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Mumble Humble is giving away GRID 2 for free


The service for the sale of computer games Mumble Humble is organizing a new campaign: from today, any player can download GRID 2 for free on a PC. Over the next two days, one of the best racing games of 2013 is handed out along with two major updates - Bathurst Track Pack and Spa-Francorchamps Track Pack. Unless the Mumble Humble service will ask the players to perform a couple of simple actions before receiving the key for GRID 2.

The main requirement is to subscribe to the newsletter from Mumble Humble by clicking on the button "Get the Game", then "Get it Now" and do not forget to put a tick in the window that appears. The promotion applies only to registered users, so if you want to download the licensed version of GRID 2 for free, you will have to create a profile on the site and link your own Steam account to it.

The promotion for the GRID 2 distribution in Mumble Humble will last for several days and will end on March 17 at 20:00 Moscow time. Also note that the key must be activated on Steam before March 21st.

Download GRID 2 on PC

GRID 2 has received high marks from critics and players, providing an opportunity to travel around the streets of Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong and other world famous cities in various racing disciplines. Before starting the game, you need to be prepared that the physics of the game gravitates more towards car simulators, so if you like entertainment less demanding on driving skills, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the top of the best arcade races.

The Topic of Article: Mumble Humble is giving away GRID 2 for free.
Author: Jake Pinkman