it was about a family of rabbits living near the vegetable garden of the estate of the greedy farmer McGregor. The leader of the long-eared gang was a rabbit named Peter, whose parents were once eaten for lunch by McGregor himself.

After the death of McGregor, a country house with a vegetable garden passed into the possession of his nephew Thomas, and animals that encroached on agricultural land were now his concern. And Thomas would be at enmity with them. Yes, only his nature is too soft. He also fell in love with neighbor Beatrice, who adored local rabbits.

In the first part, the war between eared Peter and Thomas ended in peace. But in the second part, the hare gets itching again. Being deprived of attention from Beatrice and his own kind, he runs away from home and completely dissolves into the life of the average London bum. He does not even suspect that all his family, friends and comrades, trying to find and return him home, are constantly on the verge of death.

Well, or, from being caught by people and taken to the nursery. Again, until they are "disposed of". So, the rescued person will have to help out the helpers. Such is the pun.

4. No Time to Die (UK, USA)

April 9

I remember that after "SPECTRUM" Daniel Craig swore to act in films about James Bond and said that he would do it only through his own corpse. The replacement for "my corpse" was $ 25 million, offered by the film companies Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Universal Pictures as a fee, after which the issue with the next Bond film was resolved.

And after all, interestingly, in the next April film, James Bond really retired and found himself again involved in "spy business" only because of his own stupidity and the kindness of his soul. His past life caught up with him in a paradise Jamaican place, where a retired secret agent MI6 (not to be confused with a Soviet helicopter) sunbathed on the beach and hung out with local girls.

Out of nowhere, his old acquaintance, the CIA-Schnick Felix Leiter, fell on his head, assisting him in several matters during Bond's espionage journey (in particular, in the case with Le Cipher and Dominic Greene) and, whatever one may say, saved his life several times.

And the debt, as they say, is red in payment, and now the former special agent will have to serve for the benefit of the overseas office and find for them (or rather, for Leiter) a kidnapped scientist who worked for a hitherto unknown villain, whose weapons can just envy.

5. Heroic Losers / Heroic Losers (Argentina, Spain)

April 9

The next film in April will tell what the government of ordinary depositors can bring with its laws on restrictions on the use of personal financial resources in deposits or bank accounts.

Fermin and Linda Periassi, married in years, decide to start their own business in old age. Not far from their home there is an abandoned grain storage, which they decide to buy, improve and launch as intended. Together with the plot, this rusty "under-amber elevator" was valued at $ 250,000. The Periassi family had some savings, but they would only have been enough for 10th of the announced amount.

In this regard, the spouses decide to attract capital from outside and announce that it will be a cooperative, where, for example, everyone will have a share of the profits in accordance with their monetary investments in the business. After collecting money from friends, they go to the bank and put it in a safe deposit box. The amount was not sickly - 150 thousand dollars, but 100 thousand is still not enough, and they decide to take a loan from the bank.

The manager at the bank explains to them that, they say, if their money was not in the cell, but in the bank account, then the loan would be approved for them, but otherwise - alas. The naive simpleton Fermin puts money into the account and ...

The next day, due to the crisis in the country, the law "Corralito" comes into force, restricting ordinary citizens from the ability to dispose of their time deposits, accounts and savings, as a result of which the company of naive and never took place "cooperators" was literally deprived of her money.

But one acquaintance of the bank employee secretly told them that they had been persuaded to deposit money into a bank account in order to immediately issue their cash as a loan to a local cunning money-bag who was aware of tomorrow's "restriction" in advance.

I mean, it turned out that the bloody businessman pocketed their cash. And now a bunch of old fart is about to strike back and rob the dealer's vault. It will be funny in some places.

6. Streltsov (USA)

April 16

The domestic film brotherhood continues to churn out biolics for former Soviet sports stars. The next picture of our top 10 best films of April 2020 is a biographical sports drama that tells about the thorny path to glory of the Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Eduard Streltsov, who won gold at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne as part of the national team.

Although, he just got to fame without being particularly confused in thorns. He became the Olympic champion two years before he "beguiled the Ramses" and fell under the evil sight of Khrushchev himself. We will not tell what the drama will be in, we will only say that no one still knows the exact reasons for why the excellent Soviet football player Streltsov was set up and put in jail.

