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Guy Ritchie's Gentlemen: The Great Master's New Film


The famous filmmaker and part-time ex-husband of Madonna Guy Ritchie decided to "fall into childhood" and return in his work to where he started, namely - to crime thrillers with intricate funny stories, flavored with elements action game. Judging by the provided trailer, there will be plenty of this. In addition, Guy Ritchie's Gentlemen are bursting at the seams from a huge number of famous actors.

That, taken together, makes you wait for the premiere of the masterpiece with great impatience.

What will Guy Ritchie's Gentlemen be about?

The creators, together with the director, argue that it will be a kind of cross between "Downton Abbey" and "Sexy Beast". But we, judging by the trailer, are more inclined to think that it will be a slightly different mixture, in which there will be both the "correct villains" from the past "litter" and the reckless scoundrels from the current, new batch of drug traffickers. We are watching the trailer (so far, unfortunately, only in English).

It is between them that the main fight will flare up for the business of a certain Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), who, it seems to us, deliberately muddied up with his "departure from big business" so that competitors around each other would shoot each other a little and, thereby, thin out and have weakened their ranks.

But straightforwardness in the plot, of course, will not smell even close. And the participants in the quarrel for Mickey's business will be much more than just "ours and yours." And they will not act all stupidly straightforwardly. The allusion to "Downton Abbey" speaks of twisted and muddled multi-story intrigues, which means it will be not only spectacular, but also interesting in an "intellectual" sense.

What is director Guy Ritchie famous for?

Most honest people, watching films, do not even think about who actually directed them. Actors, of course, everyone remembers and judges by them whether it is worth going to the picture or not. The director almost always stays behind the scenes and does not participate in the "action". And since he here does not run in front of us, does not jump or grimace, then there is nothing to talk about him at all.

Here - as in the case of an orchestra conductor. Some show-off is standing with his ass to the audience and brandishing his wand. What the hell is he even needed? Everyone has their own notes (in the case of actors - their own script), are they already masters of their craft that they themselves will not play?

It turns out, no, they won't. Actors, like kids at their desks, need a strong hand from a supervisor, which will tell them how and what to do so that everyone does not fuss.


Judging by the ratings of his films, Guy Ritchie has succeeded in the "business of leadership". Here are just a few of his films that every movie lover has no doubt watched:

  • Lock, Stock, Two Barrels (1998)
  • Big jackpot (2000)
  • Rock and Roller (2008)
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  • Aladdin (2019)

In fact, in his asset there are not many full-length directorial works - only 12, not counting the future "Gentlemen", but each picture is a masterpiece in its own way. So, without a doubt, there is a lot to expect from the future.

What are the guest actors famous for?

We will not paint biographies. We will limit ourselves only to the pictures in which the actors invited to the main roles were noted earlier:

  • Matthew McConaughey (here - Mickey Pearson, the main person who arranged all the fuss) - Interstellar, True Detective (Season 1), Time to Kill, Contact, Dallas Buyers Club. / li>
  • Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy, Hooligans, Cold Mountain, Lost City Z, King Arthur's Sword (also, by the way, the creation of Guy Ritchie).
  • Colin Farrell - "True Detective" (Season 2), "Minority Report", "Recruit", "Total Recall", "Bringing Down in Bruges.
  • Hugh Grant - Notting Hill, Diary of Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Prima Donna.

And these are only the most famous ones. In addition to them, Guy Ritchie's Gentlemen also starred Michelle Joker (Ha! This is Downton Abbey, that's it!), James Wong (Han Solo: A Star Wars Story), Jeremy Strong (The Descendants) and pr.


The premiere of Guy Ritchie's Gentlemen is expected (if post-production does not last for a longer period of time, and this often happens not only in Mother USA) on January 1 - abroad and only on February 13 here.


Thus, while in America a cool and cool action movie will be a New Year's gift from the local filmmakers to all honest people, in USA on our mortal heads on New Year's holidays they will dump another “under-fantastic non-masterpiece” by Fyodor Bondarchuk “ Invasion". It is to him that we owe the fact that we will see the next film by Guy Ritchie only more than a month after its world premiere.

Such things. That's all for today. All the best to you, come to us more often and, more cool films and TV series for you!

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Author: Jake Pinkman