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Nike unveils smart sneakers powered by mobile app


The famous Nike brand has presented a novelty - smart sneakers can lace up themselves and require periodic recharging. The Adapt BB model is equipped with an advanced FitAdapt mechanism, has several sensors to calculate the optimal fit, and a special mini-motor is used for self-tightening on the leg.

The shoes were created for basketball players, and new sports shoes lack the usual laces that are usually visible from the outside. Instead, Nike sneakers have an intelligent self-tightening function, while their fit on the foot can be done either using the buttons on the sides of the sole or using a special mobile application in the smartphone. You can choose the fixation parameters together with the tightening intensity on your own.


The FitAdapt mechanism built into Nike sneakers can not only measure the pressure of the shoe on the foot, but also change it to match the selected parameters of the position on the foot. This mechanism is designed to hold the Adapt BB well. The process of landing and tightening on your feet does not externally give itself out and goes unnoticed by others. FitAdapt can also adapt to changes in the foot and change the position of the shoe, reducing or increasing the pressure on the foot. For example, for training or play, the shoes can be securely fixed, and for rest, loosen a little.

Nike explained why they chose basketball players when developing the Nike Adapt. Athletes in this sport have specific requirements for the quality of sports shoes. Athlete's feet can change by half their size during play, so it is important for them that the shoe can adjust to accommodate this change.


A mini-motor built into smart sneakers independently determines the desired fit parameters and adjusts the shoes to the foot structure. You can lacing smart "Nike" during the game or training using the buttons on the shoe itself. For better customization, the Nike Adapt mobile app is more suitable. The app also remembers the athlete's preferences regarding the fit of the shoe in different situations: on vacation or during activity.

The sneaker's battery has a capacity of 505 mAh, which, according to the sports brand, will last for 10-20 days. Also included in the Adapt BB kit is a wireless charger with support for the Qi standard, which completely recovers Nikes in 3 hours. There is a special pad for charging the sneakers. The shoes also have special indicators that indicate the need for recharging. The manufacturer clarifies that the unloaded sneakers will not interfere with their removal and simply loosen the fixation on the leg.


The Adapt BB model is a further development of the brand concept, which began back in 2016 with the release of HyperAdapt sports shoes with similar characteristics. Unlike this year's model, the HyperAdapt was priced at over $ 700 and could only be purchased by special invitation. The 2019 version of the smart sneaker will be available to everyone, and by some expectations it will be priced at half of the hard-to-reach predecessor.

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Author: Jake Pinkman