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Top 50 best films of 2018 according to KinoPoisk: Part 1


2018 is drawing to a close and we can already sum up its results with peace of mind. And it is not at all such an arrangement of films in the rating of the best of the best that Western and domestic filmmakers would like to see. Why some of the masterpieces, for example, such as the ambitious "Fantastic Beasts 2" and others like him, failed at their start, we will understand another time. Now - just a list and a short overview of the best films, which the domestic viewers preferred.

Please note that this top does not include documentaries, animated feature films and anime. Separate final tops of the outgoing year will be compiled for them.

And, oddly enough, in the first place are not at all expected "Avengers: Infinity War, but ...

1. Bohemian Rhapsody. KP 8.17 rating

Countries: USA, England.

Genres: Drama, Biography, Music.

Director: Brian Singer.

In chap. starring Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Ben Hardy, Gwilym Lee and others.

The tale of the formation and dawn of the Queen group surpassed even the Avengers in ratings. Of course, everything in the film looks too smooth and shiny. The band members, who are still in good health, did everything to make it seem as if only Freddy was a drug addict and rowdy during the peak of their popularity.

Anyway, all the other participants here look just naively stupid. They all shine directly with their holiness. They are excellent family men without harmful excesses. They don't even smoke weed. Well, such an idyll, you just wonder. All the dogs were lowered to nothing who could answer them from Freddy's grave.

The film they ordered looks great only on the surface. If you dig in, then its main message becomes clear. Queen is not only Freddie Mercury. If not for us, no one would have known him at all. Besides, of all of us, only he was such a dumb and unbridled rowdy. Moreover, he left the group ... In general, the main ones here are us, not him.

It remains only to ask these figures - and would anyone know about you without him? As a rule, everyone, even in the west, is of the opinion that they do not speak badly about the deceased. But these figures do not care. In order to somehow remind and declare themselves, they are ready to stir up the grave of the one who really helped them to break into people, and throw mud at him in order to shield themselves. God forbid from such "friends". They are worthless.

2. Avengers: Infinity War. KP rating 7.89

Country: USA

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Fantasy, Adventure.

Directed by Anthony & Joe Russo.

In chap. starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and others

There is nothing to say about this film. Only the blind were not looking at it. And all his friends told him in words. Therefore, we will not go into controversy, watch the trailer and look forward to the continuation, which is expected in April next year.

Let's just add that it is clear that the Avengers, in the end, will "take out" Thanos. Only the illogicality of the situation is unclear. Why would Thanos even let the Avengers live? So that they would finally “kill” him? Only idiots risk it. And if Thanos is an idiot, how was he able to achieve such success? Contradictions, paradoxes, inconsistencies ... Nonsense. But filmed well, and it's interesting to watch.

3. Ecstasy. KP rating 7.88

Countries: USA, France. Belgium.

Genres: Drama, Thriller.

Director: Gaspard Noe

In chap. starring Sofia Boutella, Romain Guyermiek, Smile Kiddy, Suhaila Yakub and others.

The film is called a musical only because the action in the film unfolds under an incessant stream of dance music. And it doesn't smell like a musical here. And there are no special horrors. But the environment created by Gaspar Noe is something with something. And presented with some devilish twist.

A very non-standard film, and precisely for this non-standard and the ability to convey to the viewer all the shock of the characters, realizing that something is wrong around, but unable to do anything about it, Gaspard grabbed a palm branch in Cannes ... We must give him his due. Watching the crowd of dancers go crazy ... Really creepy!

4. I am a teacher. KP rating 7.87

Country: India.

Genres: Comedy, Drama.

Director: Siddharth Malhotra.

In chap. starring Rani Mukherjee, Niraj Kabi, Zhanat Zubar Rahmani, Sachin and others.

Indian films are frequent guests at the top of the KP ratings. Their admirers are not lazy after watching, go to KinoPoisk and appreciate the masterpiece in full. But that doesn't make Indian films any better.

And they differ, first of all, by their non-standard clarity. And although the main character with a nervous tic looks funny, the fact that everything was filmed in a very naive way can be seen even from the trailer. Therefore, the film is unlikely to be of interest to people accustomed to serious films.

Separately, I would like to contact the director. Didn't he see that the main character with her “twitching” was overplaying too much? Or is it installing it? Then what the hell is a director like?

Although ... Should we judge him? The rating is transcendental. Therefore, we quietly sniff in a rag. What they say - don't like it - don't look ...

