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Films and TV series from May 1 to May 8


New week and new movie premiere schedule. This time there will be no "strong" new products, since no one has the courage to compete with the final Avengers tearing apart all possible and unimaginable records. But moviegoers fed up with Marvel will certainly be able to choose a picture of their liking from the available list of films.

Premieres of full meters

Despite all the difficulties of the film distribution, crushed by the Marvel Avengers, this week as many as ten new products will be released on the cinema screens of our country. While three of them are cartoons, the other seven are worth discussing. And we will start, as usual, with Hollywood films.

Time of monsters (USA) IMDb 5.1, CP 5.5

Film Companies : Brayne Studios and Detention Films.

Genres: Horror, Fantasy

Director: Jordan Downey.

In chap. starring Christopher Rye, Cora Kaufman, et al.

Despite the fact that the entire film, together with the credits, fit into 1 hour and 12 minutes, there was, in fact, nothing to show in it. For such a strange, dark and disgusting story of the strangest, darkest and most disgusting revenge and so much time - too much. It could have been done in 15 minutes.

Some man, supposedly a warrior, lives in a shack outside the human habitation and cherishes the hope of taking revenge on the local monster-like creatures for the fact that they once, in the past, took his daughter away from him.

Every time he hears a horn from a local castle, he goes hunting, drags the severed head of another monster and puts it on another stake right in his home.

Only three things remain unclear. First, how he did not suffocate in his hut from the stench of dead meat. Second, how long will this all continue. Third, is anyone else hunting these creatures besides him?

Is it worth the time to get the answers to these questions? You decide. In addition, the film has long been in good voice acting (although, what is there to voice?) On torrents. Download - I don't want to.

One meter apart (USA) IMDb 7.1

Film Companies : CBS Films and Wayfarer Entertainment.

Genres: drama, melodrama.

Director: Justin Baldoni.

In chap. Starring: Hayley Lou Richardson, Moises Arias, Cole Sprouse and others

Due to the fact that the heroes of this film both have diseases in which they are categorically contraindicated to approach other people at a distance of less than a meter, their life is a living hell. They cannot, like others, communicate with their peers. Unless only on the conditions prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, the sentence is one - death.

But at the moment when our heroes were already completely desperate, they were lucky enough to meet each other, after which their martyrdom suddenly acquired its meaning.

But, nevertheless, what kind of relationship can people have who are forced to live at a distance of a meter from each other? Need to see.

Golden Youth (France, Belgium) IMDb 5.8

Film Companies : Macassar Productions, Diligence Films and NJJ Entertainment.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Eva Yonesco.

In chap. Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Galatea Bellugi, Lucas Yonesco, Melville Poupo and others.


A couple of young hitpsters - 16-year-old Rose and her fiance Michelle - decide to plunge headlong into the high life of modern society. Only to plunge humanly does not work. Firstly, modern society, like modern parties, turns out to be of the same type and quickly become boring, and secondly, a young couple, if you figure it out, doesn't really know what they are looking for and what they strive for.

But then an exquisite couple in years appears on the horizon, which takes on the obligation to rediscover the craving for life in young people. And although Rosa and Michel, in fact, did not lose this craving, after meeting an unusual couple, they realized that before that, if they lived, they did it gray, depressing and monotonous.

It turns out that you have to live with taste, just as your aunt and uncle show! And fathers and mothers brought up poor children in a completely tasteless, one-sided, and everything, somehow, in the wrong direction.

Superheroes (England) IMDb 7.6

Production company: Symettrica Entertainment.

Genres: Documentary

Director: Tom O'Dell.

Contributors: Neil Adams, Scott Beatty, Jenna Bush, Chris Clairmont and others


In this documentary, producer, screenwriter and director Tom O'Dell is trying to figure out how for some fifty years humanity has been mired in comic superheroes such as Superman, Blade, Batman, Iron Man and others like them the degree that people now by the ears not only from these comics, but also from TV screens cannot be dragged away.

And it would also be interesting to create a documentary in which people would tell themselves the truth about how and who they feel while they are protected from misfortunes by the only man in jersey and shorts over them.

Isn't it a third-rate trash who can't stand up for itself, and therefore dreams of superheroes, behind whose back you can hide together and together when he smells burnt again?

Corridor of Immortality (USA)

Film companies: ABR Management, Tact, Cinema Fund.

