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Movies of December: Top 10 Most Anticipated


The end of 2019 is approaching, and in its last month one of the most high-profile and long-awaited film premieres of the year awaits us - a film from the Star Wars universe that concludes the Skywalker saga, now numbering as many as 9 full-length films , not counting spin-offs and TV series. And although December has something to boast about and besides this film masterpiece, we will begin our review of the best films of December, nevertheless, it is with her - with the next saga of the Star Wars: “Skywalker. Sunrise.

We remind you that the pictures in our top are arranged not according to the release schedule, but according to the rating of expectations. The date of the film's premiere in USA is indicated immediately under the title.

1. Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise (USA)

December 19

The story that began back in 1977 and tells about a harsh period in the life of a galactic republic (later - an empire) in a galaxy far, far away, is coming to an end. For the new 2020, The Walt Disney Company, which bought Lucasfilm with all its guts back in 2012, is releasing the final third film of the new saga about the Skywalkers and their friends, which will end the whole period of the struggle of the mentioned galaxy with the Sith, who tried to make their own empire out of the galactic republic.

Let's not guess what they actually show us. Whoever is interested in the speculations and inventions of cunning fans can go to YouTube, there is such good - in bulk. We'll just wait and go to the movies. Despite the fact that the franchise approached the 9th tape by quite a few letters, the spectacularity of the films of the saga still catches the eye so that my mother does not grieve, making up for the lack of scripts, as well as hackneyed, cliched or simply idiotic plot moves, with a vengeance.

So, we will look forward to the victory of the rebels. It seems that for the accession of the republic, nothing will be enough, to complete what Mace Windu began in the distant 3 episode, that is, to finish off Shiva Palpatine - Darth Sidious.

Wait a minute though! After all, he was still Darth Vader, who again became Anakin Skywalker before his death, in episode 6, at the cost of his life, sauntered. Who, then, is the Emperor of all the "distant, distant" galaxy now? And why thenactor Ian McDermid, who played Palpatine in the previous parts of the saga, is again in the credits?

Questions, questions. Although, what is there to ask? Obi Wan Darth Maul was cut into two pieces and thrown onto the planet from orbital altitude, and he, it turns out, survived. Why not survive the "electric" Palpatine?

Hmm. Sith - they are. I haven’t seen the corpse, so it’s definitely alive!

2. Jumanji: The Next Level (USA)

December 12

Despite the fact that the game was successfully broken at the end of the first picture, the financial success of the film was so great that it was immediately decided to fix it and arrange another "batch" in untamed corners of the wilderness.

And the fault of the next "batch" was the idiot Spencer, who was safely "swallowed" by the Jumanji he repaired. And, of course, friends in trouble will not leave (although some would not mind). Because of what everyone gathers again and goes in search of him.

Only this time they will have to travel with a couple of old men who, as it turns out, are the elderly variants of Milo and Eddie!

3. Motherless Brooklyn (USA)

December 3

While psychotherapists really enjoy watching patients with Tourette's in hospitals, ordinary people really enjoy watching such patients on TV screens and cinemas.

If a person who has entered into a conversation with you begins for no reason at all to finish talking after the necessary words, some additional ones, wriggle like a mime, twitch or grimace (behaved very similarly, for example, punk (and then an officer) Zed from "Police Academy"), then you are lucky (or unlucky) to stumble upon a person with just such a deviation.

And it is precisely this deviation that suffers from the main character of the picture - Lionel Essrog (Edward Norton), one of the detectives of the Brooklyn private detective office, which was in charge of Frank Minna. And when Frank was shot under mysterious circumstances, it was the orphaned Lionel, to whom Frank was like a father, volunteered to investigate the murder of the mentor.

It is clear that everyone will take him for a simple idiot. And in vain. In the mind of the guy's dull skull, thoughts still work as soberly. And in conjunction with the innate gift of noticing everything, remembering and winding it up, it turned out to be something with something. And when the defendants in the case take hold of their heads and understand that the idiot is something too cunning, it will be too late.

By the way, we can disappoint those who are waiting for the great performance of Bruce Willis. His hero was killed at the beginning of the film. But, believe me, there and the antics of Edward Norton alone is quite enough not to get bored.

4. Red Ghost (USA)

December 3

The Americans, it turns out, were helped to win the war by a superhero who was "bred" by the method of gene mutation, or as a result of which he turned into what ordinary Steve Rogers became, later promoted to the rank of captain.

Ours, without hesitation, also decided to give themselves up to a superhero. Only, if everything was presented there as fantasy from a parallel universe, then here domestic filmmakers decided to make everything closer to real life.

Although, if you look at it - also in a parallel universe. Indeed, in fact, there have never been such professional, tenacious and lucky servicemen in the Red Army, as, in other matters, in any other. Separately - yes, there were cases. But so that all together, so to speak, "three in one" ...

Still, this is fantastic! And, we hope, interesting. Although the description contains only the genres "drama" and "history". Not a word about science fiction.

5. Courier (UK, USA)

December 12

The French have their own carrier, which became the honored master of sports in diving of all Great Britain Jason State. As recently as 2015, his deserved replacement, Ed Skrein, also appeared, although he went much worse in this role. The British thought, thought, and decided, why, in fact, they shouldn't bother with their own, domestic carrier?

While the French are recruiting English divers into the water for the role of carriers, the British are recruiting USA actresses for the role of carriers. Yes, they approached their version of the "Carrier" more creatively and tolerantly. The local carrier is a woman, and now she is called not "Carrier", but - "Courier".

This time the courier (Olga Kurylenko) will have to save a valuable police witness from the hands of the one-eyed mafioso Ezekiel Munnings (Gary Oldman), whom they want to kill everyone on whom they look.

