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Top 20 Best TV Series of October


Now is the time to talk about what the TV channels and streaming services will offer us next month. What significant and most interesting projects will be continued in the middle of this autumn? We will find out about this by examining our top of the best TV shows in October.

Please note that our list of serials is not compiled according to the schedule of the release of pictures on television, but according to the rating of KinoPoisk, which is indicated immediately after the title. We also remind you that only new seasons of already launched projects have been announced here. A separate top will be dedicated to premieres.

1. Supernatural 8.2

The CW Season 15 October 10

The series does not need advertising. For more than fifteen years, both young and old, both an atheist and a believer, have learned about the adventures of two dissimilar bratelniks and their familiar angel.

The two Winchester brothers, led by their father (at first), are trying with all their might to find a solution to the supernatural death of their mother. Then they are also looking for the missing father, who went on the so-called "hunt" for supernatural personalities, and got lost.

With a trailer, they help all sorts of third persons who have encountered otherworldly entities, but the main line is always present. At some time, they find a supporter “in the next world”, which is a strange and at first inhibitory angel not of this world (and later - and not of that world) named Michael.

All three of them found themselves in the afterlife a bunch of times, were carriers of all kinds of demons, lost their memory and in general everything that can be lost. But they constantly returned to their original state.

This season will be the final one. We think that the fans will be very interested to know to what end the authors of the series will lead the Winchester brothers.

2. Silicon Valley / Silicon Valley 8.2

HBO Season 6 October 27

The scurry around the gang of young programmers and their startups continues. Moreover, passions from season to season only heat up.

Along with this, the adventures of our main characters continue, who show a remarkable degree of cunning only in relation to programming. Their personal life is not that "not so hot". They have no idea how people live a normal personal life.

After all, they are all subject to the most severe degree of "botching" that can be imagined. Somehow their group reminds especially "advanced" from the "Big Bang Theory".

So the humor will be above the roof.

3. The Walking Dead 8.0

AMC Season 10 October 6

The series is beginning to annoy not only the fans, but also the actors. With regret we must state the fact that in the new season there will be no Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The valiant and long-suffering sheriff finally left the sour project, having hooked a bunch of main and secondary characters with him.

But the most die-hard fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel, hoping that this season will end the Whisperers and the communities will finally return to normal.

But the harsh truth is that if the people on the show start to live "normal lives," no one will watch it. Therefore, the creators are again ready to poke a spoke in the wheels of the main characters.

It's a pity that these sticks have recently strongly resembled each other. All variants of events have been tested and nothing new can be invented. Unless aliens will arrive. Therefore, it is very likely that the project has nothing left to live.

And, by the way, not so long ago it became known that the venerable "Michonne" - Danai Gurira is also fed up with this "long-term construction" and is not going to act in the next season. Such are the pies. Rats are running from a sinking ship, oh, how they are running. And the first, the smartest, managed to jump ashore while the land on the horizon was visible.

The rest will have to drown in the shitty glory of the actors who ruined the project. After all, fans do not realize that the pictures are made not by actors, but by a gang that is not visible on the screen. It is in them that all the "Rotten Tomatoes"must be thrown!

4. Mr. Robot 7.8

USA network Season 4, October 7

For some time, the well-known "Mister Robot" Rami Malek (not to be confused with a small fish) was busy temporarily filling the position of vocalist of the Queen group in the "Bohemian Rhapsody" bajolica. But it's done with it, and you can continue the unfinished project again.

The socialist Elliot returns to prevent the threat of global total chaos hanging over the world. It would be all right with the brains, maybe nothing would have happened. And so ...

We can only hope that Elliot's hacking skills during the filming of "Rhapsody" did not disappear from his head. The season is the last. And therefore, one way or another, the fate of the world will be decided in its final episode.

5. Blacklist 7.7

NBC Season 7, October 4

A cunning former intelligence officer, and later a traitor, Raymond Reddington has seen a lot in his lifetime. And during his "treacherous" activities, he managed to get to know so many criminal "humpbacks" that one can only wonder that he has such an endless swarm in his head for the "Black List".


This season, judging by the trailer, Raymond Reddington will have a hard time. The villains who stole him will try to take revenge on the defector for the inconvenience caused to the criminal world.

Will his assistant Megan Brooke have time to find her "mentor" before they shake his soul out of him?

6. Goliath 7.6

Amazon Season 3 October 4th

The former ancestor of a well-known law firm was interrupted for a long time on third-rate cases. But recently it seemed to burst. Either he compares his former company to the ground, then ...

