Jesus Simulator, New Bioshock, Trailer The Game Awards 2019 - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Jesus Simulator, New Bioshock, Trailer The Game Awards 2019 - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also in today's digest: Resident Evil 3 announcement, Fortnite dancing and judgment, STALKER 2 details, Project Scarlett specs, and Black Mesa beta.

Fighting Sins and Satan: I am Jesus Christ Simulator Trailer

The PlayWay publisher, together with the developer SimulaM, announced a simulator whose name speaks for itself - I am Jesus Christ. We are about to experience key events of the New Testament in the role of Jesus. The main thing is not to spoil yourself with the plot!


The game will really be a simulator, where we have to heal sick people, fight Satan, exorcise demons, walk on water and perform other Christian magic. As a result, we will have to survive the death on the cross and the resurrection in the cave.

We are promised a deep gameplay, like a realistic fight with Satan, an arsenal of 30 divine miracles and pumping the Holy Spirit, which gives us this power. Achievements are available in the game ... No kidding, seriously, that's what Steam says.


The game will be released soon on PC on Steam. Console players, in order to play, must convert to the faith of the holy PC and undergo baptism, because the game is not intended for their platforms. What did you want? What a game, such are the rules: goodies for everyone, but only if you are one of us.

2K Games presented a studio that will develop a new Bioshock

At the beginning of the week we were pleased with good news - 2K Games opened the Cloud Chamber studio, which will develop a new Bioshock. It is located in two offices at once, one in California, the other in Montreal. Studio manager Kelly Gilmore has been in the industry for 22 years and has had a hand in 40 projects during that time. Some of the most famous are Sid Meier's Civilization and XCOM.

Production of the game will take the next few years. In a conversation with IGN, Gilmore revealed that the original creator of the series, Ken Levine, was not involved in the development. However, other key developers of the previous parts are also involved in it.


And although it is stated that the project has just begun to be developed, Jason Schreyer from Kotaku is sure that 2K are not honest with us, and the creation of Bioshock 4 has been going on since 2015. Then the game was called Parkside, and it was developed by Certain Affinity.


Prior to this, the studio was engaged only in third-party tasks, such as creating multiplayer for DOOM 2016. However, in 2017, it was decided to restart the project and create it in the internal studio. The game was transferred to Novaro, and the publisher began to quietly recruit employees. So it turns out that the game has been in development for 2 years.

Loud trailer for The Game Awards 2019

Every year, The Game Awards host Jeff Keeley edits a trailer with all the major projects of the outgoing year. He did not change his traditions this year either. He also says that there are games in the trailer that will not appear at the conference itself, so if you see Diablo 4, for example, do not expect Blizzard to appear on the stage of The Game Awards 2019.

However, it is known for sure that information about:

  • Half-Life: Alyx
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • New announcement from Arkane studio
  • Lol story game
  • Gears Tactics Show
  • Ghost of Tsushima Details

In addition, 10 more announcements await us. According to Killy, not one of them has been leaked yet.

Resident Evil 3 Official Announcement

We waited for a long time, but we knew everything perfectly. The last two weeks, this game has flashed in our news more than once, and this is what happened: Capcom announced Resident Evil 3 Remake. We boasted that we were so smart, but as it turned out, they still managed to deceive us. So, the previously announced Project Resistance turned out to be part of the RE3 multiplayer. The official name is now Resident Evil Resistance.

In the new part of the remake of the series, we will face the Nemesis, which will be several times more terrible and dangerous than Mr. X. The creature will be smarter, faster, and will be able to use weapons.


Having taken control of Jill Valentine, we will get out of Raccoon City, fleeing not only from the new tyrant, but also from the special Umbrella UBCS squad. One of its members will be a traitor, and vice versa will help Jill.

The elements of survival horror will remain in place, and we will also need to monitor our health, appreciate every bullet and run as fast as we can.


The game will be released on April 4, 2020 on PC, PS4 and XOne.

Project Scarlett Specifications

Details about Project Scarlett are scarce, unlike the competitor. That is why, various insider resources are looking for information. Thus, the Windows Central project, referring to its sources, announced the technical characteristics of the new console from Microsoft.

The new console will still have two versions: the budget Lockhart and the main Scarlett. These names are likely to change in time.

Scarlett's computational power is 12 teraflops, while Lockhart has 4. For comparison, the original XOne X has 9 teraflops, while the XOne S has 1.4. However, the company is more likely to make the junior console more productive than the XOne X for release. Both consoles have an 8-core processor with a clock frequency of 3.5Hz. However, Project Scarlett has a higher frequency.

Project Scarlett will have 16 gigabytes of RAM, of which 13 gigabytes will be used to work in games, and another 3 to work the system. The previous console offered us 12GB overall and 9GB to run games.

Both consoles from Microsoft will have a solid state SDD to avoid long downloads.

All XOne and Xbox 360 games will play on the new consoles.

No loot boxes and battle royals - new information about STALKER 2

Games Gathering 2019 took place in Kiev, where GSC Game World arrived with STALKER 2 stand. Several details about the studio's future game became known. Not that the developers told something specific, they rather told what will be in the game and what will not.

So, the PR manager of the company Zakhar Bocharov shared information that they will focus on modding, as they understand that modifications have become a significant part of past games, and gave them a new life. Therefore, they will try to introduce convenient and affordable mechanisms for creating modifications. He also apologized that they cannot yet tell more about the game, but they assure that next year will be richer in information.

Also in an interview with the Ukrainian publication AIN.UA, Bocharov added that the game will not have any loot boxes or battle royale. They are entirely guided by past games.

The Dancing Pumpkin Man tries to drag the Fortnite authors into legal action

Fortnite and the judging dancers are already classics. Epic Games itself, apparently, tired of constant lawsuits from those who want to rip off a tidbit of their money pie, and they came up with a new tactic of struggle - to sue those who sue them.

So, Matt Gailer, who became famous for his viral video of him dancing in a pumpkin man costume, and his company Sick Picnic Media sent a letter to Epic Games studio that if they did not remove a similar dance from Fortnite, they would apply to the company a claim in court. The dance really looks like Dancing Pumpkin Man.

Epic Games responded to this by saying that Dancing Pumpkin Man is not a trademark to sue. If Geiler does not refuse his letter, then they themselves will sue them. It is also an interesting fact that Geiler signed an agreement with Epic Games to use his image, but apparently now he has forgotten about it.

Geiler says that his complaint is specifically about the pumpkin head and dance combination. To which Epic Games replied that they do not mention Dancing Pumpkin Man and that this image is not unique. So far, there have been no new comments from the parties

Black Mesa is in open beta and can be played completely

After 15 years of development, we can finally play a remake of the first Half Life - Black Mesa. The full beta version of the game is now available on Steam for download.

A number of changes have been made to the game, missing levels and Endgame content. So far, the developer has identified three aspects that need to be improved in the future:

  • They need feedback and video walkthroughs of the game to adjust the balance in some zones.
  • They want to fix problem areas and raise their frame rate
  • They're interested in seeing how gamers exploit some bugs

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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