The house that Jack built. Rating KP 7.76

Countries: Denmark, France, Sweden, Germany.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama.

Director: Lars von Trier.

In chap. Starring Matt Dillon, Bruno Gantz, Shiwan Fallon, Uma Thurman and others

Lars von Trier believes that becoming a maniac in our today's life is a piece of cake. And, first of all, it will not be some mental abnormalities or poor upbringing that will push you to do this, but an idiotic society in which you cook from day to day.

The main character Jack, it seems, does not want to kill someone. It just goes like that. Although, according to Lar von Trier, it is simply impossible not to "mock" some. It will only get better without them.

Rarely, feeds of similar topics become leaders in ratings. But this is just the case. Of course, the estimate is overstated in the wake of the recent start at the box office, but ... Such a masterpiece will not fall much afterwards. Watching the trailer.

6. Shop thieves. KP rating 7.72

Country: Japan

Genres: Crime, Drama.

Director: Hirokazu Koreeda.

In chap. starring Riri Franky, Sakura Ando, Mayu Matsuoka, Jo Kairi and others.

Some, even living in huge man-made megalopolises, manage to survive on petty pickpockets. We are presented with such versions as tragic cases in which the family is large, and there is either no one to work or no place to work. This atmosphere was created specifically to dissolve the viewer. And the viewer is bought. Critics are also bought, judging by the Palme d'Or of the Cannes Festival, which recently earned this masterpiece.

Only, for some reason, in the film, no one explains who and how brought the family to such a state, and also does not explicitly state that living like this is bad. It is better to develop a kind of dramatic story on the basis of such an atmosphere ...

And she, honestly, was a success. With all the unanswered questions, the film takes a living. The story of a strange adoption by a strange family of a strange lost child touched in the audience (and in your humble servants as well) all the necessary strings in order to ascend almost to heaven on the wave of the rating. Worth seeing - definitely.

7. Cold War. KP rating 7.65

Countries: Poland, France, England.

Genres: Music, Drama, Romance.

Director: Pavel Pavlikovsky.

In chap. starring Ioanna Kulig, Tomas Kot, Agata Kulesha, Boris Shits and others.

The next masterpiece, and again the golden palm of the Cannes festival. This time she was awarded a masterpiece of Polish filmmakers "Cold War", which tells about the difficult love relationship between the young conductor and singer, who managed to live in such a difficult post-war time.

But why was their love relationship so "difficult"? Because in a biological sense, they suit each other in everything. And in the political - absolutely not. This is the case when you are friends until, at a drunken bazaar in the kitchen, it turns out that one of you agrees with the policy of the same Putin, and the other does not.

In the process of life, as you live nearby, fate will bring you together anyway. And, in a sober way, you, it seems, will understand that you are adequate people, and politics is far from the bulldozer for you. But this is only until the conversation accidentally switches back to a sore subject. And again - goodbye neighbor. As well as here: "Come on, dear, sing in the other direction, and don't spray on me!"

But watching all these vicissitudes from the outside was interesting. You need to take off your hat to Pavlikovsky. Although it happened and stretched in places. In particular, we were enraged by songs in Polish, which would be interesting only for Poles ...

8. A star is born. KP rating 7.61

Country: USA

Genres: music, melodrama.

Director: Bradley Cooper.

In chap. starring Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Elliott and others.

In fact, the star, that is - Lady Gaga, who played in this melodramatic masterpiece the role of the talented, but squeezed in herself, singer Ellie, was born, after all, a long time ago. It was this circumstance, as well as her participation in this film, that ensured such popularity of the film.

The film is, frankly, not for everybody. A naive and hackneyed plot in a new and improved interpretation. Of course, you can look at it once. In order to give an assessment on the wave of impressions and never return to it in my life ...

9. Upgrade. KP rating 7.54

Country: Australia.

Genres: fantasy, action, detective, thriller, crime.

Director: Lee Wannell.

In chap. starring Logan Marshall-Green, Melanie Vallejo, Abby Kraden, Steve Danielsen and others

The harsh revenge of the extra Gray, in whose spinal cord a chip with artificial intelligence was inserted, according to the rating, impressed not only us.

The wife of the protagonist is killed by street thugs, and Gray himself is made paralyzed and crippled by breaking his spine. Recovering himself, Gray grieves over the loss of his wife. He has no desire to live. But when a businessman comes to his ward, offering to implant a chip in him that can return the body to its previous functionality, he agrees. After all, he is simply obsessed with the desire to find and get even with the bastards.

The film really looks like the sequel to "Drive" in 1994, starring Mark Dacascos. And although not by much, he still managed to jump over his predecessor in the rating. Let it be only a couple of tenths, but this is an indisputable success!

10. Summer. KP rating 7.48

Country: USA.

Genres: biography, music, drama.

Director: Kirill Serebrennikov.

In chap. starring Roma Zver, Irina Starshenbaum, Evgeny Serzin, Teo Yu, Philip Avdeev and others.

We got to our first masterpiece, which was also awarded the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. It tells about the path of formation of the cult group of the 80s "Kino" and the difficult (to put it mildly) relationship between Tsoi, Naumenko and his wife Natasha.

Love, love ... What are you doing with people ?! Judging by this film - nothing good. Honestly, the viewer will not get any worthy information from this masterpiece for himself. But he will enjoy poking around in the dirty linen of the main characters. Take a look at it - it will do. So that you can forget and never remember ...

11. Get ready for the first player. KP rating 7.43

Country: USA

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Adventure

Director: Steven Spielberg.

In chap. starring Ty Sheridan, Olivia Cook, Lina Waite, Ben Mendelssohn and others.

Already in our time, you can earn not only ON virtual realities, but also in virtual realities, that is, money on digital worlds can be made not only by their owners, but also by their users. And in the future, this alignment will be available to everyone. Some parallel realities, such as Spielberg's "Oasis", are quite akin to endless parallel worlds in which you can exist, crawling out of them only to devour and go to the toilet.

And the creator of the Oasis suddenly decided after his death to play a cruel joke on users, namely, to inflict a prize on the one who finds all the Easter eggs hidden in this world. Those who collect them all will have endless possibilities. In fact, he will become the master of this virtual world. This is what the main characters of the tape will do.

The film is replete with characters from other feature films, which further fuels interest in the film. As for us, the plot is uninteresting and predictable. But filmed is beautiful and on a grand scale, and therefore Spielberg's creation is certainly worthy of being called a masterpiece.

12. Deadpool 2. KP 7.43

Country: USA

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Comedy.

Director: David Leitch.

In chap. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Julian Dennison, Morena Baccarin, et al.

Deadpool continues to make fun of. And this time he was hitting as much as $ 730 million. That is how much the tape has collected in the world box office despite the fact that only 110 million were spent on its shooting.

The tale of how Deadpool, Cable and Domino play evil in the person of Russell Collins and his assistant Juggernaut was clearly not the last in Deadpool's newsreels. It is unlikely that the film company Marvel Entertainment wants to strangle the goose that lays the golden eggs, and therefore Deadpool will soon return to the big screens. This is how to give it to drink!

13. Search. KP rating 7.39

Countries: USA, USA.

Genres: thriller, drama, detective.

Director: Anish Chaganti.

In chap. starring John Cho, Sara Son, Megan Liu, Alex Jane Gough and others

We are not filled with sympathy and respect for the father, who was investigating the case of his daughter's disappearance without leaving the Google Chrome browser, only lazy or soulless. Bekmambetov, who filmed this masterpiece, is a master of non-standard projects. Either his characters run in first-person films (Hardcore 2016), and now this is the situation.

And that's okay, but just getting into the smartphone, as well as into the accounts of social and other networks of the current youngster is not as easy as shown here. Daddy only logged into her Facebook account because her daughter chose his address as a backup email address. In fact, a girl who is hiding her second life from her father, or at least a lot, would rather create a new left mailbox than use the one with which her father can log into her account.

In general, what they say is far-fetched, but it looks very solid. Although, if your daughter is missing, we strongly advise you to look for her live, and not sit, poking around in the computer. There will be much more sense. Better yet, know your children, educate them like a human being and control them more. Then you won't have to look for anyone at all.

And my brother for this, nevertheless, any normal man would beat him well ...

14. Love, Simon. KP rating 7.37

Country: USA

Genres: drama, romance, comedy.

Director: Greg Berlanti.

In chap. starring Nick J. Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Katherine Langford, Josh Duhamel and others

Although more than 95% of people with ordinary sexual orientations on the planet, as the ratings show, they like films about gays, lesbians and other people with a non-standard sexual orientation.

They really like to watch a topic beaten to holes in various interpretations, where a gay person realizes that he is gay, but keeps it a secret until his "terrible" secret flows out through some gap. People eagerly watch what will happen next. Either he will be eaten with giblets for breakfast (which happens more often), or he will be accepted and imbued with understanding (which happens much less often, at least in life).

How it goes this time - we will learn from the film itself. Let's just say that this masterpiece has all the makings of the template we mentioned. Let's watch the newly made gay Simon get out of his circumstances!

15. Man on the Moon. KP rating 7.36

Countries: USA, Japan.

Genres: Drama, Biography, History.

Director: Damien Chazelle.

In chap. starring Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, Kyle Chandler, Jason Clarke and others

While many are still not sure that the Americans really visited the moon, the Americans themselves, who have no doubt about it, decided to make a film about it. And despite the fact that the landing of the crews on the lunar surface was carried out by the spacecraft of the Apollo program from 11 to 17 (with the exception of the 13th) and who visited the earth's natural satellite, there are as many as 12 people (today only four), the film is only about the first expedition, in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon.

It turned out no worse than our "Gagarin", "Salyut-7" and "First Time". And for a person "not really in the subject" - it's even better.

Just think, Gagarin flew around the Earth once and landed. So what is it that people are stuck in space. After all, they returned. And what is it that Leonov first climbed into space, and then immediately climbed. What's so interesting? And here, like, - not only went into space, but also walked on the moon. This is de-e-elo!

16. The Sisters brothers. KP rating 7.37

Countries: France, Spain, Romania, Belgium, USA.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Western, Crime, Adventure.

Director: Jacques Audiar.

In chap. starring John C. Riley, Joaquin Phoenix, Reese Ahmed, Jake Gyllenhaal and others

Brothers with the surname Sisters only sound funny. In fact, they are not that funny. Especially when they work in their main profile - "bounty hunters".

But they will also have to make sure on their own skin that, at times, breaking recklessly, giving out cuffs and spitting with lead, is not always as useful for the case as it seems at first glance. It works mostly with those who are as reckless and straightforward as they are.

But what if they come across a tough nut like Warm, which they've been sent to hunt for this time? What can you do if this type uses not only his hands and a pistol, but also his head, while this “option” is not available to the brothers Sisters?

17. The man who surprised everyone. KP rating 7.33

Country: USA, Estonia, France.

Genre: Drama.

Directors: Natasha Merkulova, Alexey Chupov.

In chap. Cast Evgeny Tsyganov, Natalya Kudryashova, Pavel Maikov, Yuri Kuznetsov and others.

Another domestic film that won one of the fancy super awards over the hill, namely the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Why was the statuette given to this film? Unclear. No, the actors played, maybe not bad. But, again, judge, good people. With all the fact that there are only 5% of 100 homosexuals on the planet, why do almost every 5th picture on the topic of homosexuality?

If it goes on like this, then people with a standard sexual orientation will soon be forced to watch only films about people with a non-standard sexual orientation. And then who will take care of "tolerance" towards them?

18. Crystal. KP rating 7.32

Countries: Belarus, Germany, USA, USA.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

Director: Daria Zhuk.

In chap. starring Alina Nasibullina, Ivan Mulin, Svetlana Anikey, Yuri Borisov, etc.

A picture of Belarusian filmmakers, telling about a difficult trip abroad (to be precise, in the USA) of a local girl from Minsk Veli, didn’t get anything in Cannes. But she was nominated for an Oscar.

Of course, why not give the Belarusians an Oscar for the truth that everything is always good in America, and in the countries of the post-Soviet space everything is horrible as bad? I wonder if Lukashenka saw this “something”?

What's the difference, though? The film, apparently just for this case, was made about the 90s, when Mr. President Lukashenko was not yet Mr. President Lukashenko. Smart, isn't it?

19. Loro. KP rating 7.32

Countries: Italy, France.

Genres: biography, drama.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino.

In chap. starring Tony Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci, Kasia Smutnyak, Riccardo Scamarcio and others.

A film about high society is not for high society. Although some of this high society will find it very useful to look at the cauldron in which they are boiling through the eyes of an outside observer.

The film will also be of interest to fans of the media mogul, businessman, politician and former "reusable" Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berdusconi, since the film covers exactly what happened to him from 2006 to 2009, when he was in office Minister for the last time.