Let's not spoil it. Let's just say that Billy Bob Thornton, familiar to us from his roles in the Bad Santa trilogy and the first season of the Fargo series, will not be filmed in nonsense. And he plays like a god.

So, there is absolutely no reason to doubt that the show is interesting.

7. Kominsky Method 7.6

Netflix Season 2, October 25

The old-man actor, played by the old-man actor Michael Douglas, is already such an old-man actor that he is even visually "super old." Therefore, it is not strange that he has been straining with roles lately.


He is forced to drag out a miserable existence, teaching young people to act. There he meets a pleasant woman who could well become his life friend.

Yes, only, as an evil, his old girlfriend dies, and her husband hangs around his neck, also his old friend. Will he be able to break into three parts while looking after a friend stricken with hidden depression, spinning a romance and leading an acting class?

8. Flash 7.5

The CW Season 6 October 8

Superhero Flash is not only extremely and fantastically fast (one might say - instantaneous), but, like the Talker bird once, he is distinguished by considerable intelligence and ingenuity.

That is why among all the superhero series, and, in particular, the series on the MCU, he has the greatest success. Flash also took part in a couple of crossovers with the main character of the series "Supergirl" Legends and Green Arrow, which further piqued the interest of his fans.

Who the victim of the collider explosion and his friends will have to deal with this time - we will learn from the new season. Crossovers are not promised this season, but believe me, it will be interesting without them.

9. Arrow 7.5

The CW Season 8 October 15

Next on the list of the best TV series in October is the long-awaited continuation of the adventures of the superhero "Green Arrow". Having lived on the island for five years, he gained such a boost of vigor there that he has not subsided in any way for 8 seasons.

Arriving home after living on the island for five years and learning that he was buried a long time ago, he became very angry and how can we take out all the anger and indignation on the underworld that he no longer knows where to pinch.

We will watch his adventures further. Although, in some places it is already starting to get bored. It can be seen that the creators are getting a little tight with ideas.

10. Mob IMDb: 7.50

HBO-Poland Season 3 October 30

In the first season, the main character, border guard Viktor Rebrov, had to run well from his own people, since he was suspected of being involved in the death of an entire border detachment.

In the second, the action revolved around illegal immigrants from the Middle East abroad. What will have to be investigated and suppressed in the third? We'll find out soon.


The action takes place among the mountain ranges of the Polish Bieszczady. Here, along the mountain paths, all kinds of illegal immigrants, smugglers and mules with drugs constantly scurry back and forth, so work in bulk.

And all the top-level adventures were filmed. The main sponsor and boss isHBO, after all. That says it all.

11. Maternity IMDb 7.2

BBC One Season 2, October 7

The eleventh place in our top of the best TV series in October was awarded to a comedy project from English filmmakers, which tells about how hard it is sometimes for people from the middle class of a capitalist society to raise and raise children.


Moreover, each mother does it in her own way. For example, at Amanda's children all the kids are in line, the house is in order and everyone lives almost according to the schedule. With Liz, the opposite is true. The family is in complete chaos, as the mother believes that pushing the child at an early age means crushing the personality in him in the bud.

Who is right? So far, the places are not entirely clear. On the other hand, it is quite funny in some places.

12. Castle Rock 7.1

Hulu Season 2 October 23

The series has a lot of hidden references and parallels with other works of Stephen King. But, nevertheless, the story has its own, clearly expressed, slightly muddled plot line, which is very interesting to watch.

This is a story about a gloomy bloke named "Guy", imprisoned in a cistern buried underground on the territory of one of the blocks of the notorious Shawshank prison. In some way, he causes harm to others, even, sometimes, and not intending to do it. Everyone who doesn't talk to him ends badly.

One lawyer, Henry Deaver, after talking to him, remains safe and sound. But, as they say, it’s not evening yet. Although the first season ended relatively quietly, we suspect that the whole buch is still ahead.

13. Get Shorty 7.0

Epix Season 3 October 6

The series is an adaptation of the novel by Elmore Leonard and the film of the same name, released in 1995.


And he talks about how the former problem solver of the mafiosi decided to re-profile overnight and hit the cinema. Only the past does not want to leave him.

Not only that, the damn producer drinks his blood, but the former "friends" also got it!

14. Rot IMDb 7.0

Netflix Season 2, October 4

The series is about what we eat. Well, and about how bad this food is. A documentary revealing the ins and outs of the manufacture and counterfeiting of food.


You look at this, and you won't feel like eating. But those who want to know the truth about food cannot be stopped.

Right, friends. You need to eat only organic food. But where can you get it in the middle of a huge metropolis?

15. Dynasty 7.0

The CW Season 3 October 11

Our top of the best TV series in October continues the sequel to the original TV serial "Dynasty", popular in the eighties of the last century.

Everything was fine in Colorado until oil was found there. And while a couple of monopolists have not seized the lion's share of the deposits. Well, how come they gnaw among themselves and fight.

In the center of the plot is a love story that broke out between the director of one of the companies and his secretary. Whoever is interested in dramas in the style of "a little love and everyday problems against the background of global corporate showdowns" will come.

16. Riverdale 6.9

The CW Season 4 October 9

A stupid series about young idiots who commit acts contrary to logic and all the laws of psychiatry and common sense.

The series is kept on intrigue in the style of "let's not tell anyone yet and keep everything secret." These "let's not say" accumulate and lay on top of each other like a glacier, which at one point comes down as a mudflow, washing away everyone and everything in its path.

The dumbass in this series is so naive and stupid and does such stupid things that while watching this masterpiece you yourself notice how you start to get dull.

And it's good that you just dull. Some illogical actions of the protagonists openly enrage and infuriate to such an extent that you just feel like your nervous psyche is bursting at the seams.

But young people like it. Well, pleasant viewing and iron nerves to you, gentlemen!

17. Impulse 6.8

YouTube Originals Season 2, October 16

The life of 16-year-old irrepressible girl Henrietta Cole changed overnight when she discovered the ability to teleport. And - not only.


Telekinesis is also a good thing. And she is also subject to her. If the captain of the local football team knew what awaited him, if he tried to rape her, he would have thought a hundred times before harassing this very dangerous, as it turned out, girl.

Although, Henrietta was freaked out herself. But - nowhere to go. We'll have to somehow get used to and live with these abilities. But in reality it turned out that it is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

18. Agatha Raisin 6.8

Sky Season 1, 3, October 28

Agatha Raisin moves from London to the outback in the hope of radically changing her life. And everything in the new place suits her. And people are good, and in general - interesting.


No, of course. People here are suspicious and intolerant of outsiders. And so, in order to gain the trust of the locals, she takes part in a pie-making competition, during which one of the "tasters" dies.

Suspicion of murder falls on the girl, but she starts her own investigation and gets to the bottom of such that does not improve her attitude towards the locals. They all have their own little sins and secrets, which nobody delights in delving into.

But Agatha will have to roll up her sleeves. And the effect will not be long in coming.

19. Legacy 6.6

The CW Season 2 October 10

The series is a kind of continuation of the "Originals / Ancients" and tells about the adventures of the students of the school "Salvatolre", who are in fact werewolves, witches and vampires.


Well, in such a dump of "higher beings", how can there be order? Intrigues, conspiracies, gossip, concealment, understatement - this is just a small fraction of everything that rests on the plot of another drama that came to us from the world of fantasy.

Although, the masterpiece clearly does not reach the level of the "Originals", fans of the genre will be interested in watching it.

20. Secretary of State 6.4

CBS Season 6, October 6

It is not enough to achieve the honor of being nominated for this position. You also need to try to stay on it.


And this is only possible for people with a real character. Although, one character and endurance will not go far. You need to be very resourceful, cunning, twisted, able to wriggle out of any confusing and dead-end situation, into which, often, the foreign and domestic policy of the government leads Madame Secretary of State.

In order not to fly out of office and not become a "whipping girl", you need to be able to maneuver among congressmen, senators, ministers and other powerful people of this world like a fish between seaweed. That Elizabeth McCord, she is Madame Secretary of State, and does.


For a snack, let's throw in five more long-playing films that follow the main list:

  • WAT: City of Angels Special Forces 6.4 (CBS, Season 3, October 2)
  • Spetsnaz 6.2 (Bravo tv, season 2, October 25)
  • Supergirl 5.7 (The CW, Season 5, October 6)
  • Black Lightning 5.5 (The CW, Season 3, October 7)
  • Doomsday. Starts 5.4 (USA network, Season 2, October 15)

Fans of genres would not forgive us if we did not include the adventures of internal and external varieties of special forces and superheroes from the DC MCU Supergirl and Black Lightning in the top of the best TV series of October.

And so - they seem to please everyone. Now you can safely say goodbye until next month and wish you, dear fans of cinema, pleasant viewing and even more cool films and TV series!

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