But our "courier" is a shot fish. She is not only in the sea, she will wipe the nose of any shark on land. Sorry for the pun.

6. Million Small Shards (USA)

December 12

In the next picture of our list of the best films of December in fragments, another drug leaker James Fray (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) will collect himself, who, like all drug addicts, will never recognize himself as a drug addict. What kind of drug addict is he? I sniffed once or twice, they still do it!

But his brother Bob Fray, represented by Charlie Hunnam, fundamentally disagrees with this. One fine day, after another "break", Bob cooperates with doctors and sends James to a rehabilitation center.

It is only there that the young writer, who, by the way, is James Fray, gets the whole truth about his current state. But will he have enough strength to cope and undergo a full rehabilitation course, when all the other patients are recklessly giving up?

And will he have the strength to resist the temptation of the flesh when he falls so deeply in love with one of the local narcotics players? After all, here not only is it forbidden to smoke, drink, sniff and expand, it is also forbidden to have sex here!

7. Aeronauts (UK, USA)

December 5

We have tops dedicated to survival inwildlife, water elements, arctic and Antarctic ice, snow-covered mountain slopes, but this film, although from the category of extreme, does not fit any of the listed categories. The next picture of our top best films of December from the category of survival in airspace - in the truest sense of the word.

James Galischer (Eddie Redmayne) and Amelia Rennis (Felicity Jones) set off to conquer another altitude record in a hot air balloon and had no idea what a host of deadly adventures the upcoming flight was preparing for.

In 1862, as you know, they did not even think about any gas burners. Therefore, it is not an easy task to climb to the clouds and descend back to earth on such an uncontrollable balloon. And if, in addition to this, the forces of nature also took up arms against you, then surely expect trouble.

The film is based on the real events described by Richard Holmes in the novel "Falling Up". Keeps you in suspense from start to finish. Frostbite - guaranteed!

8. Union of Salvation (USA)

December 26

You will laugh, but there is a lot in common between this national historical drama and "Star Wars". And the main thing in common between them is that both here and there the people rebelled against the empire. Here and there people wanted to live in the republic. And if in the fantastic film given in comparison, the local rebels may very well succeed (we will learn about this no later than December 19), then, alas, history has already been written. And it was written in the blood of living people - military officers, called "Decembrists" (the uprising happened in December 1825), who, unfortunately, never burned out.

Ten years ago, in 1814, the famous campaign of USA troops in France ended, which ended with the complete and unconditional victory of the USAs and the abdication of Napoleon from the throne. And 10 years later, some brave officers still have their blood boiling in their veins. In the wake of the triumph of 10 years ago, some decided that they could now do everything. And not to let the next emperor of All USA be crowned - too.

But alas. They had to descend from heaven to earth.

This is the story of the failure of the Decembrist uprising in all colors. Filmed in large quantities, on a grand scale and very expensive. It will probably be interesting.

9. Black Christmas (USA)

December 19

Next in the review of the best films of December, the Christmas horror movie, which replaced the series of "Halloween".

With the coming of the Christmas holidays, the college is dying out. But only at the expense of classes. In the hostels, the kingdom of parties reigns, lasting until the New Year. It was at this time that the secret society of the local idiots decided to once again give their school the blood of their current students.

As a result, a real hunt opens up for the girls. Only girls will not run for long from sectarian idiots. They quickly learn that offense is the best defense.

The case when evil is punishable. Or not really?

10. 21 bridge (USA)

December 5

The final ten best films of December, the picture will be about the next cine avenger. And he will take revenge for his fellow policemen, who were killed by a crazy gang of drug dealers.

Yes, it’s not a big deal to injure one police officer or get rid of him. But sending him to the next world is already serious. The cops have a short conversation with them. And if eight policemen are killed at once? It is clear that now the whole district is waiting for a complete emergency.

All bridges are closed, the strait is under the control of the police, the authorization was given by the administration of the department itself. Even the subway now does not go outside Manhattan. Where are the bandits - cop killers now to poke their heads? Especially when they also have 300 kg on their hands. drugs, and all the police firing without warning?

One hope - on 21 bridges, and on their own people in the police. Although, it was blocked. And now the rats don't save much. What to do? What to do?

Probably dry crackers ...

A couple of toons

As agreed, in order not to be not tolerant towards animators, we will highlight a couple of the most anticipated cartoons of this month. This time, our USA masterpiece has rightfully become one of the "most-most", but let's go in order.

Mosley's Secret (New Zealand, China)

December 12

Imagine, you are plowing a field. A horse is harnessed to the plow, as it should be in a village. And if the field is large? It will take a lot of horses. And all would be nothing, a common thing. But there is one but!


Your horses, suddenly, have become so smart and talkative that they decided to rebel against you. Thought, thought, and left you, so as not to plow more for your uncle, in the literal sense of the word.

But we all know that horses are not that smart and organized. That is why the creators of the cartoon invented a world in which fabulous animals - trifants - work for people. It was they who fled from their slave owners. And they set off, as is usually the case, in search of a new place of residence, in which, as the letters say, there are no enslavers, full of food and the sun is shining.

Interestingly, who will be worse from this "revolution", people, or triphants?

Ivan Tsarevich and Gray Wolf 4 (USA)

December 26

Also, the list of the best cartoons, as already mentioned, is a domestic animation tape. These are new adventures of the same top of the distant kingdom - Father Tsar, Vasilisa, Ivan, and, of course, the Gray Wolf.


This time our heroes go to the singing competition held in the thirteenth kingdom. The parody of Eurovision promises to be excellent!

As well as exposing everything undercover behind the beautiful scenes of the competition.


On this we will finish with the best films of December. Next month we will consecrate the top ten of January 2020. In the meantime, enjoy your trip to the cinema, great New Year's mood and, as always, more worthwhile films and TV series!

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