We suspect that the film will reveal exactly the theme of the failed romance with Svetlana Furtseva, the daughter of the future Minister of Culture, who made a fuss about the player who rejected her to the General Secretary himself.

Nobody disputes the fact that there were persecutions by the party leadership. But all the cheese boron is that Streltsov himself at that time was not too "gentleman". His hot-tempered and arrogant nature, craving for a bottle and all sorts of adventures, as nothing confirmed the diagnosis put to him by the club psychologist - "Star disease". But for obvious reasons, no one will mention this.

After all, the film is not about the psychologist of the football player Streltsov, but about the football player Streltsov himself.

7. Sputnik (USA)

April 16

Judging by the total mass of sci-fi films of a horror bias, up to this point it was American astronauts who dragged all alien animals from orbit to Mother Earth. But in the next film of April 2020, this mission was taken over by the Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Veshnyakov, who apparently lived and flew into space in one of the alternative, or, as science fiction writers usually say, parallel universes.

The year is 1983. Three years are left before the launch of the first - the base module of the Mir orbital station. It is reliably known that in our universe this year, the Soviet Union launched two manned spacecraft into orbit - Soyuz T-8 (crew - Vladimir Titov, Gennady Strekalov and Alexander Serebrov) and Soyuz T-9 (crew - Vladimir Lyakhov and Alexander Alexandrov). Of these two crews, only the first could not complete the program and was forced to return to Earth ahead of schedule.

During the normal discharge of the carrier rocket fairing, the first damaged the rendezvous antenna, as a result of which the crew could not dock with the Salyut-7 long-term orbital complex. The Soyuz T-8 crew fiddled with opening the automatic docking antenna until they used up the fuel completely, after which they made an early landing.

Immediately, it turns out, the Soviets launched another ship, apparently something like Soyuz-8.5, which in orbit underwent some kind of "mystical catastrophe", as a result of which a certain Vishnyakov piloted it I brought a creature from the movie "Alien" to my earth Or something like that.

And tryndets would be Vishnyakov. Yes, the local "nurse" Tanyusha Klimova falls in love with him in time, and she will protect our poor, born "stranger", brave cosmonaut.

Two things became clear from the description. The first - apparently, this Vishnyakov with his ship and "Alien" came to us from the same universe as the crew of "Apollo 18", who suddenly died on the Moon from the teeth of the terrible creatures there. And the second - our scriptwriters completely refused the imagination, if of all the original fantastic stories, of which a dime a dozen, they chose the most naive, cliched and dumb.

There is nowhere to go. We'll have to see what they give. Watch, and frown in support of the idiotic USA cinema.

8. Mr. Devil (Italy)

April 16

Our top best films of April 2020 continues with a story from the field of mysticism. Dr. Furio Momente is the prosecutor's office expert on issues related to the sanity and insanity of the defendants. He was summoned to the ministry, where he was introduced to the course of a very delicate matter. A teenager in one of the villages of the Veneto district allegedly killed his peer because he was a real devil.

A delicate matter is the fact that the Catholic Church is involved in it, from which it follows that there is a conflict between the authorities and the churchmen. Therefore, the doctor should conduct an interrogation on the spot, figure out how much everything said by the witnesses and the boy-killer of the "Devil" - in particular, is true and make his own unbiased verdict, on the basis of which the court will continue to administer its justice.

Furio Momenta rides on the train and begins to familiarize himself with the case. And if until then he had doubts about the sanity of the kid who saved the world from the "Devil", now he is less and less sure that the guy is out of his mind. Rather, on the contrary, he turned out to be the most adequate of all adults.

But what will be the doctor's final verdict, and whether it will somehow affect the verdict, we will learn from the film itself.

9. Goodbye, America (USA)

April 23

The next in our top of the best films of April is Sarik Andreasyan's comedy tape, which tells about the difficult assimilation of USA emigrants in American society.