Genres: Drama, Military.

Director: Fedor Popov.

In chap. Cast: Artem Alekseev, Anastasia Tsibizova, Artem Melnichuk, Igor Yasulovich and others.

This is one of the first film premieres timed to coincide with the anniversary of the great Victory over the fascist invaders. And she will tell you about the difficult fate that fell on the shoulders of the girl Masha Yablochkina who survived the blockade.

Immediately after our troops broke through the blockade, units began to form, whose tasks were to provide the city's population with food. Such units had to be able to do everything from repairing railway tracks to combat training in order to be able to protect echelons with provisions from enemy attacks.

It was in such a unit that our heroine managed to get. Although, why did it "manage"? She decided so herself. At that time it seemed to her the only right decision. Only in this way could she again feel the attraction to life.

Well, Masha, welcome to the 48th steam locomotive column of the special reserve! Then you will heal! If he does not die ...

Thank you grandfather for the victory (USA)

Production companies: Min. culture, Tenletters, Super TV channel, etc.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Teymuraz Tania.

In chap. Cast: Egor Beroev, Ksenia Alferova, Adgur Malia, Kesou Hagba and others.


Another USA painting dedicated to the Great Victory Day. Here the creators talk about how real youth see the liberation of Europe from the Nazis by the Soviet Union.

Indeed, why not as shown in the trailer? And after all, it is a shame to tears that some people imagine it all this way. And it's good if so. And then even with a bloody massacre, as in some trashy comedy ...

It's a shame gentlemen. Where are we going? Not otherwise, in fifty years we will think that we ourselves attacked Hitler's Germany. What for? Yes, we'll think of something. Or they will invent for us, and put them in our heads.

Sacrifice (Sweden, France, England) IMDb 8.1, CP 7.9

Film companies : SFI, Argos Films and Film Four International.

Genres: Drama.

Director: Andrey Tarkovsky.

In chap. Starring: Erland Jozefson, Susan Fleetwood, Gudrun Gisladottir, Allan Edwall and others.

The last of the films of the great Soviet film director Andrei Tarkovsky, which is first released in USA only 33 years after the world premiere.

The film was staged according to a script written by the Strugatsky brothers, and had the original name "Witch". The plot of the picture is very contradictory. The viewer is confronted with the fact that someday for the sake of something we all have the ability to sacrifice something. Moreover, the stronger the need, the larger the victim should be.

And what would each of us sacrifice in order to stop the inevitable End of the World? In this tape, the main character did not skimp on the sacrifice.

Another thing is whether he was brainwashed to receive this victim?

Paw Patrol and Nella the Princess Courageous (USA) IMDb 6.6

Film Companies : Nickelodeon Animation Studios and Spin Master Studios.

Genres: kids, cartoon, adventure.


After the comparative success in the USA box office of the previous full-length cartoon on the theme of Paw Patrol, which was bought for a pittance, the figures from the Pioneer rental company decided to launch the series in theaters. In this case, these are several series, collected under one common name. What people will not do so as not to cut down a little money.

What? Babies love it, and that's okay.

Cycling (Spain) IMDb 6.1

Production company: Animation Bikes.

Genres: cartoon, comedy, children.

Director: Manuel J. Garcia.


Let's make a reservation right away that this masterpiece has nothing to do with the solid Hollywood cartoon franchise Cars. But they renamed this animated picture, called "Bicycles," into "Bicycle Cars" precisely in order to play on the word "cars" and rip off more money from the public. It's like giving a drink.

The cartoon came out mediocre and is unlikely to interest schoolchildren (the picture has a rating of 6 years). This is a story about the fact that somewhere in a picturesque corner of biological nature the most bicycles live. It even sounds crazy.

In general, welcome to the world of bicycles and their everyday problems. Moreover, a lot of people think that it is better to take a child to him than to the next animated masterpiece called ...

Princess Emmy (Germany, Belgium, England) IMDb 5.1

Film Companies : Animationsfabrik, Studio 100 Media and Red Kite Animations.< / em>

Genres: cartoon, family.

Director: Piet de Rikker.


The cartoon is frankly uninteresting. A very naive and straightforward plot does not deserve the attention of even the smallest viewers, who have more or less learned to perceive and understand what is happening on the screen.