20. Book and Potato Peel Pies Club. KP rating 7.31

Country: England, France, USA.

Genres: drama, romance, history.

Director: Mike Newell.

In chap. starring Lily James, Michiel Hushman, Jessica Brown-Findlay, Glen Powell and others

As the title suggests, the film will be either fantasy or comedic. Maybe so and so at once. But this impression is deceiving. In fact, the film is quite serious and tells about how and how people lived during the years of occupation on the island of Guernsey, which is located in the English Channel.

And the name comes from a funny incident. When, after curfew, four comrades walking from an underground meeting / reading were stopped by a patrol, to the question: "Where are you rustling from," one of the most resourceful replied: "From the club of lovers of books and pies from potato peelings." Channel this answer or not - look in the film. Fans of drum melodramas will be interested. The rest ... Naively.

21. Wild life. KP rating 7.30

Country: USA

Genre: Drama.

Director: Paul Dano.

In chap. starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan, Bill Camp, Ed Oxenbould and others

Love is not always happy. And best of all, this fact is demonstrated by such "nedomelodramas", which leave after watching not only a heavy sediment, but also a desire to think.

Anyone interested in watching a family drama played out in one of the families of a small town in the United States of the 60s - you are here. Fans of action and horror movies pass by.

22. Mission Impossible: Consequences. KP rating 7.22

Countries: USA, China, Norway, France.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Adventure.

Director: Christopher McQuarrie.

In chap. starring Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Wing Rhames and others

Again "Mission Impossible", and again (for the sixth time) Tom Cruise and his comrades are performing another impossible mission. And again saves a bunch of people from nuclear disaster. Funny, isn't it?

Someone complains that in this masterpiece Tom Cruise is not so cool compared to the same "Mission Impossible -2", where the main character not only played with latex masks, but also did not go "on" , but for! motorcycle, burning the soles, and fought harder than Jackie Chan and Jason Bourne combined. Here he snapped it in the face so much, and more than once that it was a shame for him in some places. Especially with a Chinese in the toilet.

But there, dears, the director of the film was John Woo. And here ... Just some down-to-earth Christopher McQuarrie. Do you feel the difference?

23. Ballad of Buster Scruggs. KP rating 7.22

Country: USA

Genres: musical, drama, western, melodrama, comedy, detective.

Directed by Ethan and Joel Coen.

In chap. starring Tim Blake Nelson, Zoe Kazan, Chelsea Ross, Bill Heck and others

Again Netflix, again the Coen brothers, and, as expected, again the Golden Lion of the Venice Festival and the general veneration of the public. It just so happens that Westerns have not been released in Hollywood lately. But this creation is a masterpiece among the latest films about the Wild West.

If some lack an action movie, others lack drama, others have a plot, and the fourth resemble smearing snot on a flat surface, then with these several short stories, collected in one kind of collection, everything is in order. They are suitable both in order to cheer up, and in order to cheer up the mood again later. Feel free to watch!

24. One can only imagine. KP rating 7.22

Country: USA

Genres: Drama, Music, Family, Biography.

Directed by Andrew & John Erwin.

In chap. starring J. Michael Finley, Madeleine Carroll, Tracey D. Adkins, Dennis Quaid and others

How are truly powerful and everlasting music hits created? Do you really want to know about this? Then just quarrel with your daddy and write a song about it. According to the authors of the film and, first of all, the main character himself, this is enough.

We're actually exaggerating. The film really touches the soul. Watching will not only raise the mood, but also open our eyes to some obvious, but, for some reason, things we do not notice in life.

25. Padmavati. KP rating 7.20

Country: India.

Genres: history, drama, romance, military.

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

In chap. starring Deepika Padukon, Ranveer Singh, Aditi Rao Hydari, Shahid Kapoor and others.

Historical genre somewhat non-standard for Indian films, but it turned out very decently. Thousands of lives of ordinary people in exchange for the hand of the beautiful ... wife of the ruler of the city in which these same people live. What will the ruler choose? Give your wife to wife (no matter how idiotic it sounds) to a bloodthirsty idiot (and part-time a former royal religious mentor) or doom your people to certain death?

And what does the wife herself think about this, whom everyone wants to marry, whose head is not all right?

On the 25th film, perhaps we will interrupt. The rest of the list of the best films of 2018 will be waiting for you next week. In the meantime, all the best to you, great New Year's mood and, as always, more cool films!

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