In the film, there are many characters, at first glance, not at all similar to each other. And they have different assimilation problems. Someone is ashamed of his USA past, someone cannot find the necessary food and clothing in the store, someone cannot get along with the local authorities and neighbors. For example, Viktor Sergeevich, the hero of Yuri Stoyanov, cannot just leave the fact that his grandson, to whom he came to visit, does not know about the world of the most elementary things.

Where to go. Another country - different customs. But USA will remain USA everywhere.

10. Black Widow (USA)

April 30

Finally, Marvel Studio is ready to roll out to the audience a solo album about the adventures of Natasha Romanoff, a USA spy who has recently been increasingly serving in the American Avengers, and not in the USA special services.

Few people knew, but from the comics on Natasha Romanoff, as well as on "Captain America" by Steve Rogers, a serum was tested that makes superhumans out of people. Only in Natasha's case, it was a USA analogue of serum, although she was not inferior to her American "opponent" in terms of acquired superpowers.

She studied at the "Academy of the Red Room" - which produced world-class super-spies. For some time her husband was the Red Guard himself (the main superhero of the councils), and she was trained, including by Rogers' former friend - the Winter Soldier himself. All this is information taken from the comics. It is not known how all these personalities and other information will be placed in the grid of the cobbled original script, but it is already clear that Natasha will have big troubles with her former “employers” and with her successor, Elena Belova, in particular.

Of the previous "Avengers" cast, the film will feature only the still alive and well Tony Stark (the action takes place long before his death and fuss with the "Infinity Stones") and a set of Soviet (USA?) superheroes, who have to save the Earth from another newly-minted Villain with ambitious plans to destroy the world.

The best cartoons of April

In April, no particularly outstanding animated films are expected. The leading masters of animation decided to take a break in the middle of spring. In the west, on April 12, the cartoon "Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpio's Revenge" will be released with an "R" rating, that is, "for persons under 17, admission is only provided by a parent." Nobody undertook to rent it here, and therefore domestic fans of the "Mortal Kombat" toy will have to wait on April 28, when the cartoon will be released on DVD.

But foreign animators and domestic distributors did not cheat small children in shows. Here are three full-length movies that you can play with your little child.

Fairies: The Secret of the Land of Dragons (Germany, Luxembourg)

April 9

In this cartoon of April 2020, the tale will be about the fabulous country "Bayala", in which, as in the world of "Game of Thrones", the level of magic power directly depends on the presence or absence of dragons in these places. The more there are, the more magic there is in the world, the less - the ... I see.

Until some time, the elves, who are the main people of these places, lived in a stable natural and magical symbiosis with the local dragons. But, as in the world of people there are bad people, so in the world of elves there were bad elves who, having stolen all the dragon eggs, thereby doomed Bayala to a magic and dull vegetation.

But not everyone is ready to put up with the current balance of power. Some are ready to stand up for "their balls" like a mountain and get them back at any cost. How they do it - we'll see by going to the cartoon with their kids.

Alliance of the Beasts: Bipedalism (Germany, China, UK)

April 16

Poor stupid naive people! They cannot even imagine what the global robotization of modern society can lead to. Of course, it's good when you have a robot that you can always order, they say, go there, do this.

But what will the crippled humanity do when all robotics gets out of their control? Partly we have already seen what this can lead to from the feature film "I Am Robot" (2004), partly from the animated feature film "WALL-E" (2008).

But if there partly Will Smith came to the rescue of mankind, and partly - the robots themselves, then here animals rush to the rescue. Where would we go without them?

Co-co-co! (Spain, Argentina)

April 23

Finishes the trinity of the best children's cartoons of April Spanish-Argentine product, which, according to KinoPoisk, will be described, quote: "The amazing adventures of an unusual chicken that can sing.

Here's the whole story for you. In our opinion, this is the most informative synopsis of all possible. Only, this begs the question, why did the Soviet "Scarecrow-meow" not please?

And yes, it would be very interesting if an "ordinary" chicken could sing.


On this, we will safely finish our today's top 10 best films of April 2020. Choose a movie, buy tickets and get your legally paid charge of cheerfulness and pleasure. We hope the selected films will not disappoint you. We say goodbye to you until next week, where we will meet in the next review of the series of the coming month. Take care of yourself, and more cool movies and TV series for you!

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