Once upon a time there was a princess who, for some reason, like some real doctor Doolittle, understood the horse language. Why a princess? Why not a simple girl? Unclear. And then she was also drawn to adventures and exploits. As if there is no one else to defend the kingdom except the princess.

Just like those superhero movies!

TV series premieres

Serials do not have to be afraid of competition from full meters, and among them there was still a place for a "blockbuster", which is undoubtedly the beloved saga about a dead girl pretending to be alive ...

I am a zombie (USA) IMDb 7.9, CP 7.5

Season 5 Premiere Thursday May 2

TV Channel: The SW.

Genres: Horror, Drama, Crime, Comedy.

In chap. starring: Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, Rahul Kohli and others

While hanging on a yacht with friends, Olivia fell under the "distribution zombie", as a result of which she herself became a zombie. But the zombie is secretive, such that only a few know about its true nature.

Like any of Romero's zombies, Olivia loves to feast on human brains. And eating them, she learns about the people whose brains she eats, a lot of interesting things. In particular, who killed them and how.

And now, having settled in a morgue, during autopsies, she secretly enjoys the taste of human brains, at the same time revealing the most intricate crimes and pretending to be a medium for this. How do you like this?

Dead to me

The series premiered on Wednesday May 3

TV channel: Netflix.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, Max Jenkins, Edward Asnery et al.


The plot of the next comedy from Netflix revolves around outwardly incomparable natures - a simple bachelor woman and a widow with an extremely hot-tempered character.

How the friendship between these two opposites could have developed and what all this will result in, we will be able to find out already on Wednesday, since the entire first season in 10 episodes will be released on the channel on the same day.

And the spiteful widow also humorous in black and not at all childish. Moreover, it cuts the truth to the uterus wherever it gets, both in a line and not in a line. There will undoubtedly be something to laugh at.

Spanish Princess (USA)

The series premiered on Saturday May 4

TV Channel: Starz.

Genres: Drama, History.

In chap. starring: Charlotte Hope, Aaron Cobham, Ruairi O'Connor, Elliot Cowen and others


The series highlights the time when England was ruled by the first monarch from the Tudor dynasty - Henry VII. A young Duchess Christina of Aragon arrives from Spain to the country, promised as a wife to his eldest son, Arthur. Thus, without a doubt, Christina will become Queen of England in the future.

But, it was not. Fate had played a terrible joke on her. The eldest son of the king, Arthur, suddenly dies. It would seem that hopes for the English throne were crying. But Christina doesn't give up so easily. With her brains, she decides to fool the next contender for the throne - Henry VIII.

History with the help of Wikipedia says that she succeeded. But to see how it all happened in the opinion of American filmmakers, it would also be interesting. And taking into account the fact that the series is being broadcast on the Starz TV channel, you can expect that intrigues, intrigues and lascivious adventures in it will be shown without embellishment.

In general, everything will come out spectacularly, with taste and with strawberries. Those who wish - welcome to the screens.

Country situation (England)

The series premieres on Monday May 6

TV Channel: SundanceTV.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. Starring: Chris O'Dowd, Jitendra Rai, Rosamund Pike and others


The story, which has its origins in one of the London pubs, where a husband and wife meet for a glass of wine before their family psychiatrist's next reception, has every hope of success.

And if you consider that not only these two have problems, but also other visitors of this drinking establishment, there will be many stories. We hope that there will be no less funny jokes and humor.

Chernobyl (USA)

The series premieres on Monday May 6

TV Channel: HBO.

Genre: Drama, History.

In chap. starring: Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard, Joshua Lees, Emily Watson and others

Since in the Soviet Union it was customary to keep quiet about Chernobyl, and in today's USA and Ukraine, only some STALKER tales and third-rate dramas are shot about Chernobyl, they took responsibility for making a true series about what happened in North America.

Well, right, where, anyway, they know better about the details of everything that happened.

We hope that it will be not only high quality, exciting and interesting, but also truthful.


This is the end of the May Day festive week, but it is followed by an equally festive week, the main novelties of which will be timed to coincide with the Great Victory Day. This means that we are waiting for the next novelties, telling about the exploits of the Soviet army during the Great Patriotic War. So it will definitely be interesting.

We are saying goodbye to you until next week. Wish you all the best, great festive mood and, as usual, more cool movies and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman