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Great Games Stamps and a Math Trap in Fallout 76 - Game News Digest # 1.01 from Cadelta. Part two


Also in the news: Timeline of The Witcher, Death Stranding at the GDC Awards 2020, PS5 logo, low sales of games on Steam and Disintegration gameplay.

Postage stamps with iconic video games added to the UK Post

The Royal Mail of Great Britain is about to launch a collectible series of stamps dedicated to the history of video games, with projects that have appeared in the United Kingdom. It often includes games from the 80s and 90s. The stamps are aimed at collectors and gamers.


A special series of gaming brands includes 8 games: Elite, Dizzy, Populous, Lemmings, Micro Machines, Sensible Soccer, Wipeout, Worms. There is a separate mini-series dedicated to the Tomb Raider franchise of 4 brands with the most iconic parts: Tomb Raider [1996], Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft [1998], Tomb Raider Chronicles [2000], Tomb Raider [2013].


The games for this mailing list were selected by veteran game journalist Julian Rignall and game book author Sam Dyer. Both are members of the British Interactive Entertainment Association.


Stamps are fully functional and can be used for their intended purpose. The kit comes with a small booklet that tells the story of the games depicted. The stamps will go on sale January 21, the price of the whole set is ? 14.25.

A deadly math trap was built by a Fallout 76 player

Fallout 76 player Vault101manguy plays the role of local maniac Jigsaw in the world of post-apocalyptic Virginia. He is the author of the Deathclaw Maze and the Church of Murders. The player lures people into their traps, where they die. Vault101manguy has prepared a new death trap, but now with elements of math.


Outwardly, this is a school building. When a casual traveler enters it, he sees a classroom with desks, lockers, a blackboard and other relevant attributes. There is also a door leading to a closed training room. When the player enters there, the door closes.

To get out, a person must solve a math problem (230 * 10 + 2) written on the wall and enter the answer into the code panel. At this time, the room begins to fill with fire and radiation. A bloat is locked above the camera, which forces the player to enter combat mode. This prevents you from escaping with fast travel. Dutnya, by the way, is called Charles.


In a thread on Reddit, Vault101manguy said that most of the traps in the game are dishonest. Often they just fry the poor people who got into them. He decided to give the victims a chance, because in his words: “the hope of survival burns much brighter than the corpses.”

The player also says that a lot of people did not cope with the task and died. Some even returned a second time to solve the riddle. Vault101manguy believes this proves that people have a hard time doing math when they are on fire.


He also believes that CAMP is the best and most underrated mechanic in the game.

The Witcher Official Timeline

One of the main complaints about The Witcher is that the timeline of the series is very uneven and constantly jumps in time between the stories of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer.

The creators understand that it was a controversial, but the best solution to organically show the origin of each of the three main characters. This week they released the official timeline of the series, with a 53-year timeline.


It lists the main points of the series for each of the characters. According to the showrunner Lauren Hissrich, next season the characters will intersect more often, and the plot itself will be more coherent and straightforward.

Recall that the second season will be released only in 2021, and the series itself will contain 7 seasons.

Death Stranding Receives 7 GDC Awards 2020 Nominations


As part of the Game Developers Conference, the 20th Game Developers Choice Awards 2020 took place as part of the Game Developers Conference. The award itself will take place on March 18 simultaneously with the Independent Games Festival Awards 2020 - the awards ceremony for the best indie games of last year. It will be hosted by Game Designer Kim Swift who played a key role in the creation of Portal and Left 4 Dead.

The brainchild of Hideo Kojima turned out to be the heaviest and received seven nominations at once, including the game of the year.

PS5 logo has become the most liked image on Instagram

If you look closely at the new logo for the next console from Sony, shown to us at CES 2020, you will notice only one significant difference from the PS4 logo - the number 5 at the end. Despite the huge number of jokes on the Internet about the most creative logo design, according to Video Game Chronicle, this image became the most liked image in the Instagram.

In two days, the image received 5 million likes and 136 thousand comments. Prior to that, the record was held by the announcement of the Fortnite and Avengers crossover for the release of the last movie of the comic saga - 2.7 million likes.

The consoles have yet to go on sale, but the Xbox X Series is already losing ground to its rival on this battlefield, with Microsoft's official console image hitting just a million positive marks. Although this is not surprising given that Sony has 22 million subscribers, while the Xbox has only 9 million.

Recall that the console will go on sale this fall.

Steam purchases dropped by 2x compared to previous years - SteamSpy

Valve is losing ground, as evidenced by the latest SteamSpy data. The number of games released on the site has also decreased.


Last year, 8,415 games were released on the incentive, five years ago this figure was 1,609 games. Since 2014, their number has increased by an average of 2,000 each year. But with such an abundance in 2019, there were absolutely 127 million purchases on the site [take into account both paid and shareware games uploaded to the library], and in 2018 there were 242 million. In 2017, there was a peak of 440 million projects sold. Therefore, purchases in 2019 are at the 2010 level.

But the average price of games increased by $ 1.61.

Such indicators have many factors. Among them, both the activities of the Epic Store and the popularity of games services.

32 minutes of Disintegration gameplay

This month IGN will be covering Disintegration, a sci-fi shooter with tactical strategy elements.

They published 32 minutes of gameplay with the passage of one of the first missions, where the player sends his subordinates in search of the wreckage of the fallen ship.

The game will be released this year on PC, PS4 and XOne.

This was all weekend news, stay tuned.

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